In Memoriam: Remembering Those Who Transitioned In 2016

Oh how I wish I had the gift and power of resurrection.

Thought Provoking Perspectives

thLooking back at the year that was and remembering the long list of people that were famous, known nationally, and recognized; 2016 saw the deaths of an unusually long list of political titans and sports icons, famous musicians and Hollywood greats. There was the boxer nicknamed The Greatest, the musician known as Prince, the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

– Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxing champion who transformed himself into a global hero, died June 3 at 74. Ali, who fought a high-profile battle with Parkinson’s disease, died of septic shock.

– George Michael musician, front man for the group Wham.

– Natalie Cole, musician, daughter of the great Nat King Cole.

– Maurice White, songwriter, producer and founder of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

– The death of Fidel Castro, the cigar-chomping despot who ruled Communist Cuba for nearly half a century, sent shock waves around the world. Castro died Nov…

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  1. What a year it’s been. I have several friends who have lost loved ones this month alone. (Love the wallpaper!)

    • Mindyme,
      One of my former pastors passed in October, but I lost count of those I know who have suffered life-threatening sickness. We have come to depend on medical science and physicians so much, that hearing of someone dying from a heart attack or stroke is gravely disappointing.

      • It is surprising in this day and age.

      • It seems those with a lot of money live longer than others because they can afford preventative care and remedies that some can’t.

        • Mindyme,
          That seems to be true in some cases. I just learned yesterday that the medical group that I see cannot find a local referral because the local providers do not accept my insurance. That’s strange since it’s a private, single payer plan under Medicare. I never had that problem previously.

  2. 2016 has been a BEAST when it comes to death…..and we’re still not in 2017 yet. BUT… that’s how it goes. Job 14:1 “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble”.

    • Roach,
      Each year the Academy Awards takes time to honor those who worked in the movie industry who have passed on. I wonder how much time they are going to allocate for that next year?

      Yep — we’re not in 2017 yet.

      By the way, Word Press has announced that it is not going to send out annual reviews.

      • Xena,
        Can you imagine how long that awards show would be??? 2016 still unfolding…..
        I wonder what prompted that Word Press change this year? ALSO……….
        HAPPY NEW YEAR early, my friend. It’s been my pleasure communicating with you and getting to know you out here in the blogosphere!!!

        • Roach,
          Happy new year to you too. My appreciation for your friendship cannot be expressed in words.

          I look forward to the Academy Awards, not so much for the awards themselves, but because of the memorials and honors.

          Regarding the Word Press annual reviews, there is a thread and I received notice that they are looking for feedback.

          For this blog, there have been several posts that have received thousands of views. One received over 30,000 views. So, I was kinda hoping that the annual review would give me bragging rights. LOL!

  3. I’m having Christian Blues.

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