There are holidays that people and family do because of tradition.  Two years ago, something began here that I’m making a tradition.

What I have to be thankful for is too much to list.  Even in the darkest cloud, I want to see the silver lining.  For example, I’m not thankful for the results of the presidential election, but I am thankful that we live in a country where we can voice our disagreements.   I’m not thankful for the number of killings where those charged are acquitted because they have discretion to use deadly force, but I am thankful that our judicial system makes a record that carries on through history.

Of other things that I’m thankful for are people I met online that are true friends.  I met Racerrodig in 2012.  Two years ago, he sent me songs that he wrote and I put them to video in time to post for Thanksgiving.  Racer’s videos have now become our Thanksgiving tradition.

Below is the original post from 2014.

Have a safe and pleasant holiday.


blue butterflies

Racerrodig is a precious, consistent supporter of Blackbutterfly7. I call him “Racer.” Through the years, he has shared his profound wisdom and great humor with us. Racer has often spoken about playing music, and several months ago he informed us that he started a praise and worship band with his son. They have been invited to perform in other countries.

Racer entrusted me with three of his band’s original songs to see if I could present them in a format so others can listen to them. So, I put them on video. The first video has some glitches, and I ask that you don’t allow that to distract from the beauty and talent of Racer’s song.

It wasn’t feeling like Thanksgiving to me this year. With so much trouble in America, I had gotten down. Racer’s songs picked me up and I hope they do the same for you.  As well, it is such a pleasure to hear his voice.

Blessed Be The Lord

I’m Nothing Without You

Up To The Sky

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    A beautiful tradition.

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  2. The songs are good . The songs are a bit country but his singing voice is rock. Nice combination.

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  3. Beautiful songs. I am thankful for you Xena. You have been there for me. Kept me out of trouble lol! I love all of you. My peace I leave with all of you. Love will be in my heart for all of you. NAMASTE’

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am so glad that Racer’s songs have become our Thanksgiving tradition here and I am thankful for our community here 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Racer, your songs are beautiful and uplifting. You are blessed. I need to Let go and let God.
    Psalms 100
    Psalms 150

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  5. Thank you for this thread!

    My heart is with Ron Davis and Lucia Bath today. There was a celebration of Jordan’s life here in Jacksonville last night. Tomorrow marks 4 years since he was taken too soon. I will never forget the respect the city of Jacksonville showed those who love Jordan on his last plane ride home.

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  6. Thank you Racer for sharing these songs with us.

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  7. Thank YOU Xena, for ALL of your Giving of your heart here to all who would read.. Sending thoughts your way and a Happy Thanksgiving to you xx Hugs Sue xx

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  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    This post is very thoughtful and kind. I to enjoy Racer’s commentary . Nice to see that a positive friendship came of this.

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    • Chuquest,
      Many positive relationships have occurred here. I remember when you first came and opened my eyes to the Trevor Dooley case. I am ever so grateful for that.


  9. Happy Thanksgiving Xena and everyone!

    As usual, great post!

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  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all here……all we have is the present, live it to the fullest extent you can.

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  11. Xena……….You and your crew are the best. Thanks for everything. I’m pretty much speechless to be honest.

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  12. I like your attitude of seeing the bright side of darkness. That is something to be grateful for.


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