Help Needed For A Special Family

navydadI first became acquainted with NavyDad in 2012.   His twitter handle is (@ILoveMyWife0007)

I became acquainted with his wife in 2013 after I opened an account on Twitter.

They are wonderful people, dedicated to advocating equal justice.  I’ve known them to also help others.  You might have seen his comments on this blog.   They are appreciated supporters.

Through the years, a known cyber-harasser has doxed and mocked them.  The harasser has posted their names, photo, address and telephone number on the internet.

The couple has 5 children, the youngest being 2 years old.  The wife homeschools and NavyDad works full-time.  They have a disabled son.

For months, they have looked for an affordable residence that will accommodate their family, including their disabled son.  They finally found an apartment that will accomplish that, but need financial help to make the move.  They are $3,000 short. and their move-in date is December 1st.  (Writer’s error) It’s a one-time financial need.

They have opened a GoFundMe account which you can access by clicking here.  If you can help by donating, please do.  No donation is too small.

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  1. I think I don’t have a PW since it won’t let me read, how do I get one? I have a word press PW but it doesn’t take that Pat

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    • Pat,
      You’ve done nothing wrong. 🙂 Because the nature of this is personal, I wanted NavyDad to approve the post first before I made it public.

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  2. NavyDad0007

    Thank you Xena.

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  3. NavyDad0007

    Reblogged this on @ILoveMyWife0007.

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  4. Many blessings. I’ll help you all I can. We love you namaste’ Take care and peace be with you and your family.

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  5. Dear Xena,

    ‘Tis the season and I’m thrilled to add my two cents.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  6. Am sharing on my FB. I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now.

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  7. Shared to socials… Hope they get sorted, real soon.

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  8. NavyDad0007

    I want to personally thank each & everyone of you who have shared, liked, & donated to my family fund. This means the world to us that Xena did this for us. So thank you all for everything especially Xena.

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    • NavyDad,
      Thank you for your kind words.

      Our prime purpose in life is to help others. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.


  9. Please help share & share. We are close to the move & we would love it if you can help in anyway.


  10. Hello Dear Beautiful Friends Of Xena We Have Moved as of 3/3/2017 We Would Like to thank those who’ve Donated & Shared Our Gofundme THANK YOU!!!!! & Thank You Our Dear Friend Xena Your Kind Words Mean a Lot to Us. We are still on Twitter


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