Don Lemon hammers Trump surrogate over fake Ford story: ‘You’re saying the truth doesn’t matter?’

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Don Lemon Panel (Photo: Screen capture)Don Lemon Panel (Photo: Screen capture)


CNN host Don Lemon nailed President-Elect Donald Trump’s surrogate Paris Denard on Thursday night’s show. Trump is drawing criticism after taking credit for Ford Motor Company not moving to Mexico. Denard attempted to explain that the truth doesn’t matter and Lemon wouldn’t let it slide.

Trump tweeted Thursday night, “I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!”

Trump made the accusation that Ford was moving a Kentucky plant to Mexico in September’s presidential debate. Ford fact-checked Trump’s statement with a graphic showing that they have more American workers than any other auto company. Ford is also bound by a labor contract with the worker’s union that they cannot move their plant to Mexico. It was never in the cards for Ford to…

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  1. we are talking about a Trump supporter…of course the truth doesn’t matter…

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    • Hi Lobotero!
      Funny how he has not been sworn into office yet, but is trying to take credit for labor issues. Maybe, just maybe, it’s to ward off what is coming, because no president can force American companies to bring jobs back to America.

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      • Oh I agree…..if he holds true to one of those many promises about making compaies pay for moving stuff overseas then he may just bluff them into returning here….I do not see that coming….but it is an argument they will make….chuq

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        • Lobotero,
          I agree. As it concerns the automobile industry, back in the 80’s foreign cars began building a reputation of being better quality than American made cars. Then, Oldsmobile introduced lifetime warranties, but the cost went up. (I hate that they stopped making them, btw.) In the Midwest were standard jokes about Ford. The name was joked as being acronyms, including “Fix Or Repair Daily,” “Found On Road Dead,” and “Flip Over, Read Directions.” But, there were consumers who bought Fords and swore by them — they said they weren’t built on Mondays or Fridays. LOL! So, some of what happened with American car makers is based on reputation, affordability, and service. Until and unless that is improved, Americans will not always buy American anyway.

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          • Don’t laugh…I had a Ford Bronco and to get parts I had to know where it was made, what day, true story….my fave is JEEP..”Junk each and every part”….chuq

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          • Lobotero,
            Sorry. I laughed.
            Laughing Hard

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          • It was an adventure every time I had to buy parts….

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          • Lobotero,
            I had a 1989 brand new Chrysler New Yorker. There were times it would not turn-over. It was under warranty but didn’t include towing. The mechanics said they couldn’t determine the problem until it happened and of course, when the problem happened the car wouldn’t move. (sigh) I traded it in for an Oldsmobile. 300,000 miles later, I had to get another vehicle. It was not a Ford. LOL!

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          • True…I worked for a Ford dealership when I graduated HS and if you had a half year car or truck, it was sometimes an issue. I had a 63 1/2 Ford Fairlane at the time and the horn ring, brake wheel cylinders, front brake shoes, master cylinder and several small items were different than a 63.

            I was a Ford guy and the “Quality is Job 1” saying that started in the 80’s is a product of the fact that “Quality had been Jobbed”

            But again, on the trunk of my 1st race car, a 64 Falcon Sprint, I put the F O R D letters that were about 4 inches high from the front of a wrecked big truck and had it lettered using them to say First On Race Day.


    • “Don, if I may briefly,” Sellers continued. “One of the things about this whole dynamic of President-Elect is you have Paris say it doesn’t matter and now we’re saying maybe it was a step too far but what we’ve created over the past 18 months, and something we’ll have to deal with is a culture of low exception. The fact is Donald Trump told a lie. He had to be corrected by the CEO of Ford.”

      It’s like living in bizarro land

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      • Exactly. Lies are ok……horrible behavior is ok……racism is ok……

        How is it that we can see through the bs and recognize what it is, but when we say anything about said bs, we’re the bad guy.

        For the life of me, how can his clan not see what Bannon is and where it will drive our country. It’s everywhere.

        Trump is nothing but a keypad warrior. Most are liars and bullies simply because nobody calls them out for the most part.

        Example in the real world……my son talked me into a facebook page. One of the “friends” is a guitar player (he stinks but anointed himself as The Shredder) and over the last 3 months has made more blatant lies….like, now mind you, he’s about 40, “……..back in the early 80’s when I opened for Van Halen…..” than you can shake a stick at.

        On 3 separate occasions he stated he has a real dilema…..cuz 3 record labels are fighting over him. Really ?? he has no band and all his “songs” are to a drum track with no lyrics. Then he posts a picture of something he is reposting as his album artwork. Gee…….Then he’ll say the same thing all over a few weeks later. I asked him to tell us what record labels were trying to sign him. Well….probably those 3 huge entertainment giants “Bullshit Records” “Non – Existent Entertainment” & “Basement Tour Records and Management”

        The age we live in has caused so much bs because it’s easy to hide behind a screen and lie like hell because they know some internet “friend” they never met….2000 miles away will yes them to death.

        They post false news stories like it’s nothing. This same musician posted yesterday that the actor who lectured Pence is a convicted rapist and tells men to rape women. When I asked him for what we call “proof” he pulled his post, which included an alleged tweet from said alleged rapist.

        Validation……that’s what these liars want. They want to be so important to people who are probably posting lies as well, it’s laughable.

        How on God’s Green Earth does a president elect spend his time at 3:00 AM no less, making shit up and tweeting it.

        But what’s kool is the fact that I don’t see any of that here and on a few other similar sites. Can we all move into the same neighborhood ?? It would sure make life easy.


        • Hey Racer!

          But what’s kool is the fact that I don’t see any of that here and on a few other similar sites.

          Thank you.
          Last year I found myself in contentious communications with someone who thought it would be fun to embellish details and post theories that were already refuted, or theories that made no sense. I tried, sincerely tried explaining the difference between opinion pieces and reporting. Now get this — he always claimed not having time to write his theories with embellishment due to some planned social event, so he wanted me to merely repeat them and have them under my by-line. No way.


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    • Two sides to a story

      Obviously, Trump is settling his lawsuit to avoid impeachment. The level of his fraud is so great that he should be disqualified for office or impeached anyway. I’m glad his victims are getting compensated – that’s as it should be, but part of the deal is that he doesn’t have to admit wrongdoing, WTF.

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    • He is also facing federal Rico charges for this scam.

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  4. It’s getting worse, Xena. He’s even going to appoint a climate denier to EPA.. I just want to curl up in one corner.

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    • Ren,
      I know the feeling. Other countries who are working to correct climate change might give the Trump appointee a fight. Last night, Rachel Maddow covered the history of Sessions and what it will be like for him to be the U.S. Attorney General. If his nomination is approved, we can forget all DOJ investigations of civil rights violations.

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    • Well……the Donald said global warming is a story invented by China….

      All of the Chinese invented that story… the same time I guess.

      His wanting to dismember the EPA and other agencies is very alarming.

      On another note, the hate crimes on his behalf are increasing in startling numbers proving what we already know, that is, he’s a racist and now they entire clan is empowered.

      This is a sad time in US history.

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      • I’ve tuned out the news tho I still get snippets everyday, and they’re so alarming. No such thing as ignorance is bliss, I guess. * sigh *


  5. Two sides to a story

    We’re living in exceptionally strange times . . .

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  7. Randy Rainbow is SUPER talented.

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