Things Trump Supporters Will Say One Day

Things Trump supporters will say one day.

I heard how he disrespected women, but I’m not a woman.

I heard how he disrespected Black Americans, but I’m not Black.

I heard him disparage those of Mexican descent, but I’m not of Mexican descent.

I heard him disparage Muslims, but I’m not Muslim.

I saw him mock a disabled person, but I’m not disabled.

My only concern was jobs.

I looked upon my place of employment and saw there were no women, no Blacks, no Latinos, no disabled, no Muslims.

Foreign corporations hired those Americans that American corporations would not.  They have all left the country. Good riddance.

Make America White again, but American companies only hired White Anglo-Saxon males at $6.00 an hour, part-time.

Corporations with federal contracts to rebuild and improve infrastructure are laying off because the federal government has not paid them.

People are sick.  There is no health care insurance.

Why did I vote solely on the issue of jobs?


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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am deeply concerned about all the hate and negativity that some emboldened Trump supporters have been unleashing on minorities around the country.

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    • You’re not the only one who is concerned. It has been said that Trump needs to address the nation and let people know that he does not approve of the attacks and intimidation. At least he will then go on record, even though half of the country holds the opinion that he’s dishonest.

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      • Two sides to a story

        A narcissist never fixes the damage they do. And if he finally does say something, it will be insincere and calculated only to benefit himself . . .

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        • Two sides, this year, I’ve personally experienced a narcissist and learned as you say — they never fix the damage they do. Now, they can offer to do so while threatening to cause more damage and making demands.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Have you seen this petition sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center?

        To President-elect Donald Trump: Honor your pledge to America”

        During your campaign, you denigrated people because of their race , their religion , their ethnicity , their gender , their disability , and more .

        You circulated racist and anti-Semitic tweets, and refused to immediately disavow the endorsement of a known neo-Nazi .

        Now, haters of all stripes – from white nationalists to anti-Muslim, and anti-LGBT extremists – are celebrating your victory.

        You must distance yourself from them.

        You have pledged to be a president for “all Americans” and to “bind the wounds of division” in our country.

        If you mean what you say, you must do two things.

        First, you must publicly disavow all forms of bigotry.

        Second, you must assure the country that no one associated with a hate group or any form of extremism will have a position, a voice or influence in your administration.

        Honor your pledge. The American people deserve no less from their president.

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        • I heard about the SPLC’s letter, but have no reason to believe that Trump is not the person he showed himself to be during the campaign.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

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  4. When trump won, I was shocked. I was a Bernie supporter. I was devastated when Bernie didn’t win. So I backed Hillary. Not because I liked Hillary (she was NOT my first choice), or because she was a woman (though I would LOVE to see a first woman president, just preferably someone other than her), not even just because she was not trump (an important difference).

    That trump terrified me from day one.

    Would he put me and my family away for being Jewish?

    Would he put my son away for being black (married to a blonde white woman)?

    Would he put me away for not being a “10” (I’m only 4’9″, 200 pounds, dark hair and eyes) or was I safe because I’m old – or does that make it worse?


    When he won, I emailed my sister in New York. She too was devastated. She had a similar course, like me, of initially wanting Bernie but settling for Hillary. November marks the passing of pretty much all of my relatives, my parents and one of my grandparents. The end of November marks the passing of my daddy (19 years now) and my (step) mother (2 years). ALL of my family (their grandparents and parents, step and otherwise) came from Russia and Austria to get away from the very kind of things trump talks about doing here. We are Jewish. We’d seen it before – we’d LIVED it before.

    I told my sister, as much as I miss my parents (especially my daddy – I was such a daddy’s girl, and now being almost the age he was when he died doesn’t change it), as much as I dearly miss them, I am SO glad they are not here to see this. My sister said she was thinking the exact same thing.

    If trump REALLY intends to be the president to ALL people, he DOES need to address what is going on – what has been going on since he decided to run, which has gotten worse since he won. By NOT saying anything, he is giving approval. Approval for the hate and bigotry. He need to let people know they are ALL safe, be they women, black, Muslim, Jew, disabled, or not a 10.

    I’m terrified of what will happen to “Obamacare.” I HAVE “Obamacare.” My work does not provide health insurance, so I have “Obamacare.” Until August, I had no pre-existing conditions. I turned 60 and the wheels fell off. I had osteoarthritis in my knees, I had a heart attack (which itself was very minor) with LOTS of complications from the stenting procedure (which were NOT minor) and I ended up in ICU for 10 days, in the hospital for 2 weeks, then rehab for a week before I could go home. I’m on LOTS of medications, and what I thought was an ocular migraine (which is why I waited so long to have it looked at) turned out to be glaucoma and I have lost most of the vision in my left eye. I’m terrified of what will happen if he repeals “Obamacare.” I hear now that he won’t repeal all of it. But I’m still scared.

    I’m scared for all my friends. I don’t believe that police excessive force will get better under a trump administration. I DO believe he is a cover for republican hate – hate for women and anyone who is not a white Christian male. I could be wrong. I HOPE I am! Because what I see as a trump America is NOT what I see as America. But I would be thrilled to be wrong.

    But first, I would have to hear him tell all the people that they are safe. That the bigotry and hatred breaking out because some people think they have “taken their country back” is wrong and he will protect us from them.

    Whether he likes it or not, whether he intended it or not, he is supposedly the president of ALL of the people, not just white male misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamaphobic, sexist males who want to make America white again.

    Can he do that? I would like to see him at LEAST try – tell the world he denounces the KKK Trump Victory Rally they have planned for December 3rd in South Carolina – “TRUMP = TRUMP’S RACE UNITED MY PEOPLE,” says the website’s front page. Ughhhh. Tell teens that bullying people who are different is WRONG.

    Until then, I will support my friends who have disabled children and grandchildren (or are disabled themselves) and are terrified – all have taken enough shit for their various disabilities without a president who mocks them.

    I will support my Muslim friends, because as a Jew, my family has been there where he talks about going here, and the idea that America would be the place to get away from instead of come to hurts me inside.

    I will support my friends and my family who are black because I know of that terror of something happening just because they are black. I read it every day and worry every day. It is NOT the America I want my lovely 2 granddaughters (now a third on the way – in February) – or ANYONE’s children.

    I support my Hispanic friends, of whom there are many, who work hard to feed and take care of their families.

    I support my other women friends who have all grown up working in offices where sexual harassment was an every-day thing, though we were FINALLY seeing it addressed and taken seriously. I do NOT want that to go backwards.

    OMG – when I get to listing them off, there is no end!!! I REALLY do NOT want trump to be president, but if he is, I really want some reassurance from him that he really IS the president for all people.

    I feel so deeply in my heart that had the DNC not cheated Bernie, HE would be our president right now. So many people (from my various local and Facebook Bernie groups) ended up voting for trump – NOT because they wanted trump, but because they wanted change. Because they did NOT want Hillary.

    I am terrified of a trump administration – I hope so much to be proven wrong. Do you think I can be? Seems unlikely at this point.

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    • Rachael,
      Preach it, sister!

      When the DNC threw Bernie under the bus, I felt in my gut that there was no way Hillary was going to win. There are too many reasons to dislike her.

      Also, America already experienced what it’s like to have a president whose family member previously served as president. Maybe in another 20 years those fears will be gone, but two Bushes with only 8 years in-between was not good for our country.
      There are voters who did not want another Bill Clinton in the White House.

      I took a look at Jill Stein, and when I watched her interview on CNN I asked myself if I wanted a president who begins every sentence with “so”?

      I’m in a pretty safe state. It’s not a battleground state and carries the democratic candidate, so I could write-in “Mickey Mouse” without it effecting the electoral college votes. What I did know is that I was not voting for Trump.

      Change? Forget it. It will not come through any politician in Washington, D.C. There are U.S. Senators who will petrify in their seats. If they wanted change, it would have happened decades ago. Sure, there are times they throw the poor and middle-class a bone, but they are oblivious to what the people NEED. They don’t listen to citizens — they plan speeches to tell us what they think.

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  5. Two sides to a story

    I am terrified for my mixed race children and all minorities. Some LE enforcement agencies are already strutting their stuff. A Trump administration may undo years of progress in many different areas of our lives. #NotMyPresident #NotMyGovernment. I’m encouraged to see the level of protest and community organizing that is happening all over the country. Respect existence or expect resistance!

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  7. This lifted me up.

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  8. yahtzeebutterfly


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  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Give Trump a chance? Give me a break.”


    “Politicians govern as they campaign. We know this; research has proved it time and again. Barack Obama promised health-care reform, and he did it. George W. Bush promised tax cuts, and he did it. Bill Clinton said he would reform welfare and cut the deficit, and he did it. Nor did their personalities change when they were elected. When you’ve just navigated your way to the most powerful chair in the world, would you change anything about yourself?

    And how has Trump campaigned? He has spat out racism and sexism. He has urged attacks on protesters expressing freedom of speech. He has promised to deport hundreds of thousands of young people. The people he is reportedly considering for his administration favor policies that would hurt millions of people, especially women and minorities. He has lied repeatedly, and when confronted with his lies, bullied and lied some more. He has attacked judicial independence and press independence. He has emboldened white nationalists. His journey to the White House began with him attacking the very legitimacy of the outgoing president. We know who he is.

    Another article from following tweet:


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  12. Dear Xena and friends,

    THE WORD OF THE DAY IS “GAS LIGHTING.” This is what a narcissist does to have people doubt what they have heard with their own ears and seen with their own eyes. We watched DT manage a campaign that disgusted all of us and made us want to take a bath.

    When he says that he did not grab and grope women as he described in the 2005 Access Hollywood video tapes and all those women telling stories contradicting him are liars, I am going to believe his own words which came out of his own mouth.The women are simply confirming what he described.

    When he says that Russia was not responsible for hacking the DNC and John Podesta’s computers and then providing WikiLeaks with all the stolen emails, we are supposed to discount all the U.S. Intelligence agencies telling us differently and believe his lie.

    When DT says that there was no communication between his campaign and the Russians, we are supposed to believe him when the Russians are saying otherwise.

    Frankly, I do not believe a word he says. He does not deserve the benefit of the doubt. I refuse to be conned like many of his vulnerable followers. Most peoples did not buy into his con. HRC won the popular vote.

    Do not buy his act that he is going to govern differently than how he has campaigned. Do not discount what you have seen and heard with your own eyes and ears.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  14. I hear and feel for everyone that sees what is happening. Without a doubt, hate is taking over from the top down. The parallels to Hitler cannot be denied.

    Conway has now warned us “in a legal sense” they will not tolerate any disrespect of Der Trumpster

    It turns out Pence sued O’bama and the White House in 2014 spending millions of taxpayer money and NOW is going to court to keep his e-mails from being made public.

    The word “vomit” comes to mind.

    In our town 7 signs have been painted stating to the effect “Trump World, Whites Only” which is happening country wide.

    Trump wants to dismantle the EPA

    Trump wants to gut the Dodd Frank Act

    Trumps wants to dismantle the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau

    Bannon as Chief Advisor ??

    David Duke takes credit for getting Trump elected

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, what else looms. I firmly believe there is far more to this than any of us ever imagined. There is nothing so far that leads to believe he is anything other than what we saw during the campaign.

    Beam me up Scotty………………all intelligent life is abandoning us.


    • Racer,
      I feel ya. I’m afraid that the only free speech under Trump’s administration is going to be hate-speech. It also looks like he wants to turn the office of the presidency into royalty — he wants his children to have security clearance!!!! His Vice President is not sufficient to make decisions for this country in the event he is disabled?


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