George Zimmerman Calls Man A (Racial slur) Lover. He Couldn’t Wait Until Trump is Sworn-in Before Feeling His Oats

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Attorney Amanda Horne with George Zimmerman during Matthew Apperson’s trial.


Actions News Jax reports

George Zimmerman was removed Wednesday night from a Lake Mary bar after creating a disturbance, Seminole County deputies said.

Deputies were called to the Corona Cigar Co. on Townpark Avenue at 11:04 p.m. to investigate allegations of a battery between Tony Brown and Amanda Horne, deputies said. Zimmerman was visiting the cigar company with Horne, deputies said.

While deputies were reviewing surveillance video, they said they went to the front of the store because they heard people yelling. An employee told deputies that she was trying to collect a bill from Zimmerman when he yanked his credit card out of her hand.

Chip Brown, the manager of the Corona Cigar Co., told deputies that he wanted Zimmerman trespassed, or removed, because of several “recent disturbances that he had initiated,” deputies said. Zimmerman was later trespassed by deputies.

Brown told deputies that Zimmerman later approached him and said: “I didn’t know you were a (racial slur) lover” before he left the bar Wednesday night.

Zimmerman later approached a deputy and said he wanted to prosecute a person for battery unrelated to Wednesday’s incident. When deputies tried to get more information, they said Zimmerman demanded the deputy’s business card, but then refused to accept it and walked out of the building, deputies said.

Zimmerman later called 911, identified himself as “John Doe” and asked to speak to a supervisor. Deputies said Zimmerman would not cooperate with any other questions asked by the 911 operator.

Another deputy arrived at the Corona Cigar Co. to talk to Zimmerman about his wish to prosecute a person for battery. Zimmerman told deputies that Floyd Narcisse approached him and asked, “Zimmerman, what are you doing here?” Zimmerman told deputies that he told Narcisse to leave him alone, but that Narcisse hit Zimmerman on the shoulder twice. Several witnesses disputed Zimmerman’s claims about Narcisse.  

Narcisse said he walked up to Zimmerman to shake his hand, but was ignored, and he tapped Zimmerman on the shoulder, deputies said.

Should we be surprised?

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  1. Dreading the next four years…….

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    • Me too. I have been crying a lot. Going to try to help my son and daughter-in-law move to Canada. I will miss my grandbabies (a third one on the way in February) something terrible, but I don’t feel they are safe here and they don’t want to be here.

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    • I plan on giving the Trump Cultists the same kind of grief they were giving us about Obama except for one thing, I’m not going to need to make anything up.

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  2. Mr. Militant Negro

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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  3. Two sides to a story

    No surprise here!

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  4. Shocking isn’t it? :/

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  5. Chip Brown, the man who says Zimmerslime made the slur to him.

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    • I think olando sent said the cops have video proving the idiot lied about being hit.
      Looks like Zimmerman’s trying to hang with the cool kids in the better side of town & got butthurt when they told him he didn’t belong. He probably can’t go back to the shitbag gunstore loser crowd because he’s already burned his bridge with them.

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      • “He’s broke, he’s homeless, he’s unemployed, he has no friends” Didn’t MOM try to gain sympathy for Zeroman by saying that one time?

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  6. Good grief! So it begins. Such a shining example to be set for our children.

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  7. Wow…

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  8. roderick2012

    Why was Narcisse attempting to shake George’s hand?

    Was he congratulating him on murdering Trayvon?

    Does he not know that George is mentally unstable?

    These people deserve each other–they are all racist nuts.

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    • “Why was Narcisse attempting to shake George’s hand?”

      He didn’t give a reason. Maybe he was trying to de-esculate the situation of George snatching his credit card from the waitress. (shrug)

      “Does he not know that George is mentally unstable?”

      Well Roderick, it could be like this —- people are told to accept the decision of the court/jury. And, they think that means they have to stop thinking with common sense. Discernment goes out the door.

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      • roderick2012

        Yes let’s forget all of the incidents George has had since he was acquitted?

        Is the tally up to ten yet?


  9. I’m just waiting for the day someone is finally able to get something to stick on him, he’s charged, prosecuted, found guilty and sentenced to a very long term in the penitentiary, hopefully, 20 to Life or better still. Life without the Possibility of Parole, I just hope he doesn’t kill anyone else in the process.

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    • Lady,
      Like you, I certainly don’t want George killing anyone else. I think we are witnessing where George is in a prison of his own making.

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      • Repulsive man; no one can stand him. He deserves a very long life locked behind a prison walls, Hannibal Lecter style in a dungeon deep within the earth with only a glass wall looking out onto the cave he dug himself into.

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  10. Dear Xena,

    What kind of person wants to hang around the likes of George Zimmerman. It takes a loser to hang out with the King of Losers.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • LOL@Gronda. There are people who hang out with those playing victim, and until they experience how they react or respond angrily, hateful, or such, they don’t want to believe that the person is toxic.

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