“A Shameful Moment for This Country”: Militarized Police Injure Peaceful Protesters In North Dakota

“A Shameful Moment for This Country”: Report Back on Militarized Police Raid of DAPL Resistance Camp”

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Here is an article worth reading:
    “How to Talk About #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective”

    Important excerpt:

    “So when you talk about Standing Rock, please begin by acknowledging that this pipeline was redirected from an area where it was most likely to impact the residents of Bismarck, North Dakota. When Bismarck’s population — which is over 90 percent white — objected to the risks the pipeline posed to their drinking water, their concerns were accommodated, and the pipeline route was shifted into treaty lands. Please inform people of these facts, and remind them that our people are still struggling to survive the violence of colonization on many fronts. People should not simply engage with stories related to our struggles when they see a concrete connection to their own issues — or a jumping off point to discuss their own issues. Our friends, allies and accomplices should be fighting alongside us because they value our humanity and right to live, in addition to whatever else they believe in.”

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  4. Stolen from a FB thread: “Happening now in YOUR backyard!
    “PLEASE put this # in your phone. (202) 456-1111 It is the White House. Call everyday, several times a day if you can, and voice your anger and frustration. Obama must hear a steady flow of unrelenting opposition to the pipeline. PLEASE.”

    Office Address
    Office of Governor
    State of North Dakota
    600 East Boulevard Avenue
    Bismarck, ND 58505-0100
    701.328.2200: phone
    701.328.2205: fax

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    In the following tweeted video (starting at timestamp 0:37) you can hear a Native American saying to the police:

    ”You’re wrong, man. You’re in the wrong. You’re IN the wrong. We’re Sioux Nation. You’re on our land. You’re on Sioux Nation land. We still exist as a nation. You guys are doing wrong. This is Sioux Nation land. You’re trespassing. You’re trespassing on Sioux Nation land. Remember that.”

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  7. If Trump gets in, this will be the start of living in a military state…

    • Juan,
      Militia, but not military. While we are fighting against ourselves, another country will invade. I hope the governors of all states are prepared for what will happen if Trump is elected.

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  9. Please if everyone will please share this page it will really help. Thank you in advance.

    How Can I Help Standing Rock? #NoDAPL

    • Lady,
      I just reblogged it. Thanks for giving us the information on how to help.

      • Thank you for reblogging Xena… There are about 300 You Tube videos on the site plus 200 plus articles and counting… Please watch and share this UnicornRiot video… It’s sickening but people really need to see what’s going on and you have a much large audience than I so your support is very much appreciated… https://vimeo.com/189264404

  10. Approximately 12:50 this morning (10-30-16) a vehicle was spotted zigzagging on the west side of Hwy 1806, the hillside was lit on fire. The vehicle then left the area. Approximately 1 am Law enforcement was notified, the 911 operator said there was no fire and hung up. Oceti Sakowin Camp drones have been able to spot and photograph a drip torch which was left behind.

    The atrocities going on at Standing Rock No. Dakota. Police beating people with batons, shooting them with rubber bullets and bean bags in the face, pepper spraying women and the elders, killing horses and buffalo, arresting peaceful and praying unarmed people, including journalists. Media blackouts, MP3 sound-waves, flash bang explosions permanently damaging the ability to hear. Stuffing people into animal kennels, writing numbers on the arms like Nazi concentration inmates, stripping both men and women and cavity searching them. Refusing phone calls, food, water and blankets and left to sleep on concrete floors.

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Published on Oct 29, 2016

    “One survivor’s story of the New Age Concentration Camp within Morton County, North Dakota. Watch as Flores White Bull describes how she and other Standing Rock demonstrators (water protectors) were thrown in dog kennels on the floor and marked by numbers. Last time actions like this were seen, was inside German concentration camps under Hitler’s command. This didn’t happen over fifty years ago and this didn’t happen in a foreign land or by Hitler’s command. No, this happened October 27, 2016 in Cannonball, ND United States by the order of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department and the Governor of ND.

    “These unarmed people were arrested during a stand off between MCSD and indigenous/nonindigenous people on tribal land over the right to clean drinking water.
    Energy Transfer Partners out of Dallas,Texas is trying to build a oil pipeline(Dakota Access Pipeline) under the Missouri River through tribal land covered under US treaty of 1851, without the consent of the tribe. This pipeline was rejected due to health risks and other factors by the city of Bismarck, ND, but the Governor of ND permitted illegal permits on tribal land, threatening the only source of clean drinking water for the Sioux tribe.

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