A Favorite Vote Video

the-avengers-mark-ruffalo-bruce-banner-the-incredible-hulkAt the risk of being laughed with, I will tell you — I’m an Avengers fan.  Okayokayokay, Science Fiction and Fantasy movies are among my favorite movies.  So there.

I love the actors and characters in the Avengers.  My favorite is Mark Ruffalo, who plays Dr. David Banner, aka The Hulk.  When I saw this video with many of the Avengers actors, I fell in love with it.  I hesitated sharing it because Mark was teased on the level of adult content.   But, what the heck!





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    But why aren’t these the ones playing over & over on YouTube, where my kid has learned that only donald can save america???

  2. Dear Xena, This was great. Thanks for sharing, Gronda

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