Donald Trump and Sexual Assault. He Loves the Old Days.

lewdcommentsDonald Trump’s surrogates are defending him against committing sexual assault by saying it was years ago.   The below video addresses that subject.




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  1. All this phony outrage! What about Gangsta, Rap music artists that are so whole-heartedly welcomed by the White House and Hillary?

    • The White House is open to all citizens, and even tourists. I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump has had his share of White House visits too, and under different presidents. If and when a rap music artist runs for the highest office in the United States, feel free to express your opinions about it.

    • LMFAO! Your phony outrage at gangsta rap & Hilary is showing!!
      Because if you thought Hilary & gangsta rap didn’t belong in the white house you’d be so horrified at the idea of Drumpf winning, you’d be campaigning for Hilary to make sure Drumpf didnt set foot near the highest office in the world!
      If you believed any of the allegations against Hilary were disqualifying then you’d believe Drumpf is a billion times worse!
      I can put aside that he’s an admitted sexual predator.
      Because Trump is utterly incompetent by basic definition! He literally has no idea how the government works & he’s too dumb to know he doesn’t know!
      And to 99% of the world, & not just the US, but everyone with eyes, ears & access to a TV all over the world, there is no doubt of his ignorance because we have his own words.
      We’re talking about a grown man who wants to be the US president but says stupid shit like “only I can save the country”! Lmao! You think he’s super man?

      I’m sorry but Trump fans are proof of the US’s failed education system. You are why he loves ‘the poorly educated’, because unless you’re in Trump’s immediate family or someone he has a temporary use for- someone he wants to grope for instance, then he has zero interest & even less respect for you. Trump is a conman & the only thing he does well is choosing his victims to con.
      Next time think first, & don’t expect a former reality TV show star to govern your hopes & dreams for the future.

    • Get a grip. Just google and actually look for “facts”

      Trump has been photographed with and hob – nobbed with rappers for many years. One of his Howard Stern appearances went into this a few years ago, in great detail.

      the Donald uses anyone he can if it helps him this moment, so no one with half a brain buys his BS.

      Here’s one. Anyone who is a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show might qualify for the title of most stupid comments with and on the radio, but pretty much it rules out President of the United States.

      Bring it……as everyone here knows, we can debate anyone……fairly I might add, and supply links and facts…………………bring it.

  2. Dear Xena and friends,

    When someone like DT accuses someone, I always look back to DT. For example when he alleged HRC had health issues, I started wondering about DT’s blood pressure medication. . When he accuses HRC of having a possible drug problem, I looked back to DT to note all of his loud sniffles during both debates. When he accuses HRC of lying where she should be in jail, I get whiplash by looking back at DT, the king of lies.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Hey Gronda! Trump is certainly a hypocrite. Bill Clinton left office in 2000. But, Trump wants to talk about the claims of sexual harassment and consensual affairs that Bill had while in office. But, here we have Trump’s words from 2005 and women talking about what Trump did to them before and after that time. He wants to say it was a long time ago. Does the same apply to Bill Clinton?

      As far as health issues, Trump seems to think that Americans do not remember that not all Presidents have been in the best of health. Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio. JFK was said to have Addison’s disease. We have had 4 Presidents die of natural causes while in office.

      There are reasons why we have Vice Presidents.

      Trump’s attacks that Hillary should be in jail are unfounded. As she stated during the last debate, investigators found that there were no damages or security issues that occurred because of her using a private server.

      Trump plays to the ignorant.

      • Hold on……ummmmm, wait…..I thought that Bill Clinton and his wife were co – running mates for President and that’s why the Donald kept mentioning Bill.

        So……just Hillary is running ?? This is really confusing me. See…..if it were me (and that’s a real stretch) I’d keep anything out of it that showed my opponent actually overcame an obstacle in her path, something that required patience, humility, forgiveness, strength of character, selflessness, and a willingness TO PUT THE INTEREST OF THE COUNTRY AHEAD OF HER OWN !!!

        Michelle O’bama tells the truth about Hillary but no one ever points that one out. That took enormous restraint to do so. What about Jackie Kennedy ??

        What would have happened if Hillary decided to make anything of it, and she had the right to, but take the high road she did. Bill was flat wrong…….uhhhhh let me take a stab in the dark here……the Donald admires JFK because……..he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, but lets not bring up the past, or does Trump condemn it ??

        He’s so off base, who knows.

        So, Bill isn’t running for President…’d never know it. I’d bet at at least one rally the Donald mentions the name “Bill” more than anyone’s.

  3. Yeah Trump loves the ol days so much he based his entire political platform on the desire to bring us back to the old days. Because him & his fellow poorly educated angry white men he’s got slobbering all over him, refuse to accept that they don’t make the rules anymore. This unearned arrogance & entitlement, that comes from just being white men, simply isn’t enough anymore. And they can’t take it!
    Now what? Now that the only thing that had once, automatically, granted them a certian level of power/authority over over half the population, a power they did absolutely nothing to earn, being born white & male, is slipping through their tiny hands! LMAO!!
    Women are going to humilate him Nov8th & i can’t wait.

    Here’s a good video why this clown has no business near any elected office.

    • Woooowwwww !! That was great !! I never saw her before, but I’d almost think she’s watching this blog…..and has her hand on the pulse of intelligent Americans, and knows which end is up…….not to mention a pretty good understanding of how our government works, and a ton of common sense.

    • “Women are going to humilate him Nov8th & i can’t wait.”

      Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Some of us guys are in on that……….and I thought you liked me.

  4. Even Megan Kelly couldn’t believe their defense… I’m truly about Trump’s troops should he lose…

  5. Here’s donald pimping his soon to be wife to Howard Stern.
    Meet Mr & Mrs wannabe president. SMFH

    • In the 1 % the Donald is elected, every TV and radio station should…..must air the Stern / Trump call in’s. Just like “Radio Free Europe” did during Herr Trumps, er Hitlers reign.

      We can all have code talk, like

      The chair is against the wall, the chair….is against the wall
      John has a long mustache, John….has a long mustache

      In fact, we can make it our battle cry right now.

  6. Want to laugh? Here’s Randy Rainbow.

  7. Here’s another one.

  8. These videos are HILARIOUS… and so is trump (small caps). He’s going to get fired real soon. Oops, my bad…. He’s just not going to get hired!!! lol
    As a matter of fact, I’m leaving in just a few to go out and cast my vote!

  9. my intent is TRUTH………sorry i know this will offend some here but these accusations against Trump have ZERO merit………..the TRUTH is simply that no matter which political party you support………

    • Bill,
      No offense taken. I’m not voting for either candidate but when it comes to Trump, if he gets into office I feel that this nation will suffer greatly.

      • In all reality I’d rather vote for someone with some exp. than the Donald. If we don’t vote against him, he could win. Somebody has to vote for 1 of the other 3.

        It’s up to us as voters to keep this nation from suffering under his jackboot.

        Last night I watched “Apocalyptic Hitler” on AHC. From 1924 until 1933 nobody took him or his rhetoric seriously but he kept pecking away. Paul Von Hindenburg gave him a position just to shut him up. That’s how it starts.

        Repeat history……with someone like the Donald……no way.

        • Racer,
          I was considering Jill Stein, but after I heard her in an interview, I’m not so sure if I want to vote for someone who begins each sentence with “So”. Illinois has carried the Democratic presidential candidate since the re-election of JFK, so I seriously doubt that it will turn into a red state this time around. If I lived in a swing state, I would have to seriously consider putting my conscience aside and voting for Hillary.

          • I hear ya loud and clear. according to virtually every poll, well, except the one the Donald woke up and personally took of everyone in his bathroom this morning, he’s only got a single digit chance of winning as of a few hours ago, so as the Donald will say “The fix is in”

            All kidding aside, this election sets an example on several fronts and a clear message must be sent. If we had a great candidate none of these 4 would have a chance, but that’s not the case. I like to make sure I am as informed as I can be and if we don’t vote for whatever reason, and he wins………..we’re in a lot of trouble, which sets in motion the unthinkable.

            • YES! What you said!

              i’m not thrilled with Hillary, but she will be Queen! LMAO!!
              At least that’s what it seems. But there’s another issue ppl like Xena should consider before they protest vote this time around.
              And It’s that Trump needs to lose by a landslide. The nation needs to send a message to him & his minions, that he is OUTNUMBERED! We need to tell them they are DISMISSED BITCHES!!
              We can only do that by delivering a sound beating to Chump!

              If he’s beaten by a woman 🙂 that he so clearly respects:) & she gets those massive numbers of votes, not only will it teach Trump that he stands for no one but a tiny fringe of pervs & racists & losers, but hopefully most of his followers will have second thoughts about their racism & anger & the sick misplaced loyalty to such a POS like Trump. We don’t want him to keep his ‘movement’ alive with a new Hate TV or something. He could use it to gin up more & more fans to sick on the world.

              Personally i want most ppl to get along. And maybe showing by example, leading by example, that most of us will stick together when we really need to, they’ll consider joining the rest of us. Eventually.

              Also, If the votes are spread out among the other candidates, even tho Hilary wins, they will use it as an excuse to delegitimize her & sabotage anything we need her to do. Slow any progress we attempt, like they did with Obama! I can’t stand that we have governors that have sabotaged Obama care for their states with the assistance of the GOP good for nothing congress! (Oh god i hope we get rid of everyone of them that we can Nov8 too!)
              We could have another several years of an obstructive congress because they’ll use our division against Hilary. If we didn’t elect her in overwhelming numbers, it will suggest to them that she wasn’t legitimately elected…

            • yahtzeebutterfly

              “i’m not thrilled with Hillary, but she will be Queen! LMAO!!”

              Looks as if the “queen” will trump the knave of hearts.

          • see below please 🙂

            • Opps I mean above! what i was saying to Racer!

            • Shannon,
              I saw your comment, and I hear you. In my opinion, winning by a landslide will not give any Democrat the respect of Republicans. It’s kinda like saying that a Black man earning a Masters degree, who has never been arrested for any crime, who owns his home and pays his bills and is successful in his career, will be accepted as “equal” by people who do not believe that Blacks are equal to Whites.

              And, there is another problem with presidential elections, and that’s the major two party system. Bernie is Independent but ran as a Democrat. Had he ran as an Independent, he might still be in the race.

              There was a time when the major parties had a platform and voters choose a candidate during the primaries based on who they thought was more experienced on the issues. Now, the major parties don’t actually have platforms. Each candidate has their own views and stances regardless of the party.

              Now, if I lived in a swing state, I would seriously consider voting for one of the major party candidates and in this case, it would be Hillary, but only because Trump is a narcissistic dictator who will have this country invaded and ruined within a year of taking office.

    • What accusations ? Most of this is direct quotes from. If you’re being sarcastic, my bad, but if you’re defending him because he’s being mocked then why did the Donald mock a handicapped man, why did he mock Hillary having the flu ??

      The list of his mocking others is a mile long. If the Republicans don’t want their guy mocked, don’t nominate someone who is enormously mockable.

      He stated in one of his rallies to register to vote and get and vote on November 28th.

      He states Hillary should have done X,Y & Z and yet he doesn’t have a clue that it was not in any Senators power to do so. The same with his ridiculous accusations of her being Secretary of State. Almost everything he says she should have done, was somebody else’s or not hers entirely decision.

      When she quipped “Blame me for everything” jokingly in the 1st debate, he took the bait (as always) and said we should.

      Can you get anymore 8th grade than that ??

      Here’s the link

    • Hey, I’m not offended by your opinion and i don’t think anyone else should be either. We weren’t there so we can only base our opinion on whatever info we can get & our own gut feelings.
      In fact i’m interested in why/ how did you come to that opinion. And are you saying that you don’t believe any of them? You said their stories had no merit? Like what do you mean?
      Did you listen/read all of their stories? Or are you dismissing them as a conspiracy because of the election? I’m legit curious, not trying to argue at all! I know political issues can get heated & we usually don’t discuss politics here. But in this case the sex assult accusations are interconnected with the election.
      (Altho i wouldnt’ve voted for Trump even if the attacks hadn’t been brought up)

      For me, as far as the assault accusations, so far I believe at least two of the women
      ( i haven’t listened carefully to all the others so i don’t know what i think yet)
      The two I believe is the People magazine reporter & i think her name is Summer, the one who did a presser with Gloria Alright. Her account is like an abuse of power. Like he used sex as a carrot to lure her in. Whether he did physically molest her or not, or whether she did or didn’t have sex w/him, it seemed like he manipulated her with a promise of a job.

      Also, although i haven’t seen an in depth interview with the woman who’s taking Trump to trial for raping her when she was 13, i tend to believe that it happened.
      I read her account in the court filings & the witnesses & my own gut feelings & life experience has me leaning towards believing her. From what i understand, she consented to the oral sex, but she was a 12-13yo minor & Trump knew it & so it was rape. She’s pretty messed up from what i can tell from the blurred out face & distorted voice on the video of her on her website.
      Looks like some of her supporters put it up for her to try get her some financial assistance while she goes through the trial.

      Full disclosure; I hate Trump for the most obvious reason, his public displays of bigotry & disrespect for President Obama. And that alone, i think disqualifies Trump from taking a seat in history as a US president.
      But besides that, basically i think Trump’s a self important entitled asshole.
      I think his sole interest in the presidency is ego driven. I think he’s attention seeking & selfish.
      I think Trump spent 70yrs using his extreme wealth to get whatever it was that he wanted.
      And i think he’s always wanted power & adulation. And what better way for Trump to acquire more fame, more power & more wealth than winning the presidency?
      His greatest acquisition of all.

      And because i dislike him for all of the above reasons, I will admit it makes me more inclined to believe anything bad about him. And since he’s lied so much, I’m more inclined to believe almost ANYONE on earth before i’d believe him.

      • ty for the response……yes they have NO merit…the airplane lady LIED the seat dividers in first class are FIXED……another of the females wrote him an email saying wonderful things about him……the other woman reporter claimed “he stuck his tongue down my throat” something that is NOT POSSIBLE…….it simply makes NO sense that a billionaire could do those things and NEVER have any of them mentioned for DECADES???????

        • yahtzeebutterfly


          But a 1979 flight attendant manual furnished by the Braniff Airways Foundation stated ‘the arm rests in first class are removable by pulling up.’ ”

          Info is from this article:

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          the other woman reporter claimed “he stuck his tongue down my throat” something that is NOT POSSIBLE

          Bill, that is just an expression, not a literal, oral gymnastic accomplishment.

          From the Urban Dictionary:

          French kiss
          1)A disgusting version of an innocent kiss where a guy tries to choke you by shoving his tongue down your throat and slobbers all over your face…
          June 21, 2005

          tongue you down
          Kissing and then suddenly sticking your tongue in the others mouth (other is usually surprised) and down their throat.
          John said to his girlfriend ‘im going to tongue you down’ as they were kissing.
          #kissing #tongue in mouth #supprise kissing #tongue you down #mouth
          by darkdude122 March 28, 2015

        • I missed this answer until now, but i just saw your video on the other post, “But these dogs can hunt!” LOL that’s pretty cool, cuz i’m not much up on sports talk so i didn’t understand much else! 😂

          But about this issue, specifically on the armrest on the plan. I saw Trumps spox on TV saying that, then a day or so afterwards there were lots of ppl, including engineers saying that the armrests did move. Someone on twitter produced newspaper clippings from the airlines suggesting the same thing promoting moving armrests were among other new regulations for the handicap/ safety features of their new planes. I saved the screens of that but i don’t know how to post pics here.
          Trump also brought out some British guy who claims he remembers seeing them together- but says that the woman liked it so much that when Trump went to the bathroom, she told this complete stranger sitting nearby that she wanted to marry Trump. So apparently Trump 1st said it never happened because ‘look at her’ he said this at a rally before he found this “witness”
          But his own witness says it did happen but that it was so consensual that the woman was in love! Of course the media later reported the witness was an admitted child pimp/notorious fame seeker who i believe they said he also once married an invisible/imaginary woman in like the town square…some crazy story. I didn’t really pay attention after the child prostitute part.
          I’m not 100% convinced of her story either, but i don’t need to be because Trump admitted the things he did/could do because he was a”star”
          and there’s so many other women who’ve told similar stories.

          As far as sticking tongue down someone’s throat, that’s a figure of speech used to describe a certain aggressiveness in the way some ppl kiss. I suppose you’ve never heard it tho. But it’s relatively common, i’ve used it myself. So she’s not saying it was literally in her throat. If you want i’m sure you’ll find numerous examples if you google that term.

          What i find most interesting is when you say that it makes no sense that a billionaire could do it & no one mentioning it for decades.
          #1, If he wasn’t a billionaire & just a regular shmoo off the street more than likely he wouldn’t be able to get away with it. That’s what he means when he said he’s a star & “gets away with things like that” ( like walking in dressing rooms with naked women & teenager girls)

          #2. some of the women did talk about it for years. Some of the women claiming the least to the most egregious assaults have witnesses they told right afterwards. One was their father, others told mentors or business associates. One went to court & got a judgment. Another, the minor tried to file a complaint herself but it was tossed out because it was incorrect & later when she was older she got an attorney. Some tried to go to authorities later but the statue of limitations expired.

          Point is there’s so many reasons why victims don’t come forward with sex assault claims. Its really humiliating. And especially against a guy like Trump w/resources that can & most certainly would try to ruin a woman’s career or even her life. And he was famous! It would be almost unthinkable for most victims, especially since there’s very rarely eyewitnesses or hard evidence. Imagine if you were groped by some famous rich guy. What would you do? What do you think you’d tell police? Imagine trying to tell police Trump groped you. You have no video, no witness (even if there was a witness, you have to wonder if that witness would speak up for you against Trump)

          Anyway, i hope you don’t take my argument as any sort of condemnation of you personally. I understand your point of view & wanted to hear it.
          But i don’t think you looked in to each of those women’s stories, i only looked into a few myself, but that’s because, like i said, i’m inclined to believe it happened. And although i’m not prepared to say i believe every one of the women.
          But because of the nature of sex assault & sheer number of accusations, i think there’s far more women who will never come out.

    • To me it’s fairly obvious, these are the women trump bragged about having forced himself on.

      • his words were he COULD do that not that he DID do that…….his point was simple and FACT many females indeed do throw themselves at very wealthy men…….as a former athlete in a small college, YES some girls did “offer” their services without me even asking.

        • Bill,
          For me, it’s not the allegations — it’s the vile things that Trump said. You are a gentleman. You did not say that you took advantage of girls offering their services, or that your popularity gave you privilege to touch girls without their consent. That is the difference between what Trump said and what you describe.

          I know a body guard for the Dream Team during the Olympics in Atlanta, and he told me stories of how the groupies lined up. But not once have we heard any member of the Dream Team talk about touching women without their consent or referring to their private body part in the manner that Trump did.

          Trump was not appearing as an actor with a script. He was playing himself. I base my opinion on his own words — he’s disrespectful, vile, and a sexual predator.

          • thank you and everyone else for confirming i could express my differing opinion here without getting attacked on a personal level…it is very much refreshing to experience…..i dont think Trump is a predator for the reason above he does NOT need to be such very pretty females are WILLING for him, vulgar yes, something i admit to in the locker room, but i also refrained from doing that in mixed company…..and please correct me if i am wrong but many females have told me their locker room was just as bad as any mens or worse maybe…

            • Bill,
              Sexual predators are not predators because there is a supply of willing women. Predators get-off with the hunt, with the taking, with control. It’s not about sex for them.

              On the subject of women locker room talk, they are more inclined to talk about a man’s bad sexual performance than taking advantage of men. They don’t talk about men with good sexual performance because they don’t want other women dipping in the cookie jar. 🙂

            • Bill,
              In 2012 when I came to the internet to advocate justice for Trayvon Martin, there were/are blogs and forums on the internet where there were more mean-spirited comments than anything else. One of the things decided when opening this blog was that it would be a soft place to land. Since that time we have gone on to other important issues and other things, and not everyone is on the same page 100 percent all of the time. The good thing is that we seem to attract mostly mature people who can express themselves without name-calling and making personal attacks, because those things do nothing to address the issues.

              You are family here. Families have disagreements but still respect each other. Thank you for being respectful, for being a gentleman.

            • He also bragged about being able to walk into dressing rooms at his pageants. It’s disheartening to me to hear anyone defend what he’s bragged of doing. These were teenagers he walked in on.

  10. And this list is like 2 months old…. I wish I knew who to credit for this

    “At what point do the Trump supporters finally open their eyes and see how unacceptable this man is?

    it wasn’t when he condoned violence against protesters at his political rallies.

    It wasn’t when he denigrated an entire ethnicity by referring to them as “rapists.”

    It wasn’t when he began advocating clearly unconstitutional policies, revealing he has no idea what the Constitution actually says, or even how many articles it has.

    It wasn’t when he condemned an entire religion as terrorists.

    it wasn’t when he made vile, misogynist comments against a woman moderator.

    It wasn’t when he refused to disclose his sources of income to the American people.

    It wasn’t when he bragged about the size of his genitals on national TV.

    It wasn’t when he openly mocked a disabled man.

    It wasn’t when he viciously attacked the grieving mother of an Army hero.

    It wasn’t when he wistfully longed for the “good old days” when political protesters could be beaten.

    It wasn’t when he openly expressed his admiration for Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein.

    It wasn’t when he wondered why we can’t use our nuclear arsenals.

    It wasn’t when he vowed to abandon our allies in NATO.

    It wasn’t when he advocated increased nuclear proliferation.

    It wasn’t when he openly called for Russia to conduct electronic espionage against his political opponent.

    It wasn’t when he excused the brutal assault on a Latino man by his supporters as just them being “passionate.”

    It wasn’t when he promised to literally wall off the USA from our neighbors.

    It wasn’t when he accepted a Purple Heart from a veteran who had earned it with a dismissive and disrespectful joke.

    It wasn’t when he proposed a tax plan that would save him and his family billions of dollars and raise the deficit by trillions.

    It wasn’t when he made it painfully clear he does not know what the President actually does.

    It wasn’t when he threatens violence against his political rival.

    It wasn’t when he re-tweeted images from known Neo-Nazi, white supremacist organizations.

    It wasn’t when he tweeted a quote from Benito Mussolini.

    It wasn’t when the KKK endorsed him, or when Putin did, or when David Duke did, or when Kim Jong Un did.

    It wasn’t when he implied that he found his own daughter sexually attractive.

    It wasn’t when he proudly listed his history of infidelity.

    It wasn’t when he systematically insulted, bullied, and threatened his fellow Republicans when they did not fall in line behind him.

    It wasn’t when he boasted he could murder someone in the middle of the street and not lose any votes.

    …..and this list of outrageous behavior goes on and on and on and on”

  11. yahtzeebutterfly

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    Randy Rainbow has created a great song about Trump: Super callous fragile ego extra braggadocios!

    Here’s the video:

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