The Second Presidential Debate

Hello friends.

I watched the debate, and it put a bad taste in my mouth.  Donald Trump has learned behavior as an abuser.  He repeats the same accusations against Hillary Clinton over, and over, and over.  He repeats his same stump speech rather than answer questions.

The act of repeating the same arguments and accusations, even when previously refuted, is a form of censorship.  It is done to silence the other person.  Who wants to get into another peeing match with a skunk?  The abuser thinks he has won when all he did was defile the atmosphere.

Here’s the debate in case you missed it.

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  1. And his little game of having the four women beside him…, what a jerk… “Oh it was only words” He said. I wish he would go back under a rock…. Yuck

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    • Hey Juan! The problem with the words is that they are disrespectful of women, no matter where and when they were spoken.

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      • Exactly!

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      • It’s not just words, that’s his deflection, he admits to those acts. There is also the FL who the Donald wanted to partner with so his name would make more money with events they put on and all he wanted was to have sex with his girlfriend.

        It’s not just words…….I’ve been in a real locker room for 13 seasons of football, no, he’s deluded to think most people buy into that.

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        • yahtzeebutterfly

          This person agrees:

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          • I remember Sage. I played 4 years of HS football and 9 years semi – pro football and yes the topic of girls came up but never like the Donald talks.

            I can name at least 20 team mates who would have landed on anyone talking like that because we prided ourselves on having some class and dignity. Respect for all others is important and talking like that then saying I respect women blah, blah, boring blah is not believable at all.

            Thank you Sage for confirming and putting your name on it. Dude……you’re the best.

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          • yahtzeebutterfly

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      • I know! I’m saying he said they were just words… Like that’s ok

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        • Here are some words that make all of us scared to death……just words, but could be a reality.

          “I’m going to bomb the shit out of them and with my Executive Power, I say enter the codes………the nuclear codes…….I just love war”

          “I’ going to bomb the shit out of them” and “I just love war” are actual quotes of his.

          Need I say more.

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          • How about “Get them out of here… Humanly” he added the humanly later…

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          • As if they were drunks at a bar.

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          • Exactly!

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          • More “…just words…” quotes

            “…..because my name’s Adolph, that’s why”
            “….sure, why not, lets bomb the shit out of Pearl Harbor”
            “Noooooo, nobody will ever pass an anti-slave law”
            “Ahhhhh, the hell with it, lets take Kuwait, nobody will even notice”
            “I can’t see why we won’t get away with it…..The Watergate has really bad security”
            “I have a great idea…..lets invade the Middle East and call it a “Crusade”
            “The Russians will be a pushover…..I’ll take Stalingrad in a week…..Moscow in two”
            “Here Adam………try this”

            Maybe they are not exact quotes, but all have resulted in a major change in world history.

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          • Exactly!


    • I heard that didn’t go well with Republicans and a lot of them aren’t very happy about him putting them on display, especially seeing as he doesn’t have much room to talk.

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    • He has a very serious misconception of reality, but I’m sure all 200 Generals and Admirals know that.

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      • He knows more about ISIS than the Generals and Admirals… And taxes… He knows a lot of words, good words…. It’s called being a narcissist

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        • I would like the transcripts of the high level meetings he’s had with said Generals and Admirals. Well…….since he’s not an elected official, there were no meetings since that would be illegal, ya know, leaking top secret information to a civilian and all.

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        • Gee Juan and Racer,
          I leave for a couple of hours and miss the party. 🙂

          “Narcissist.” I’ve looked up that word recently because a person who used to write for this blog is still passing around rumors and trying to severe relationships. It’s been almost a year and he is still hurt with not being able to control. From all of the professional pieces I’ve read, they all narrow it down to control. One said that narcissists don’t like themselves which is why they sabotage their own lives.

          That sounds like Trump.

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  4. FACT CHECK: Clinton And Trump Debate #2

    I think he came across like a Bully and a Jackass, but maybe that’s just me.

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    • Hey Jim! Thanks for the link to the fact check. I was just reading snopes about the case where Trump alleges Hillary got a rapist off. Snopes has the court order on the site — the guy plead guilty.

      As far as Trump being a bully and jackass — YES! He’s and arrogant and disrespectful bully. Did you see where he stood as close as he could to Hillary’s back at one point? He was trying to physically intimate her. Now, imagine him doing that to the leader of another country.

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      • “Can someone let the Secret Service know that there’s a crazy man wandering around the stage behind Hillary Clinton?”

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      • Dear Xena,

        I recently blogged on this case, “.Will The Real Hillary Clinton, Please Stand Up, Part VIII (1975 Rape Case).”

        Hillary Clinton did not volunteer to take this case. She was part of the U of Arkansas Legal Aid Clinic that she started around 1975. She was directed by a judge to take this case. She called the judge to try to be removed but she was not able to withdraw. She did her job as required. Her client did serve jail time. He was charged with a lesser offense.

        What got me last night were the visuals. He was looming behind her fuming on multiple occasions. It was unseemly!

        Anderson Cooper is the one who acted on the question as to whether DT actually did the things he bragged about on the 2005 tapes. DT was hedging but Mr. Cooper kept asking until DT was forced to answer that he never did act out in a way as described on the tapes. Now as folks come forward, HRC will be in the driver’s seat. One has already come out as an adult married woman and then there is a rape case ongoing in NY civil case.

        Last night was a nightmare for the country. HRC won the debate last night by just looking presidential.

        Ciao, Gronda

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        • Gronda,
          I had not heard of that case until last night during the debates. Snopes has written about it, including the court’s order showing that the defendant pleaded guilty. For Trump to lie about that is outrageous.

          I haven’t checked out any polls today but don’t think that Trump gained the trust of any people other than his die-hard bigots.

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          • This is not the 1st time this case was brought up by the Donald either. I hope to God she works that in during the last debate.

            By the by…….I see that Christie as debate coach did wonders……….

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      • The stupid puss on his face is a joke…….he looks like Mousillini. His body english gives his bully posture away.

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        • Racer,
          Classic bully. Intimidate, personal attacks, smirks, pointing fingers, lying. For a moment, I thought maybe he thought he was on Celebrity Apprentice and not in a debate for president of the U.S.

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          • To me, he seems to think he’s in a board meeting and those present are department heads and vp’s of a failing company and he’s going to tear them a new as%&*le.

            Good luck with that.

            So for the record……..Hillary & William Clinton……lawyers. Kaine……a lawyer, most of her staff…….lawyers.

            the Donald…..a business dude, Pence a business dude turned politician, their staff….?

            Having done work with and for lawyers, even at the small level of doing reports for CFA auto cases, I clearly see the pattern. Hillary and Tim are conducting depositions here. She won the 2 debates hands down, but it’s about crushing sound bytes. Kaine took one for the team if you think he didn’t win, but so what. Look at the stuff he got Pence to say.

            the Donald and Pence have both thrown each other under the bus.

            It tickles my fancy when Pence cannot defend the Donald……hell, he didn’t even respond.

            In fact, I might have to do another Donald quote list……..hey, he started it.

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  5. I didn’t watch it. Last time, I did a juvenile thing and threw some potato chips at the TV.

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    • Ren,
      What you did was decent. Around the 5th time that Trump interrupted Hillary, I was like this …

      Angry Shut Up

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    • My wife, son and I watched it and my son and I both hurt our necks from snapping sideways to look at each other in stoned disbelief with every stupid comment and denial. From the stupid accusations to his bullying tough guy stance, he’s a loser.

      He couldn’t even figure a way to bring in the 4 women and actually use them to rattle Hillary.

      That’s called…….firing blanks, or if you’re a lawyer Ineffective counsel, if you’re a businessman, it’s called “Belly Up” which describes his campaign about now.

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Trump looms behind Clinton at the debate”

    The above article uses this tweet (among many) to make its point:

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  8. He was giving her the stink eye something fierce!

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  9. His daughter Tiffany dodging his kiss

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  13. In looking at some polls today……none where the Donald started with “I took a poll today and I’m winning” which is his normal line. I found some interesting swings.

    I’ll post them by last week and today………..

    Clinton the Donald Clinton the Donald

    NJ 42% 51% 100% 0%
    PA 32% 60% 93% 9%
    FL 18% 70% 84% 16%
    HI 56% 30% 100% 0%
    CO 18% 71% 93% 7%

    Several states have the independents with a few % points, and the accuracy is +/- 1%.

    PA, FL & NJ have been GOP states for the most part, but look at the numbers today. I cannot fathom them getting better for him. I see him alienating more people as the next 3 weeks unfold. I doubt he can dig up any Hillary secrets and will just spin what bs he’s been slinging already.

    Today the Donald claims the shackles are off and he can do whatever he wants to win, which means more BS, lies, rhetoric, demeaning, filth and I guess he’ll be forced to join another sports team so that when Geraldo Rivera makes public what he has on the Donald, it goes down to “..a different locker room”

    By “shackles” he means, well, take your pick……..

    1) Class
    2) Dignity
    3) Decorum
    4) Fair Play
    5) Humility
    6) Intelligence
    7) Respect
    8) Honesty
    9) Transparency
    10) Restraint
    11) Any combination or all of the above

    So when your party literally abandons you and pulls all the party financing, that means what, get more ridiculous, stay up all night Tweeting crap, make up more lies ??

    I’ll go “tip of the iceberg theory here and say, if this is what we know, what don’t we know ??

    Scary dude………

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  14. I’ve read recently where Trump decided to run after President Obama mocked and humiliated him at the 2011 White House Correspondents dinner. It really starts at 3:05 in


    • Trump is vindictive like that. But, he’s not running against Obama. Remember when he said the way to defeat ISIS is to go after their families? He has shown that he will go after Bill Clinton and he has several times blamed Hillary for his birther movement. That is the devilish way for narcissists try to rile up hard feelings between friends.


  15. “Remember when he said the way to defeat ISIS is to go after their families?”

    You know me…..accuracy counts. He said “…take out their families…” and “…because they deserve it…” I read take out as kill, as do all of us.

    Now that is exactly what Hitler said……and did……so did Stalin…..and Mao Zedong, among others.

    “That is the devilish way for narcissists try to rile up hard feelings between friends.”

    Ain’t that the truth, but I don’t think anyone with a brain is buying it.


    • Racer,
      Thanks for giving us Trump’s actual quote. I bet he would not want the leader of another country taking out his family because of him.


      • Now he’s saying we’re reverting to a “..banana Republic..”…..Dude….. get a grip. It’s the former AG for Bush who just said if the Donald appoints a special prosecutor to imprison her it’s becoming a banana republic.

        Didn’t Hitler and Comrade Stalin imprison political opponents ??


        • Racer,
          I remember that Hillary’s response at the debate was that Trump didn’t understand our laws. If I remember the rules for the special appointment of prosecutors, that takes place before there is any investigation. The first requirement is to know what they are looking for based on alleged violations. Hillary knows that Trump is blowing smoke because she violated no law. She keeps telling him that there were no damages from her using a personal server.


  16. This a copy and paste of a typical Trump supporter. This was taken from an article about our President talking at the White House Science Fair about going to Mars.

    “@SpaceLionRemix It’s much easier to hate today than look for a positive future tomorrow. Positivity requires effort.”

    Well, well………need I say more. I’ll stick with Positvity since that’s what got us this far. We have eons to go, but at least I can say I’m doing my best.


  17. Breaking News………..This is a good read.

    And with that, I dedicate this song to the Donald…….


    • I like John Mellencamp and the song certainly applies. Right now I have to catch up with what has happened to Anderson Cooper of CNN. Sounds like Trump supporters are calling him homophobic names. Just like Trump, they have unzipped and exposed themselves all the way.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Anderson Cooper looms above them with more power and strength and kindness than they will ever have. He is polite, thoughtful and caring unlike them.

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  18. Amen !! the Donald is now saying the system is rigged and he’s done with it and may not even attend the 3rd debate. (good……go away and stay away) however one of his PR guys said to the effect, and I’ll even quote the Donald “…it’s just words..”

    So I think…..and this is a guess, the next thing he’ll say is “….it’s my ball and I’m taking it with me ‘cuz you guys don’t let me win”

    Lets talk about this rigged stuff……I can’t imagine him not being in a rigged game since he’s stated God knows how many times, he rigs the system in his business deals.

    Dear God help me, it’s in his book “Don the Con” I mean “Stump the Trump”…..wait was it “Living with tiny hands”…….smokes……maybe it was “I’m Huge, Get Over It” or maybe it was “How to Alienate Friends and Whine to Enemies” Holy Jeeez, I forget…..was it “How I live with extreme sniffles” ?? or ” Trumpageddon” ???

    Now I’m totally confused…..was it “How I stay so Humble” ? or his book, “Making America Grope Again” or “Hitler was misunderstood” with the Forward by David Duke, not to be confused with his 1st book “Hitler, my kind of guy” with a Forward by Andrew Breitbart.

    Wait, I think I remember, it was “The Great White Grope” “I’m a wanker and a spanker” “Crazy Bernie and other assorted short stories” “The Donald Tax Code” “The Constitution of The United States of America in 3 easy lessons” ?

    Naaaaaa, it’s “Trump, the art of the deal” in which he clearly outlines rigging things in your favor. well……..his favor since he’s the only one smart enough to……well…..we all know what.

    More book titles by and about the Donald

    “Win one for the groper”
    “Debater Hater”
    “That Cowardly Lyin'”
    “Mein Grope”
    “1001 Presidential Hairstyles”


  19. So I’m finding more bizarre “Trumpettes” which to say the least are pretty sick, but I believe with only 3 weeks to go, need to be revisited.

    “He [Trump] once called [Paula] Jones a “loser” and said of the [Monica] Lewinsky scandal that “people would have been more forgiving” if Clinton had slept with “a really beautiful woman of sophistication.”

    So he’s calling her what ?? by default.

    Trump told Howard Stern that it was okay to call his daughter Ivanka a “piece of ass.” They both discussed the size of her breasts and her “voluptuous” body.

    I see a problematic pattern here……any help ???

    “In a 2002 appearance, Trump called 30 “a perfect age” for a woman. “Until she’s 35,”

    Okay, is this profiling, or simply sexist ?? Derogatory…… betcha !!

    “….and now it’s the tallest.” –Donald Trump, bragging about his building following the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in an interview with WWOR/UPN 9 News in New York (Sept. 11, 2001)”

    This is surreal. His building is tallest because of terror attacks ?? WTF ?

    “When Iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats, and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn’t be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the
    water” 9/9/2016

    I’ll give anyone I want the finger and you can’t even sue me, let alone start shooting.

    “Dwyane Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!”

    Geeez……I see 0 correlation here, but after all, the world does revolve around me.

    “What do you have to lose by trying something new like Trump? What do you have to lose? You’re living in poverty; your schools are no good; you have no jobs; 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?” –Donald Trump, making a pitch to win over African American voters, adding, “At the end of four years, I guarantee you that I will get 95 percent of the African-American vote.” (8/19/16)

    Brilliant, just mind boggling……..

    {Russia} is not going into Ukraine, OK, just so you understand. He’s not gonna go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down.” –Donald Trump,completely unaware that Russia had already annexed the Crimea in a 2014 attack that left thousands dead (7/31/16)

    Nothing like staying current on world events is there.

    “I might lie to you like Hillary does all the time, but I’ll never lie to Giacomo, okay?”

    Were you lying then………..or all the time ??? Nothing like an admission !!

    “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.” –Donald Trump, on receiving a Purple Heart as a gift from a retired lieutenant colonel and supporter (8/2/16)

    What ……. did he just insult every American military Vet ??

    “If she gets to pick her judges – nothing you can do, folks. Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.”

    This is a suggestion to assassinate Hillary and anyone she appoints. This is scary

    “Why can’t we use nuclear weapons?”

    This was said 3 times in the same place and is self explanatory

    “They don’t write good. They have people over there, like Maggie Haberman and others, they don’t — they don’t write good. They don’t know how to write good.” –Donald Trump, attacking the New York Times in a grammatically flawed tirade, Fox News interview with Sean Hannity (8/1/16)

    Yep……He don’t speak none to good neither Racerrodig 10/12/16 and proud of it

    And last, but not least in any sense………not my favorite, but after the last few weeks…

    “I’ve had a beautiful, I’ve had a flawless campaign. You’ll be writing books about this campaign.” the Donald (7/29/16)

    ………….can anyone define for me “…beautiful….” and ” “…flawless…” as far as the “…writing books..” part…..that’s pretty much assured, but a possible title will be…

    “You F^($@d up big time, so let go of that P(%%&

    Then I found this clip of a Trump campaign meeting……..hey, video never lies.


    • Haha Racer! The video would be about 2 hours long if all the reasons were listed.


      • Keith Olberman has a series of these if you open the link I posted. When you listen, please, I beg everyone, your computer or cell phone is innocent.

        The worst is his goading people to assassinate Hillary. I posted that above yesterday, but Keith takes it really seriously and well it should be. Maybe the Donald should be taken into custody until after the election…..and questioned, maybe the Secret Service should take the Donalds advice about waterboarding.

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  20. At 11:41 AM today I got a call from the NRA local chapter asking for a $100.00 minimum contribution to the Trump campaign. The phone no. by my caller ID is 856 – 283 – 0422. It comes up as IMC. This guy began his sales pitch with “As you know, Clinton is going to abolish the 2nd Amendment…..” and I didn’t let him finish that sentence. I blasted him about NJ having probably the most comprehensive gun laws, which I’m in favor of, and I’m in favor of gun control Nationally that keeps guns out of the hands of people who can be deemed irresponsible.

    Then after stating that, he states “everyone” is donating at least $100.00 to the Donald’s campaign because Clinton is winning the election !!!!

    Okay 1st…define everyone… name.
    2nd The election is 26 days away. How is she winning……well…..she’s leading by double digits and I can’t see that changing, especially since the Donald is now “unshackled”

    So, I addressed that blunder and the customer in my shop at the time said to the effect, thank God someone feels like I do……and ain’t afraid to speak out.

    Damn…….I remember getting this almost exact call back in 2012 or 2013……asking for Fogen defense money. Just how deep is their gutter ??

    AND – is it legal for the NRA to seek money for a Presidential candidate ?? !! ??

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    • Racer,
      Bless you for having the patience to speak out. I probably would have hung-up on the person.


      • I was going to, but hell……they called with their bs rhetoric, so why can’t I brainwash right back.

        All’s fair in, well sometimes it’s totally unfair……so I get to say my piece.

        Hmmmmmm ?? maybe I shouldn’t have posted the phone number…..Naaaaaaaaaa


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