Melania Trump is speechless because Michelle Obama never had to defend a cheating husband

To the point — makes the point.

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, Melania Trump is speechless at this point because Michelle Obama has never had to respond to an Obama infidelity. And Donald is now speechless because if Hillary is responsible for Bill’s infidelity then Melania no longer qualifies to be First Lady.

To all my Republican friends out there, please tell me which item below was the tipping point for you:

Donald Trump says that President Obama is not a citizen of the United States.

In a presidential debate, Donald Trump brags about the size of his penis.

After a presidential debate Donald Trumps suggests the moderator was on her period because she asked unfair questions.

Donald Trump makes fun of a disabled person.

Donald Trump calls 11 million immigrants rapists and murderers.

Donald Trump calls for a ban on worshippers of one of the world’s largest religions.

Donald Trump glorifies war.

Donald Trump glorifies a dictator.

Donald Trump suggests…

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  3. Lets face it Xena…….I goofed. I should have waited at least another week before finalizing stupid Trump quotes. This is a full tilt implosion. And now, everyone in the Trump camp wants to say something and all they’re doing is giving quotes that certainly won’t help. His wife and VP candidate both stated his words were unacceptable and offensive.

    We all know the Donalds camp will say this is all out of context, but damn Sam…….he said some bad stuff and his camp cannot defend it.

    It was great that Kaine quoted the Bible on Tue. He was setting the stage and now look at all the quotes that will crush him now.

    The debate tomorrow should be a hoot, what with blowhard Christie as debate coach.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      It’s probably time for “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” to be playing. Bet he can name that song after hearing three notes.

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    • I’m expecting him to have a Complete Meltdown on National Television.
      It’ll be better than Karl Roves Meltdown when he found out Romney Lost.

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    • Hey Racer,

      “The debate tomorrow should be a hoot, what with blowhard Christie as debate coach.”

      There are people in the GOP who are calling for Trump to step-down. I say no. Voters elected him as Republican candidate in the primary. Let them live with it. A month from now people will again speak at the voting booths.

      I don’t know if Trump will be elected, but if he is, what we have seen of and about him thus far is a precursor of the direction this country will take under his leadership/entertainment. I can only hope that another country will be merciful to let in American refugees.

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      • yahtzeebutterfly


        “Let them live with it.”

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      • It’s too late for him to Quit, Voting has already started in Florida and South Carolina.

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      • If he’s forced out and I just read the RNC has called a meeting and that is the primary focus. In addition, they may be looking to change their rules so no matter what, he’s out. As been discussed, they slept in this bed, and now they have to make it, well, since he seems to have porn and groping on the brain, that’s not a good one, but you know what I mean.

        He has a black heart and he can sue me for saying………at least I can prove it, just use his quotes.

        If he’s forced out……and think of that for a minute, he’ll blame the party for tossing him on his ear.

        I read several of his activities were cancelled today and Pence had a few issues as well. think he’s cooked.

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    • Racer,
      You didn’t goof. Trump is like a toilet. He just keeps piling it up. People have to flush often. -)

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “The debate tomorrow should be a hoot”

      Yep. H & T will probably be butting heads, and the Billy club of Billy goats will no doubt watching.


  4. Our country is going to hell and draggng us along~

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    • Cindy,
      I’m getting a Passport.

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      • See my 8:14 above. If he wins lets all book an “Exodus” and get a big discount. When he gets Impeached, we’ll come back.

        Now…….I bet, since every statistic in football has odds, and bet on in Vegas, an over/under comes up for Impeachment proceedings…….say…….8 days as a starting point.

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        • Well Racer, if he says the wrong thing about the wrong leader of a wrong country, Congress won’t have to impeach him. The sad thing is that this nation will suffer because of Trump’s mouth.

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  5. Remember he hung out with Howard Stern all these years……..picture all the filth coming from that end. That stuff is coming out in the AM in all likely

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  6. I wouldn’t know where to start – you would have to go to my Facebook.

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    • Hey Rachael! Good to see you. How are you?

      Is your Facebook page one where you need an account to see it? I don’t have a Facebook account.


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  8. What a total jerk… No more boys will be boys…

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    • Hey Juan! We’ve known for a long time that Trump is disrespectful of women, but now from his own mouth he thinks he’s entitled to molest them. If he thinks being a “star” gives him that entitlement, what would he do to women around the world as president?

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  9. Like

  10. GOP primary contender John Kasich says he warned Republicans about Trump.


  11. Dear Xena and friends,

    DT is not about to step down. The republicans are now getting religion because he is about to lose, big time. They were the ones who created this monster, got righteous and indignant very late in the election cycle and now they can go down with him.

    The end, Gronda

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  14. yahtzeebutterfly


  15. chuquestaquenumber1

    Why is this surprising? Everybody knows that Trump is a misogynistic vulgarian. He wasn’t banned from Fox News Channel in spite of his crude treatment to Megyn Kelly. Michelle Fields a Breitbart reporter was attacked by one of his personnel. Breitbart didn’t drop Trump support ,instead fired Michelle Fields. The audio tape is just another example of his vulgar misogyny.

    Also telling his calling Mexicans rapists murderers,criminals,build a wall to keep them out. Ban all Muslims from entering the USA. Who was arrested for trying to kill him? A white male from the UK who overstayed his Visa. That’s right a white illegal alien.

    To the GOP this is who you ran with,now you got to deal with it.


  16. yahtzeebutterfly

    Advice for those two people who are debating tonight:


  17. Lol… What does one sat?


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