Video Released of Two Officers Killing 6-Year old Jeremy Mardis

I first reported on this on November 8, 2015 when the news reported that two officers were charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.  Since then, I’ve mentioned the name Jeremy Mardis several times; once was in criticism for Blue Lives Matter, who supports law enforcement who are charged with using deadly force.  The victims in this case are White, and the officers are Black.  Blue Lives Matter has been silent.

CNN now reports that a Louisiana judge released body cam video Wednesday showing officers firing multiple rounds into the car of Chris few, wounding Chris and killing his 6-year-old, autistic son Jeremy Mardis.


Jeremy Mardis.  Jeremy was autistic and could not speak

The incident happened on September 2015 when Marshals saw an argument between a man and his girlfriend in front of a local bar.  Chris Few got into his car. As officers approached the car, Chris drove away.  The officers pursued.  The video shows that when Few drove into a dead end street, he put his hands up, but the officers opened fire anyway.

Officers Norris Greenhouse Jr., and Derrick Stafford are charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder.   Their first story was that they were attempting to serve a warrant on Chris Few, however that has been proven false. Greenhouse knew Few before the deadly encounter.   Investigators are looking into the extent of their relationship.

Jeremy was shot in the head and chest.  At Wednesday’s hearing, State Police forensics experts testified that they determined 18 shots were fired; 14 from Stafford’s gun and four from Greenhouse’s gun. Experts testified that Jeremy was hit five times. Two of the bullets were too damaged to link them to a specific gun. 

An officer at the hearing was asked why he did not fire, and he testified that he did not feel his life was in danger. Chris Few was unarmed.

Greenhouse and Stafford

Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford

The Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police called the video “the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.” It comes from a body camera worn by a separate officer, and shows back-up arriving, shots being fired, and the moment deputies realized they had killed a child.

CNN reports that the video shows;

“The officer who is wearing the camera eventually walks around to the passenger side of the vehicle, windows have been shattered. He shines his flashlight onto the child’s inert body, which is in the front passenger seat, and speaks to him before checking his pulse. An officer can be heard vomiting off-camera.  He later unbuckles the child’s seatbelt, exclaiming “oh my God,” before walking away.

KATC TV3 was in Marksville, LA for the hearing.    They report that when court staff began setting up the equipment to play the video that Chris Few, who was present in court, left the courtroom in tears and did not return.

The Court Is Allowing Evidence of Prior Bad Acts Of the Officers To Be Heard at Trial.

Against defense attorney’s strong objections, the court has ruled that prosecutors in the case can use evidence of prior bad acts on the part of the defendants during trial to argue a pattern of behavior.

KATC reports that Derrick Stafford has worked for 5 different police or sheriff’s departments.

In a separate article, KATC also reports that Stafford has 6 pending civil lawsuits.  There are also suits naming both Stafford and Greenhouse Jr.

In October, 2011, Stafford was indicted by a Rapides Parish grand jury on 2 counts of aggravated rape on two separate victims.  He was then a Lieutenant with the Marksville Police Department.  In May 2012, the state dismissed the rape charges.

Norris Greenhouse Jr. has worked for 4 different police or sheriff’s departments.

In 2012 while working with the Avoyelles Parish Sheriff’s Office, Greenhouse, Jr. was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a juvenile.  He was temporarily suspended for not properly logging his whereabouts while on duty.  Greenhouse did not return to work after his suspension expired and he was terminated by the department.

While working for the Marksville Police Department, Greenhouse was written up twice, once for ignoring a 3-month memo and again for not using his dash cam.   Greenhouse’s dad is an Assistant District Attorney.

The video below is from dash cam and a body cam, but does not show Jeremy’s body.




RIP, precious Jeremy

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    • Mr. Militant,
      Thanks for the reblog, dear friend. Now that I’ve completed an all-night writing marathon, I’m going to get some sleep. 🙂

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  2. This is really bad and to be honest, I forgot about it.

    On the other hand, this is the Donalds version of Law and Order.

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    • I don’t know Racer, if this is the type of law and order Trump wants. I say that because the races in this case were reversed with Black cops killing a White kid. I think Trump wants the opposite.

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      • My bad……what I mean is, he wants cops opening fire blindly. My bad, I should have been uh……..more specific.

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        • Racer,
          Not to worry. Actually now that I think about, Trump might not be aware that there are Black and Brown members of law enforcement. His entire world is one where he’s surrounded by Whites.

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          • Yep…..I love it when he says offhanded to the effect that “…..I have some black friends, well, a lot of black friends, and most of them, well the majority of them think my policy on Blah, Blah, boring Blah isn’t strong enough in making white power and my personal wealth bigger.

            Trust me, my son has tons of those videos and at the age of 18, even he see’s what the Donald truly is.

            The guy we know in FL who I discussed here, his racism that is, needless to say is a Trumper and this morning sent me a vile e-mail about Hillary, then the bs about Hillary cheating with having an earpiece. I can copy and paste my response if you’d like, but then again, some here may say…………racer…… bad boy.

            Sooooooooooo, at about 15 minutes ago my son picks up my cell phone and says “….dad, you have to look at your phone more……look at all the Facebook friend requests” which I’m new to. Who was in the list for friend request ??????

            Musta struck a nerve.

            Sooooooooooooo, If he goes over and takes all their oil…… much do we get, or is that going to be a secret ??

            By the way, his super yacht was repossessed. A friend of mine did the marine survey, knows the whole story.

            Maybe the next debate should mention something about water safety so he can open the door for Hillary to crush him on that one.

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          • Racer,
            I admire you and your son for venturing into Facebook. Most of what I hear about Facebook is that it’s a cesspool. There were numerous people back in 2012 and 2013 who were harassed on Facebook. My best advice? Stay off the community pages. 🙂

            Trump is narcissist, and they don’t like losing. Even when they lose, they claim winning. For example, Obama’s birth certificate — he had produced the official certificate during the 2008 campaign. That wasn’t good enough for the Birthers, who wanted the “long form” or rather, the one that the hospital fills-out — fills-out to submit to the county who produces the official certificate used when applying for passports and such.

            So, when Trump says he forced Obama to produce his birth certificate, he’s not telling the whole story. He forced the hospital to dig-out the one they filled-out, which cannot be legally used for identification, to prove citizenship, or anything else.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly


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  4. Xena, I can’t watch the video. Again police officer’s first action should not be in firing of a gun..with an unarmed man with hands up,,,the background of these officers would bar them from being employed by most companies.

    An innocent child pays the price for cops acting foolishly, Gronda

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    • Gronda,
      I know. It took me about 30 minutes after locating the videos to decide whether to watch it. The news sources that obtained the videos did not include the portion when the body cam captures little Jeremy’s bullet-ridden head.

      Regarding the guys charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder and their employment, it seems to be a common thing that when they run into trouble while being with one department, they simply go to another one. That happened with Darren Wilson who killed Michael Brown.

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  5. Sickening on so many levels.
    The cop’s recds are ridiculous. Rape. Child molestation. Disregard for rules & disobedience. Over & over they were given authority over ppl who’s crimes where far less than theirs!
    The one with the DA father sounds a lot like Zimmerman. Entitlement & protection from legal consequences. You’d think killing of a minor would’ve been his last straw too.

    Also note none of them run up &slam to the ground & cuff the victim even after they shot at him over a dozen times & especially when he’s obviously able to move enough to open the car. But no yelling “drop the gun” or feigned panic he was trying to get to” the gun” they’re supposed to be in fear from before they shot.
    There’s a whole lotta restraint &/or more reasonable behavior (compassion/regret?) after shooting someone, from all the cops on the scene.
    None of that shit after the wrongful shooting 12yo Tamir Rice. Its like they slammed his teenage sister to the ground, cuffed & threw her into a cop car so she could watch her kid brother dying but still deny him any possible comfort he might have felt from having her holding him.

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    • Shannon,
      You are a great observer!

      “The one with the DA father sounds a lot like Zimmerman. Entitlement & protection from legal consequences.”

      Yes, it indeed does.

      I think they didn’t run up and slam Chris to the ground and handcuff him because they were too busy saying they didn’t have gloves.

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  6. Two sides to a story

    It’s a step forward that this court is allowing previous bad acts to be aired in court. Usually prosecutors turn these police cases into a farce by having evidence and previous records either tossed out or severely limited.

    The new shooting two days ago in San Diego is highly distressing and hit home for me, since I spend quite a bit of time down there with family. No excuse for it whatsoever.

    I’m ready for US LE to be disarmed until real reform is achieved. No more deaths at all!

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    • Two sides,
      I’ve tried keeping up with what happened in El Cajon the other night, and understand that there have been peaceful protests everyday since that happened.

      Disarming is a good idea, but I would prefer that it be forever, along with citizens. Maybe a rifle for hunting for food or killing a rattlesnake, but when the sole purpose for a gun or guns is to take human life, it is wrong, in my opinion.

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      • Two sides to a story

        I feel the same way. Guns are a blight on humanity. Some say they’re just a tool, but, for example, a knife can heal, can create, can build. A gun cannot.

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      • Two sides to a story

        There’s a new death by cop in Pasadena last night. A mentally-ill father of four called for help – for himself, I believe. He was tased and then beaten to death. Protestors are gathering at the location even as I write this.

        #ReginaldThomas #Pasadena
        252 Orangegrove Blvd

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  7. roderick2012

    RIP little Jeremy.

    I hope these two pigs rot in jail.

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    • Roderick,
      The trial for one is scheduled for November, but then we know how that goes — it could be delayed, so I didn’t want to report trial dates. But best believe that if there is still breath in my body when the trials start, I’ll follow and report on them here.

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  8. 😦 Where’s the All Lives Matter crowd?

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    • Well, Mindyme, challenge movements only come around to challenge support; not to give support.

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    • Two sides to a story

      Oh, they’re definitely talking about this on FB, how Jeremy didn’t get any attention, how nobody cares about this case, how only black people killed by cops get any attention. And yet, the fact that this case is being prosecuted properly actually leans toward white privilege if you wanna get pissy and technical about it . . . : /

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  9. chuquestaquenumber1

    I saw the video. It only showed Mardis’ dad Chris Fry being shot and the after effect of him slumping over the window,not Mardis being killed. So at least we were spared a minor being killed. Stafford was supposed to be on trial 9/26/16. That’s why the video I believed was released. Norris Greenhouse is no longer a LEO as a result of this. He was fired a month after this shooting. Stafford lost his part time LEO job as well. If Stafford is still with the Marksville PD let me know. It’s powerful to see how the victims are being afforded the full long arm of the law against these cops.Louisiana deceased victim Alton Sterling deserves the same. Even though its been over 4 months,let’s hope that this shooting leads to the same starting of justice for Sterling and his family.

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  10. The story would be entirely different if the victims were Black and the cops were white…I’m positive of this.

    For example, the fact that the dash-cam and body-cams recorded the entire time, while in the shootings of Black men, the body-cams have “mysteriously malfunctioned.”

    The Tulsa officer is free. These men aren’t. And the biggest red flag of all: the “Blue Lives Matter” movement has been silent.

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    • The disparity is glaring

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    • roderick2012

      I agree with the main premise of your post, but the fact that these two men of color thought they could go cowboy without considering the ramifications means that this shoot first mentality is too engrained in law enforcement and needs to be rooted out asap.


      • Duly noted. I hope you state your assessment on sites that screech “Blue Lives Matter” when white cops murder black people, but I’m guessing that you don’t.
        As far as I know, these two “men of colour” are the first Black cops to kill a white person, so…

        Let’s also not overlook the fact that the white victims in question haven’t had their reputations called into question, either – whereas, with Black victims of police violence, they’re criminalized before their bodies are cold…but hey, why bother noticing all of the differences, right?


        • roderick2012

          Wow, you have me all wrong. I have stated on many forums how black victims of police shootings are defamed and dehumanized as to make their deaths meaningless in the court of public opinion.

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        • Sepultura,
          Regarding your comment to roderick12;

          “Duly noted. I hope you state your assessment on sites that screech “Blue Lives Matter” when white cops murder black people, but I’m guessing that you don’t.”

          I’ve written several posts about the hypocrisy of Blue Lives Matter. Roderick has followed this blog since about 2012 so I’m sure he has some comments on those threads. Even if he doesn’t, he’s here, has been here, and is familiar with this blog. I’ve also seen him zealously post on forums. That doesn’t mean that he has to announce where he participates here and start a cattle drive of trolls to other venues.


          “As far as I know, these two “men of colour” are the first Black cops to kill a white person, so…”

          Sorry that I don’t have the time to look for the posts, but I post on the use of deadly force by police regardless of the races of the police and victims. One case I remember in particular is that the victim’s last name is Wren. He was White. The cop charged with killing him is Black. He had a bench trial and was acquitted.


        • Sepultural,
          Are you upset because the victims are White and the cops charged are Black? I am asking because in the entire story, regardless of race, an 8-year old child was killed. Death does not discriminate, which is something I say to people who demonize Black victims as if they did not deserve to live. Those doing the demonizing will one day die, so it’s nothing they should celebrate as a punishment because of the color of skin.

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          • Nope – you have me all wrong. I’m not celebrating the death of a child, I was pointing out the fact, for example, that 12-year-old Tamir Rice was criminalized by the police and news reports. Every Black man, woman, and child murdered by police has had their lives raked over the coals. Not one person has asked why the father of the autistic boy had him out so late and was driving so recklessly that the cops felt the need to give pursuit.
            Everyone seems to be reading far more into my statements, for some reason – then again, that’s what people online do: pile on with assumptions to shut people up.


          • Sepultura,
            It was not my intent to say nor convey that you’re celebrating any death. I was speaking to what I feel, and to what is one motivation in what I post and why.

            What I don’t do is use the same evil to counter the evil of the demonizing of Black victims.

            If there is any assumption, it began with you assuming Roderick’s position and what he does online.

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          • Fair enough. You know Roderick better than I do. Neither of you know me any more than I know either of you. It is what it is.


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