Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter, and Trigger Happy Cops

I can barely keep up with the names and the cities and states where it happened — nor the numbers which appear to increase weekly.

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So I haven’t written a new blog post in a minute (or maybe more), but I’m so damn tired of so many white Americans losing their shit over a pro-football player taking a stand against oppression of people of color in this country, and yet the same people turn a blind eye when yet another killing of a black, or Latino, or Native, occurs. Honest to God people, wake up!

I don’t even know the name of the latest victim of a trigger happy cop. I know that he had his hands up the entire time. I know that he presented zero risk to the cop. I also know, considering how other cases like this have gone in the past couple of years, that said cop will be placed on paid leave (paid vacation), and that there will almost certainly be no charges file. If there are charges filed, the…

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Super article and heartfelt!

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  2. chuquestaquenumber1

    The Kaepernick vitriol is not about disrespecting LEOs or the US Military. Nor is it about patriotism. It is racially motivated towards a man of color.
    Here’s proof:
    Megan Rapinoe isn’t standing for the national anthem. Is she being subjected to the same hatred as Kaepernick?
    Skip Bayless said that he agreed with Kaepernick. There’s a problem with white policemen killing innocent unarmed black people , Bayless said. Is he being subjected to the same hatred as Kaepernick?
    Kaepernick’s teammate Bruce Miller was arrested for assaulting a 70 yr old man with his own cane. Bruce Miller has a history of violence. Is he being subjected to the same hatred as Kaepernick?

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    • Chuquest,
      Kaepernick is a popular Black man with talent and money. To White Supremacist, that is dangerous. Look at how many Black actors have spoken in behalf of Black Lives Matter, but the White Supremacists targeted Jesse Williams. They probably don’t know the other Black actors and the power of their voices, such as the following. Or, they don’t think they can hurt them because those actors have been so successful that they don’t need to work now.


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  4. Colin says he ‘s been getting constant death threats…

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  6. What would be disrespectful to our veterans would be to not exercise the rights they fought for.


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