Were You Scared? What Killed Terence Crutcher.


A few days ago, a beloved former student of mine (a black man) from the charter school where I used to teach tagged me on Facebook with the following meme:(It’s probably good to note here that I’m one of those teachers that is better in retrospect than I am in the present moment. I’m kind of […]

via Were You Scared? — Maureen O’Leary

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  1. Good folks,
    There’s a lot of information coming forth about the killing of Terence Crutcher, and a lot of interest. It’s difficult keeping up, so I reblogged this to give you opportunity to express yourself about the killing of this innocent, unarmed man.

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

    Words of the 2 helicopter officers:

    1st voice: “Betty Jo, where you at?” (video timestamp 00:00 to timestamp 00:01)

    2nd voice: “He’s got his hands up there for her now.” (video timestamp 0:05 to timestamp 0:07)

    “I’m going to hit the recorder.” (video timestamp 00:14 to timestamp 0:15)

    “This guy’s still walking.” (video timestamp 0:16 to 0:17)

    “and not following commands.” (video timestamp 0:19 to timestamp 0:20)

    1st voice: “Time for taser, I think.” (video timestamp 0:20 to timestamp 0:21)

    1st voice: “Got a feeling it’s about to happen.” (video timestamp 0:26 to timestamp 0:27)

    1st voice: “That looks like a bad dude, too.” (video timestamp 0:28 to timestamp 0:29)

    1st voice: ”Might be on somethin’ ” (video timestamp 0:30)

    Dispatcher voice: “Which way are they facing?” (video timestamp 0:31 to timestamp (0:32)

    Terrence fell back away from car onto the ground at video timestamp 0:33 .

    1st voice: “Police1, they are facing westbound.” (video timestamp 0:33 to timestamp 0:35)

    1st voice: “Uh, I think he might have just been tasered.” (video timestamp 0:35 to timestamp 0:37)

    At video timestamp 0:39 to 0:40 a woman officer (on the ground) said, ”Shots fired!”

    At timestamp 0:40 you can hear a helicopter voice (seeing Terence bloodied lying on the ground) letting out the word “Ooooh.” (The tone of the “Ooooh” is that of when something awful is seen. It’s not an “Ooooh” with a positive or upbeat tone.)

    At timestamp 0:41 to 0:45 – – One of the officers on the ground said to the dispatcher: “331. We have shots fired. We have one suspect down. We need (?) here.”

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    (The following represents what I see in the video.)

    You can start watching the arriving officer’s dash cam video below at Youtube’s timestamp 0:44.

    At timestamp 0:48 you can see the arriving officer pulling out his taser as he runs toward Ofc. Shelby and Terence.

    The moment the arriving officer reaches them, he tases Terence in the back at timestamp 0:51. (on the full screen you can see the taser’s light on Terence’s back.)

    At timestamp 0:55 you can hear the gunshot that Ofc. Shelby fires. (and see the smoke from the shot.)


    • this video shows the claim the shooter did NOT have her lights on is the reason her dash cam wasnt working is a LIE……clearly the second car SHOWS the lights were ON…and they show his emergency flashers were ON.

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      • Bill,
        I wonder if there is dash cam video from Betty’s cruiser and they don’t want it released? If not, why not? In the same manner, why, after shooting Terence, did the officers walk backwards to the cruiser? Did they not want their faces shown on video? These are the type of questions that tear down trust between LE authorities and citizens.

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        • great questions and clearly they blocked the dash camera on purpose, IF you think you are confronting a dangerous person you do NOT gather so close so he could get you all with a few shots in the same direction, you fan out so he could only aim at ONE while the other 3 could shoot him, the rest walking backwards again shows they knew it was a crime and were indeed hoping to not be identified….back to your first question her camera footage would inflame the public because indeed it shows he was 100% compliant and was asking for HELP and she was 100% WRONG every step of the way.


          • On last count, as I can remember, there have now been 3 Black men with car trouble who were killed by police officers rather than helped. There was Jonathan Ferrel, Corey Jones, and now Terence.

            Forgive me if I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there is something very suspect,(as you pointed out about their approach) and Betty Shelby’s behavior after she shot Terence. It’s almost like a gang initiation.

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            • indeed their actions to me show their intent was to shoot this guy from the moment she arrived…….


            • Bill,
              It’s very suspicious. Betty said that Terence would not comply with her command that he show his hands. Then the helicopter with her husband on board starts recording and says along the lines that he’s showing his hands now. There’s no evidence that he did not raise his hands before then. Then there’s the profiling that he looks like a bad man. It all sounds too much like a setup.

              If I were into investigating reporting, I would start with when Terence attended class that evening and interview his classmates and teachers. I would ask questions, such as, was anyone else in the vehicle with him when he left school or during class breaks? I would seek out arrests on his classmates for drugs and see if any of them had a pending trial — BECAUSE — this entire thing sounds a bit too close to what happened in Hearne, Texas around 2000. Betty just happened to be on that road and did not get the dispatch about a car being stopped and the driver saying he thought it was going to explode????


      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Good catch, Bill.

        I have been able to calibrate the timestamps of the helicopter video and the dash cam video based upon the moment the announcement of “Shots fired” is heard and based upon the sound of the gunshot with the smoke from the gun (on full screen).

        Using both videos (and clicking “stop” at half seconds) I have been able, to the second, to see what Terence did after the laser light appeared on his back in the dash cam video at Youtube timestamp 0:51 which is police timestamp 19:43:57.

        Terence’s back is to the 2 officers when the taser light appears on his back. He then turns toward his car, rests against the car with his right knee slightly bent and head near the bottom of the window. He is able to straighten his legs after 3 seconds with the support of his car apparently resting his elbows against the car for support.

        Five seconds after the taser light was on his back, the gunshot is heard at Youtube timestamp 0:56 which is police timestamp 19:44:02. After the gunshot he turns toward the officers for about 2 seconds or so and then back to the driver’s door to support himself as long as he can before falling to the ground dying.


        • sidewinder50

          Thank you, Zena for examining the video. Are you saying he was tasered 4-5 seconds before he was shot? Which would result in his partial collapse with his right arm bending pointing toward the front of the car as well as what you say above about his knee and head? If so, the officer thought this movement was him reaching into his car? I watched the helicopter video and it looked like his right arm bent and now wonder if it was from the tasering. And I believe it can be determined if the window was up or not.

          If an officer turns the lights on in a cruiser does this immediately activate the dashboard cam or does cam have to be turned on manually? If anyone knows.


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          • sidewinder50

            I apologize it was yatzeebutterfly who examined the video. I just saw on TV a picture and that the window was up.

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            • yahtzeebutterfly

              Here is Benjamin Crump with a screenshot from the helicopter video. He is pointing out that the window is up and there is blood on it.


            • yahtzeebutterfly

              Benjamin Crump then shows an enlargement of that screenshot to emphasize that the window was up:


          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I see your comment, sidewinder, and will respond in a bit. First, I want to gather up some more timestamps that I have before responding.


          • yahtzeebutterfly


            “If an officer turns the lights on in a cruiser does this immediately activate the dashboard cam or does cam have to be turned on manually? If anyone knows.”

            Bill addressed that at this link:



          • yahtzeebutterfly


            “…with his right arm bending pointing toward the front of the car as well as what you say above about his knee and head? If so, the officer thought this movement was him reaching into his car?”

            No, because his shoulders are at a level UNDER the window because his knees are bent. I think what is seen here is that his bent right arm has the elbow against (touching) just below the window while his forearm is pointed up. (helicopter police timestamp 19:44:40.) There is no way the officer could conclude that a person in that down-like position could be reaching into a car.


  8. We hear nothing here in the UK of these incidents which seem to be happening on a regular basis over in the USA.. It is awful.. My heart is with his family.

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  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Tulsa Co. DA: TPD Ofc. Betty Shelby faces 1st degree manslaughter charge in Terence Crutcher death”



  13. “Ignorance isn’t funny. It’s fatal.”


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