Matthew Apperson, the Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman, On Trial

In May of 2015, Apperson shot at Zimmerman while the two were in separate vehicles on the road.  It was the third confrontation between Apperson and Zimmerman.

Prosecutors charged Apperson with attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault with a firearm and shooting into an occupied vehicle.  If convicted he would face a minimum-mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison under Florida’s 10-20-life statute.

Apperson is claiming self-defense, saying that Zimmerman threatened to kill him and pointed a gun at him.  Zimmerman denies that although he had two guns in his truck.   Apperson is represented by defense attorney Michael LaFay.

Trial is scheduled to run through Friday.

Courtchatter has the videos on their Youtube channel, but the sound is not the best.  I started the first below video with the unremorseful, unemployed, bumpy head, homeless man who killed Trayvon Martin coming into the courtroom.  It is interesting that Don West was in the courtroom.


The second video continues with Zimmerman’s testimony, where he testified of calling a detective a “bitch” and “blonde bimbo,” saying he did not know she is a detective because she was dressed in plain clothes.

Apperson’s attorney began cross examining Zimmerman, which you can watch in the following video.  Cross-examination continued Wednesday morning.  Subsequent videos of the trial will be posted in the comment section of this blog.


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  1. chuquestaquenumber1

    During this trial Zimmerman’s lawyer asked him about Black Lives Matter. Of course George said They(BLM)are terrorists. What does BLM have to do with him shot at? Did the prosecutor object?

    • Hey Chuquest! I think you mean the defense attorney asked Zimmerman about BLM. I’ll have to watch the videos from yesterday to make sure. I remember some objections on the basis that the questions were seeking to re-litigate Zimmerman’s trial, but I don’t remember how judge Nelson ruled on it.

      • chuquestaquenumber1

        If it’s the defense attorney I apologize.My point is this a trial about a white guy shooting another white guy. Where does BLM fit in this?

        • Chuquest,
          No need to apologize. It’s only important to prevent confusion to readers. The court system can be confusing with the different titles for parties and their attorneys. I remember during Zim’s trial that those supporting him continued referring to, or inferring, that attorney Benjamin Crump was the prosecutor.

          Well, BLM has nothing to do with this case unless it’s the prosecution that wants to give the jury the impression that Apperson’s belief that Zim should have been found guilty for killing Trayvon has some type of association with BLM.

          One thing for sure, (in my opinion) is that neither Apperson nor Zimmerman should have guns.

  2. I wouldn’t mind if Matthew Apperson ends up being found “not guilty.” This would give GZ his payback karma. Thanks, Gronda P.S. I bet he is voting for DT.

    • NavyDad0007

      I’m fine with that too

    • Gronda,
      As I understand it, voter’s registration is public record. (As a Florida resident, you might be able to verify if this is true.) If Zimmerman registers to vote, then anyone can go to the voting registration office in that county and ask to see the records; find Zimmerman’s, and see the address where he is living. As he testified, he lives between Virginia and Florida. With no permanent residence, he might not be qualified to register to vote. But, if he is able to register and does vote, he will probably write-in his name for president. LOL!

      At today’s trial, Zimmerman came across really arrogant. The defense can use that to its advantage during closing argument, in addition to Zimmerman’s testimony that he, claiming to be in fear for his safety, called Apperson a “clown” and laughed at him. That indicates that he had no fear of Apperson.

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        “… in addition to Zimmerman’s testimony that he, claiming to be in fear for his safety, called Apperson a “clown” and laughed at him. That indicates that he had no fear of Apperson.”

        I agree.

        • Yahtzee,
          Maybe Apperson should testify that he followed Zimmerman because Zimmerman looked like he was “up to no good.”

      • Xena, It sounds like GZ provoked the guy.Gronda

        • Gronda, I would say so.

          Notice in his testimony too, he claims that his tinted windows were up with just the window on the driver’s side being down somewhat while he and Apperson exchanged words. He wants to use that as evidence that Apperson COULDN’T see if he brandished a gun. However, Apperson shot through the passenger-side window. So, something did happen while Zimmerman’s window was down.

          • sidewinder50

            Not sure how that works to be able to hear Apperson clearly while only having your driver’s window down somewhat so I believe he did have his passenger window down and he ‘brandished’ his gun. Then put it up. Power windows – not like the old days of roll up windows.

            Also, I believe I read here on another subject gz testified he sold the gun he killed Trayvon with for $250,000 (which is completely shocking/horrifying to me that a human being would buy this gun or any gun for that amount), and then he testified that he HAD (not have to pay) to pay 2.5 million for his defence in that trial and that $250,00 was nothing. Does this mean he paid O’Mara back? Does it mean he gave the $250,000 to O’Mara?

            He lies. Still.

            • Sidewinder,
              What you say about the windows make sense. I have to listen to today’s testimony to see what Apperson says about it.

              About the gun sale, according to The View, someone bought it so it would not get into the wrong hands nor be used to disrespect Trayvon’s death. What Zim did with the money? Looks he spent it on food and razor blades. He probably uses it for gas and oil as he travels between Virginia and Florida.

  3. NavyDad0007

    Thank You.

  4. he does have a lumpy bumpy head.

  5. Karma has something special in store for Zimmerman.

    • Yep Mindyme. He is not remorseful, arrogant, and disrespectful. Several times now he has given us reason to believe that he disrespects women — unless they are in uniform.

  6. Day 2 (Wednesday) Part 3

  7. Day 2 (Wednesday) Part 4. Court recessed until tomorrow.

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    From video “Matthew Apperson Trial (George Zimmerman Testifies) Day 2 Part 2:

    Timestamp 37:24 to 38:31

    Michael LaFay (Apperson’s attorney): Now, you had, certainly, in your experience seeing Mr. Trayvon Martin shot after you shot him. Correct?

    GZ: Yes, sir.

    LaFay: And, he died within, you watched him die in a couple minutes. Correct?

    GZ: Yes, sir.

    LaFay: So

    GZ (interrupting): I’m sorry sir, I don’t know exactly when he died. I can’t say if it was a couple minutes or not. But, he did die due to the gunshot wound. Yes, sir.

    LaFay: So, you think you’ve been shot. You’ve seen Mr. Martin die in a short time after you shot him. But you didn’t think to call 911. (referring to time right after Asperson shot at GZ)

    GZ: I’m sorry sir. Just to clarify. The um from what I was told, I was in the uh, the fire department was tending to my injuries when Mr. Martin passed away. So I don’t, I don’t, I don’t wanna say the wrong thing on the stand. Um. I don’t want to say that I testified and watched him die.

    • Two sides to a story

      Yeesh. He knows damn well he watched Trayvon die.

      I’d totally forgotten about this trial. Thanks for covering it, Xena!

      • Hey Two Sides. I pondered if I should cover it or just wait for the verdict, but some things during trial were too interesting to let it wait. Thanks for joining us.

        • Two sides to a story

          Zim is definitely a textbook study in manipulative behavior!

          • @ about 00:30 he states in effect, Fogens opinion (BLM movement) is a terrorist group, so will the attorney address them as such.

            Fogen is now using such big words like “conjecture”…..owwwww, woooow, and the stupid, smug grin as if he thins he won something. I’d bet the jury has had enough of his crap. This is a trial, about a farce to to be sure, but look at this ridiculous political soapbox talk.

            Why would any normal person testify that BLM is a terrorist group…….opppps my bad. It’s so he can claim he a bigger target and now he MUST shoot at will.

            ……………it’s coming.

    • I watched the video further, and began talking to the screen. Zimmerman showed himself to be excessively argumentative, rude, insulting, cunningly playing stupid, and for those of us who know what he said and did after killing Trayvon, contradictory.

      There was Zimmerman on the evening of Feb. 26, 2012. He claims that his head was bashed on concrete so many times that he felt he was going to pass out. He claimed that his nose was broken, and Trayvon put his hand over it to smother it. He claimed that Trayvon tried to kill him. Oh yeah — O’Mara said Trayvon was “armed” with concrete.

      Zim made a call on his cell phone while Jon Manalo took pictures of the back of his head. He sat in the back of the cruiser and posed for a photo of his nose. He had to kill Trayvon to safe his own life. BUT HE DIDN’T GO TO THE HOSPITAL! He didn’t WANT to go to the hospital.

      So here we have a situation where Zim has a scratch that simply requires cleaning and a bandage. (Too bad Shellie wasn’t still with him, or he may have offered to do a walk-through with butterfly bandages on his face and his arm wrapped in duct tape for a cast.) But — but — but, he didn’t want to give a statement or have photos taken of his injuries because he wanted to get to the hospital.

      In his know-it-all arrogance, in the back of an ambulance with trained professionals, he was afraid of “bleeding out” and just wanted to get to the hospital.

      Yeah. Sure. Right. (snark)

      • So……….let me get this straight…………in Feb 2012 “…..I’ll die before I go to the hospital…….well, because of all the photo op’s”

        This time it’s “…..rush me to the hospital before the scab forms….and I don’t have time to talk to the detective………..that way I can’t lock a story in…….er…..well I need medical help”

        He’s as doped up as was before. Look at all the eye blinking and he’s over rehearsed as well……he corrects himself twice a minute.

        • Hey Racer.
          As always, you make me laugh.

          Judge Judy has a nice way of describing when people don’t answer questions spontaneously. She says, “Don’t try to think where I’m going with the questions. Just answer them.”

    • He bragged about this. He’s a disgusting pig.

      • Mindyme,
        “Disgusting” indeed.

      • OMG i’m afraid to ask what you’re referring to! I know he bragged about murdering Trayvon at the bar when he got socked in the face. I havent watched a peep of this trial. It would probably put me in a bad mood. I just want Apperson to be acquitted.

  9. yahtzeebutterfly

  10. yahtzeebutterfly

  11. Video Day 2 Part 2 start about 36 minutes on. The lies and evasion. The lawyer goes down the road about being shot yet you didn’t call 911. You kept driving, then went to 2/26/2012 where you shot Trayvon and you didn’t call 911. Fogen then tries to smoke and mirror it by saying the fire dept was working on him and his injuries when Trayvon died.

    The answer is very clear………..

    “No, I didn’t call 911”
    “Does it matter….I’m special”

    I have to run out. but the rest has to be enlightening.

    • Zim’s arguing is that of a verbal abuser. If they build a lie saying it was raining, they won’t let the other person refer to the weather report but insist that they talk about the rain.

  12. Day 3 (Thursday),Part 3

  13. I can’t help but wonder if this is Apperson’s punishment for being a poor shot?

    • I’m in favor of gun control and somehow I can’t argue what you say. Next time…..exercise more control……….but that’s just me.

      I firmly believe Fogen waved a gun first. Since he and Apperson have had several tangles in the past, initiated by Fogen, it would be hard to believe otherwise.

    • Hey xmatman! You mean, like had Zim not been able to give his side of things like Trayvon wasn’t able to? Well, we’ll have to wait for the jury to decide, but in my opinion, Zim lost credibility on the witness stand. Even the prosecutor had a problem with him going beyond answering the questions.

      • Exactly. Dead men tell no tales at trials. If the shot Apperson had found its mark; this travesty masquerading as a trial would not be happening because the death of that coward would hardly have been a tale worth telling or a trial worth having.

        • Xmatman,
          I tend to agree. I think the truth lays somewhere between Apperson’s story, and Zim’s story. They may have played cat and mouse on the road with each other, each one refusing to back down.

  14. The defense attorney didn’t ask Zimmerman for his opinion, but Zimmerman wanted the attorney to agree with his opinion, including the exact wording of his opinion.

  15. yahtzeebutterfly

  16. yahtzeebutterfly

  17. yahtzeebutterfly

  18. yahtzeebutterfly

    • Thanks Yahtzee. I was up late watching the videos from yesterday. I’ll catch up with today’s closing arguments now.

  19. yahtzeebutterfly

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      • I’m part way through defense closing. I doubt the state will win. Fact……toxic Fogen can’t remember a single lie

        • yahtzeebutterfly

          I haven’t had a chance yet to watch. I just came back here to start listening. Wonder how long the jury will deliberate.

        • Well Racer, maybe since the jury found Apperson guilty, maybe one or more of them will give a media interview and say why. By the way, you know just as Judge Nelson would not allow the initial aggressor portion in the jury instructions during Zimmerman’s trial, she would not allow Zimmerman’s reputation to be considered in the jury instructions in Apperson’s trial.

          When the jury asked this time if the aggressor could stand his ground, her reply was that she didn’t want to assume who the jury considered the initial aggressor. The way I see it, the law is the law. The answer should have been “yes” or “no” based on the law.

          • He’s like teflon, but even teflon gets scratched up over the years.

          • CORRECT the judge should answer the LAW says the aggressor CANT claim syg…….which person they considered to be that aggressor is irrelevant to the law and should be to a JUDGE.

  20. yahtzeebutterfly

  21. A jury of 6 has found Apperson guilty on all counts.

    As soon as I can find a video of the reading of the verdict, I’ll post it.

    • The state of FL has NOTHING to be proud of…………NOTHING as far as I’m concerned. The double standards are unreal.

      • Racer,
        This is the second self-defense trial where we have observed Judge Nelson argue over jury instructions; once for the benefit of the defendant, and once for the benefit of the state. At least Apperson’s lawyer can consider appeal, as opposed to the state who could not appeal a not guilty verdict.

  22. Reading of the verdict;

    Sentencing is schedule for October 17, 2016.

  23. Can’t wait to dig into these vids, but my first thought was that Apperson should be charged with missing
    Thanks for posting!

  24. It’s amazing how broken our criminal justice system is, when a child murderer gets to walk and go about his life threatening people. But when the threatened people claim self-defense, they are facing life-altering sentences.

    • I’m beyond appalled……………….is it possible for this POS to that lucky ?? The problem is the empowerment given him in 2013, and possibly earlier, is going to be unfathomable. He now gets to strut around with even more “…..I have all these death threats…..” shit, any person within 1,000 yards is unsafe…….make that……any state in the U.S………….make that the world and elsewhere.

      He claims to live somewhere between FL and VA. I’ve seen mass evacuations…’s possible.

      • When I saw the verdict, my heart sank and I’m hoping there’s an appeal issue. But there’s the Florida factor. At least in that courtroom. Noticed upthread that someone mentioned Don West (aka Ice Cream) in the courtroom – the very same guy who was on Fogen’s side in the first rigged trial. I can’t help but wonder – color me tin foil hat, I don’t care – can’t help but wonder where the under-the-table money is coming from and which way it’s going. For instance, Fogen is supposedly homeless. If that’s true, he is the wealthiest homeless person, the best fed most taken care of ‘homeless’ person I’ve ever seen. Racism is funding his lifestyle and funding it well, today even.

        • Crane,
          There might be several issues to use to argue an appeal. One could be based on the jury instructions.

        • Crane-Station,

          “For instance, Fogen is supposedly homeless. If that’s true, he is the wealthiest homeless person, the best fed most taken care of ‘homeless’ person I’ve ever seen.”

          I wondered if maybe Zim is dating one of Don West’s daughters? He has already shown a pattern of living off women.

          • Wow. But yeah. It’s gotta be a personal connection of some sort, for West to take the time to be there.

            • Absolutely, Crane-Station. Narcissist Psychopaths like knowing anything about people that they can twist to use for blackmail. West should have never gotten close to Zimmerman. That is what I suspect seals their relationship.

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