No Expectation of Privacy

Attorney David Allen addresses an interesting subject.  It involves two robbery suspects who used cells phones.  At trial, prosecutors presented evidence that the cell phones pinged off towers in the vicinity of and around the times of the robberies.

The two suspects were convicted, but appealed on the basis that prosecutors obtained the cell phone pings without their permission, and without search warrants, violating their 4th Amendment rights.  Attorney Allen presents both sides and why the Appellate Court decided in favor of the prosecutors.


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  1. This makes sense. I like these videos!


    • Hey Mindyme! It’s amazing how much information David Allen packs into less than 5 minutes. I learn from them.

      How are you?

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      • Hey! I’m ok. How are you?


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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    I learn a lot from his videos, also. Thanks for posting them, Xena.


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