Donald Trump Yanking Chains

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Last night, I watched Trump’s speech on immigration.  When I heard him say “undocumented workers” I took a long sigh.  This is why.   There is something that employers in the United States refer to as the I-9 law, or I-9 form.  It became effective on Nov. 6, 1986.   That law prohibits employers from knowingly hiring unauthorized aliens and hiring individuals without completing the employment eligibility verification process.  All employers must use Form I-9 for all employees hired on or after Nov. 6, 1986, who are working in the United States. 

The form requires that job applicants produce forms that establish their identity and employment authorization, such as a passport or permanent resident or alien registrant receipt card.  If job applicants produce the required document for “List A,” no other documents are required. 

There is also a “List B” that includes state issued identification cards, and other government issued identification.   There is also a “List C” that includes a social security card and birth certificate.

But here’s the point. Employers are responsible for verifying that the people they hire are qualified to work in the United States.  Okay — documents can be faked, but there is also something called “E-verify” that employers can use to verify documents through an online data base.  E-verify is voluntary for employers.  The Department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services should make it mandatory.

There’s a common sense approach to determining the authenticity of documents provided to comply with I-9.  If an applicant has a state issued ID and social security card, but does not speak English, that should give employers a clue that they are not U.S. born citizens and should have additional documents to verify their right to work in the United States.   But, in order to make sure and avoid lawsuits for discriminating against job applicants who do not speak English, they need to use E-verify.

And, this now brings us to reporting employers who hire illegal aliens.  Back in the late 1980’s after the law was passed, the Department of Immigration and Naturalization investigated complaints of companies hiring illegal immigrants.  Day labor firms, which had the reputation of hiring anyone, were raided.   Since then, if it’s not 100 or more such employees at one location, anyone making that call to the Dept. of Immigration and Naturalization might be wasting their time.   The penalty against employers for hiring illegal aliens is a monetary fine, and the government doesn’t want to put employers out of business by monetarily sanctioning them for hiring one or two undocumented workers.

Trump and his supporters want to hold illegal immigrants responsible for working in the U.S., when it is actually employers who are at fault for hiring them. 

And,  now we come to what Trump said about deporting convicted, illegal aliens. If he’s elected, he might start a serious fight with the states if he wants to do that.  Those illegal aliens who have been found guilty of crime(s) and are serving sentence in state prisons, are under the jurisdiction of the state.  The states have rights to have prisoners complete their sentences.  Victims of families might want perpetrators to serve out sentences.  What Trump wants to do as President by pulling them out of prison and deporting them is beyond federal jurisdiction and might cause many states to have to amend their laws on sentencing, parole, and probation.

If he’s elected, Trump will need to go before Congress to amend many laws, including crimes of “moral turpitude” and exemption laws under the Immigration and Nationality Act that pertain to illegal aliens.   Among those laws are some that pertain to terrorist.  Based on Trump’s speech, he will simply deport terrorist who are illegal aliens rather than having them serve sentences in the United States.

Essentially, what Trump has done is introduced a straw-man argument — one that he can criticize Hillary Clinton for not agreeing with or speaking on.  Hillary is a lawyer.  She has served in the U.S. Congress and no doubt knows that she cannot educate Trump on what he ignores, such as jurisdiction and laws already on the books.  Some of those laws might now be as good as a blank piece of paper, but the government must work to make sure they are enforced rather than appearing as a dictator on the issue of immigration.

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  2. I’ll say it again…………………..the Donald has never even been a mayor……let alone a lawyer. So if he’s elected, he gets to play act being a politician, since that’s all he’s capable of.

    So far, as you have eluded to………well, stated outright, he has no clue as to what laws he wants to trash ‘cuz he knows best. Well, that’s what narcissistic, bombastic big mouths do.

    One only needs to know what he’s done to Atlantic City. Then he decided to take on the NFL…..and all the billions of dollars…….and all their lawyers when he was a team owner of a USFL team. All the other owners made it USFL policy NOT to get into any bidding wars with the NFL, the players or their agents. Not only did he take them on and sign Hershel Walker to a contract the team couldn’t afford, he decided to make the USFL play in the fall instead of the spring.

    So………….now, the USFL falls into the “defunct” category. Then he sued the NFL as I recall……and won a dollar.

    So……………it’s not like some football players don’t want to be pros, at any level, and make a few bucks, once again the Donald screwed it up for everybody.

    Then……… if he can’t keep his mouth shut, he thinks he, as he said, “…..played Al Davis (owner of the Raiders) like a drum, it was Davis who played Trump like a fool. It had to do with QB Marc Wilson.

    The bottom line is Trump thinks he knows everything and wins everything. In reality he single handedly blew up a pro football league.

    What a dipshit……………seriously.

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    • Racer,
      HA! So Trump has history making deals in football that went south? Thanks for that info.

      I wonder where his advisors are?

      We’ve had presidents who were not lawyers. Reagan comes to mind. But, at least they gained experience running a state as governor or as legislators before running for the BIG job. Trump does not appear to even know about the separation of powers, nor the jurisdictions of the states.

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      • He surely does not. I’d bet his advisors cringe when he gets on a roll.

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        • Racer,
          A script of answers written by his advisors has been released. MSNBC talked to the journalist tonight. The script of answers is for an interview with a Black pastor of a church in Detroit. If Trump sticks with the script, he is going to say that discussions about race should be reduced. That’s like saying a troubled couple should not obtain counseling to talk about their problems. Better yet, it’s like one spouse sticking their head in the sand thinking it will get the other spouse to surrender to the silence. NOT.

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    • Two sides to a story

      And who the heck can bankrupt a casino – seriously? Trump!

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly


    Your article is very educational and insightful. Thanks for explaining all of this.

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    • Yahtzee, thank you. Many times during elections, I hear candidates say what they are going to do or overturn, and I sigh because what they say is impossible. One example regards abortion. When I hear candidates say they will overturn Roe v.Wade, I ask how since that is a SCOTUS decision and the only party that can come before the court has to be an injured party. Since abortion is voluntarily, there can be no injured party — if they don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.

      Another issue is raising the minimum wage. The federal government can do that for federal employees, and even enter on their contracts that those who do business with them must pay the federal minimum wage, but they lack jurisdiction to establish minimum wage in the states.

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  4. Oops.
    Remaining Hispanic Trump Supporters Flee Campaign

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  5. Yes, yes, yes. But business owners are the people we *don’t* want to hold responsible…no surprise there. So scared that we’re going to elect this guy!!

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    • Hey Eurobrat! Yep. Write a law that holds employers accountable, then don’t enforce it and blame the people who employers are not suppose to hire. Who knows? Trump just might be elected. If he is, I predict that this country will be invaded in about a year after he takes office.

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  6. It is a bit of a concern! Here in uk both company and worker get fined if caught

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  7. Mass deportations, rounding them up, taunting them as they are driven out of town, ghettos set up, yells of, “Good bye Mexicans!” Boy this whole thing sounds familiar….

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  8. How about moving them in those rail cars that hold cars..

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    • Juan,
      I wonder if Trump knows that many who cross the Mexican border into the U.S. are not from Mexico?

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      • They all look the same to him… That’s what ignorant people think. Oh and the new “test” to see if you belong here. Like when they used to put marbles in a jar and you needed to figure out how many there were. Yes he wants to take us back to the 50’s alright

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  9. Two sides to a story

    So incredibly unethical to lie as much as Trump did in his speech in Aryanzona (I get to say that because I lived there for 36 years). Frightening how so many people eat up these lies. And they don’t give a damn at all that Trump has consistently hired illegal immigrants for years on end to save money. Nor that a majority of crimes in the US are committed by citizens. Nor that illegal immigration doesn’t cost the federal govenment billions – the truth is that illegal immigrants pay taxes and social security but never benefit from this. Arizona found out the hard way with their SB 2010 that chasing out illegal immigrants causes the economy to crash – the AZ economy took a big dump after that bill was signed. Trump knows that our economy actually benefits from the presence of working illegal immigrants and he courts hatred and division anyway. Sick man.

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    • Hey Two sides!
      Trump and some other GOP politicians take the position that undocumented workers are taking jobs from Americans. But, I remember when President Dubya said that undocumented workers did jobs that Americans didn’t want. With America already having law on the books for qualifying job applicants for legally working in the U.S., the problem is not with undocumented workers, nor Americans wanting or not wanting those jobs. The problem is with employers.

      The IRS will be at a business overnight if it fails to pay-in employment taxes, which are like you have stated — money deducted from paychecks for income taxes, social security and Medicare. That money, deducted from the paychecks of undocumented workers, stays with the government. Yet, the Dept. of Immigration is slow to or doesn’t investigate employers who hire undocumented workers. It appears that one hand washes the others, or to say it another way — follow the money. I suspect that whomever gets into office is told that.


  10. No one has asked DT if his organizations use E-verify for new hires. If this e-verify government verification program were to be mandated v being a volunteer program, the illegal or undocumented immigrants coming to the U.S.would end. There is no need for a wall. Those crossing the border are doing so in the quest of a job but this ends, if there are no jobs. Currently, only about 50% of businesses voluntarily use E-verify which is a free service..

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    • The Clinton campaign keeps broadcasting the TV commercial where the (dumbass) Donald says “I’d bomb the shit out of them” and “…they can go f@#* themselves”

      Like we need this kind of talk from our Supreme Commander.

      Not only that, does he actually know he needs Congress to approve bombing the shit out of someone………er……actually……..invading……..uhhhhhhhh, even opening fire on anyone.

      Hmmmmmmm…………..seems like criminal intent to me.

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      • Racer,
        Really, I don’t know if Trump knows better but panders to people who like dictators, or doesn’t know that our nation is a Republic with separation of powers.


    • Gronda,
      Thanks for the info on percentage of employers currently using E-verify. Yes, it should be mandatory for every employer. It’s free, so cost is using it is not a problem. Some employers might find that more than those appearing to be from Mexico use fraudulent documents for employment.


  11. IDK… Honestly, there’s only so much I can say, so I hate to waste my words! 😩

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  12. Like

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  14. Got to know Donald Trump from books he co-aurhored with Robert Kiyosaki and I begin to wonder what kind of President would he be with his bullying.

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  15. After all. This law ( was passed in 1986. After the second major wave of immigration 80 (historical background Experience has shown that after the approval of the law the authorities managed to reduce the number of immigrants from Europe and Asia. Mexico’s problem (which is so fond of Trump) here does not appear, doesn’t it?


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