“Florida State Attorney Who Oversaw Trayvon Martin & Marissa Alexander Cases Is Defeated in Primary” 

My concern is that the people in that Florida county might get another prosecutor just as bad as Corey. Please forgive my jaded view of prosecutors.


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  1. Justice triumphs rarely, but good to know~

    • Hey Cindy! This time, the voters spoke. One thing that is disappointing however is that there were no opposing candidates under another party, so the only person running for that office who prevailed against Corey, is another Republican.

  2. That entire case was a joke. She certainly let a lot of people down. Trayvon for starters.

    • Hey Shyloh! True, and it didn’t help Corey that she was in a compromised position with the Alexander case.

    • roderick2012


      Rick Scott appointed Corey as Special Prosecutor to ‘handle’ the Trayvon Martin case and she certainly didn’t let Scott down.

      • Well Roderick, I have to agree with the truth. You are correct.

        Corey did have Shellie arrested for perjury, but then let her off with a plea deal. George should have also been arrested for perjury.

        • roderick2012

          There was so much more we found out after the trial that wasn’t used.

          Like George was on the phone with Shellie when he started following Trayvon in his truck and Shellie had left him the night before and they probably had a fight about being evicted on February 29, 2012.

          The State never offered a motive for George murdering Trayvon and it was simply for the glory of doing the job of the cops and looking like the neighborhood hero and not the loser George really was.

          But remember during one of the jailhouse calls George told Shellie he wasn’t worried about the murder charge. Obviously George knew something (someone) we didn’t.

          • Roderick,
            Listening to George’s calls to Shellie, it was my impression that he wasn’t worried about going to trial for murder because he planned on flying the coup.

  3. She was your candidate who was strong on “Law and Order” which translates, I’ll do anything to look tough v doing what is right, equitable and fair. She could have won the Trayvon Martin case if she just gave a damn. Gronda

    • Hey Gronda! I wished that Corey had let Bernie de la Rionda loose like he did during pre-trial. He was not simply representing the state of Florida against Zimmerman, but was representing Trayvon. Bernie is the one who Mark O’Mara appeared to fear the most. As Corey sat behind the table of prosecutors, they did not make objections that should have been made.

      Could Corey have prevailed in trying Zimmerman? I believe so, but doing so started with jury selection. After O’Mara got the stealth juror on the jury, the case was already decided before opening statements.

      • roderick2012

        Xena: Hey Gronda! I wished that Corey had let Bernie de la Rionda loose like he did during pre-trial.

        You mean like Bernie threw the Frye hearing and allowed the defense witness to testify first and set up the relatives know the voices of other relatives better than machines so Uncle Jorge could testify that it was George screaming on the 911 call.

        Just accept the fact that from start the finish the entire think was a dog and pony show.

        • Roderick,

          My major disappointment at the trial on that matter, is that the prosecution did not ask Serino about George admitting that it was Trayvon yelling for help. (But I still like Bernie.:-) )

          • roderick2012

            What got me is that the State didn’t ask any of the defense witnesses who claimed it was George one simple question:

            Have you ever heard George scream?

            Also I don’t understand why the lady who the victim of the home invasion allowed to testify. She wasn’t a witness to anything relevant and of course the State had one single rebuttal witness. Who does something like that? Anyone knows you have more than one witness and why didn’t the State call one of the residents George had harassed as a character witness?

            The entire thing was so obvious.

            • Roderick,

              “She wasn’t a witness to anything relevant and of course the State had one single rebuttal witness. Who does something like that? “

              The home invasion victim was placed on the stand by O’Mara to set-in racial profiling and appeal to the Southern White Woman’s confederate history of needing protection from Black men.

              Judge Nelson hindered the State’s rebuttal. Prosecutors were going to call the officer who Zimmerman assaulted, but she was not available that day. Nelson used having a sequestered jury as her reason to deny the State an additional day.

            • roderick2012

              Right, the O’Mara wanted the white female jurors to identify with the home invasion victim who thought that George was her hero.

              After watching the fiasco that was the Casey Anthony trial I guess just because I live in Florida I could be called as a witness.

              There doesn’t seem to be a set of criteria for what defines a witness in Florida which is just strange.

          • I never knew he said this. This makes me so angry, why no one called him out on it.

            • Mindyme,
              EXACTLY! That is why those of us who followed discovery are so disappointed in the way that Corey handled the trial. We know things that George said, and what he didn’t say. The trial that followed of Michael Dunn showed just how the prosecution should have done things in Zimmerman’s trial. They did not play Dunn’s interview with the cops until after he took the stand. In the same way, Corey and her team should have never played any video involving Zimmerman, forcing him to take the stand to give his side.

      • roderick2012

        Could Corey have prevailed in trying Zimmerman? I believe so, but doing so started with jury selection

        The trajectory of the bullet was key to winning the case. Add that to the displacement of the bullet holes in Trayvon’s two shirts when compared to the location of the bullet hole in Trayvon’s chest there’s no way that either Trayvon or George was on the ground when George shot Trayvon.

        • Roderick,
          ABSOLUTELY! Even Zimmerman’s MMA trainer said there was no way he could have taken that shot while on his back.

    • roderick2012

      I knew they were throwing the case when I realized that she wasn’t one of the lawyers presenting the state’s case.

      I mean she did all of the ground work and if she were in it to win it she would have wanted all of the glory of being in front of the camera every day showing her expertise so she could write a book about how she won the case then retire.

  4. When Corey’s campaign ads stated how much LE supported her, knowing she never prosecutes police officers I thought for sure she would win. Melissa Nelson, who beat her, isn’t much better. She promises to ‘uphold the Constitution’ but cherry picks which rights she fights for and who is entitled to them.

    • Mindyme,
      Exactly! That is my concern that the incoming prosecutor won’t be any different than Corey.

      • roderick2012

        True, Jacksonville is a fairly Republican part of Florida so it was a pick your poison election kinda like this year’s presidential election.

  5. Your view of prosecutors is not jaded!

    • Claire,
      I’m happy you don’t think so, but I must accept that possibility in order for me to work on trusting them.

      • I see what you mean.
        You’re a good person.

        • Claire,
          Thanks for your kind words. As it is now, I think of most prosecutors as people more concerned with promoting their careers. Or, it might be that detectives think for prosecutors, and use their discretion to decide what cases to refer to prosecutors and which ones to close. So, there are cases that never get to prosecutors and contacting their office directly leads people back to detectives. At some point, prosecutors must begin listening to the people and follow-through on all cases where there is evidence of a crime, even misdemeanors.

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