Michael Jackson Would Have Been 58 Today

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Michael JacksonI had an out-of-town guess this weekend so am behind in blogging.  Today, I came online to write a post about Michael Jackson.  It seemed like yesterday when the news reported his death.  Then, I read the news about Gene Wilder.  He passed today at the age of 83. When I read the book It’s Always Something by Gilda Radner, it gave me a view about Gene Wilder that I had not known.  Gilda loved him dearly.   I remember the chemistry he had acting along with Richard Pryor and Cleavon Little.   It’s rather strange that on August 29, 2016 as we think about Michael’s birthday, that Gene Wilder would cross over to the other realm.

One of my favorite videos/songs by Michael Jackson is They Don’t Care About Us. It was released in 1996, and today in 2016, I think the song was really saying that Black lives matter.   Michael did two videos for that song.  Here they are.



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    Happy Birthday Michael. Hugs, Barbara

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    I also like Michael Jackson’s (& Lionel Richie’s) We Are the World.

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  3. We have 2 dvd copies of Michael J’s song videos, Thriller and another one .( I’ve forgotten the title. My Mom is a fan. And I like him, as well. I think he was the best entertainer, ever. His concert in the Philippines was the last event my siblings went to, just days before we immigrated to the US. My sister and brother were right there in front, at the fence separating the audience from the stage . ( The cost of one ticket for that area was astronomical..hahaha )

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  5. I love Michael Jackson. We talked about him yesterday. He was so awesome with his words. Love you girl….. Gosh. I hope to get time to call you. It’s been so busy. But busy keeps me out of trouble lol…

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    • Shyloh,
      It’s been busy on my end too. I had out-of-town company this weekend, and expect a guest over this week or next week. I can’t believe September is just a day away. Where did the year go? Hey — I love you back. (((((Hugs)))))

      Dedicated to Shyloh, the woman who works day and night.


  6. Xena nice post… i went to two MJ concerts in london wembley statium… oh i think he was brilliant. I read somewhere that ‘beat it ‘ is having a second life… i think i like all his sings.. but heard beat it at the gym… i still know the words…

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  7. Watching the videos now. I was so sad to read about Gene Wilder’s passing. Thank you for this!

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  8. GREAT POST…. I have so much Michael Jackson memorabilia that you would think I was a fan…… lol.
    Shamon, you know it!!!


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