Defining Black Lives Matter – Part 3

Is Black Lives Matter a Racist, Anti-Cop Movement?

“Black Lives Matter.”  People of all colors march together chanting it.  Law enforcement officers have marched with protesters who support it. Yet, it’s accused by some, including politicians and former chiefs of police, of being “racist” and “anti-cop.” Why?6360388961552704001704709008_policechiefchrismagnusholdingupblacklivesmatterprotestsignposterartwork-1

In looking for answers to that question, maybe this post should be sub-titled how Black Lives Matter is re-defined by opponents because that seems to be the root of the re-defining.

A piece written by Riley Lewis on The Odyssey Online articulates the misunderstanding that people have about Black Lives Matter, and how it comes about because of those who claim support for Blue Lives Matter.

“The defensive nature that surrounds the use of blue lives matter is troubling. This situation doesn’t have to be a duality; either black lives matter or blue lives matter. The lives of cops are just as valuable as the lives of black people, however black lives are not met with the same level of respect. We aren’t asking for superiority over all other lives when we say Black Lives Matter. We’re asking for equal treatment. With the amount of videos that display unnecessary use of force against African American people, it is almost impossible to claim there isn’t an issue with the treatment of people of color in this nation. “

That peeked my interest, so I researched Blue Lives Matter online.  It turns out that they have a Facebook page and a website.   The Facebook page gives a description for itself which says in pertinent part;

“The name of Blue Lives Matter originated from the incident in Ferguson, Missouri; however, the initiative has been a long fought battle in the history of law enforcement. In today’s evolving society, an increasing number of citizens fail to accept responsibility for their actions and attempt to escape the consequences through outward blame.”

The Blue Lives Matter website states that it is a “media company” and

 “The officers who founded this organization were motivated by the heroic actions of Officer Darren Wilson, and many others, and decided to create this organization in the hopes that it could prevent more officers from being hurt.’

The site doesn’t say how Darren Wilson was hurt.  It is reasonable to think that they are referring to the investigation.  However, people are investigated when they kill another human being, so that’s not out of the ordinary in the criminal justice system.

What is clear is that Blue Lives Matter was formed in reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.  Black Lives Matter seeks to end police brutality against the Black community.  Blue Lives Matter says that Black Lives Matter gives a false impression of police brutality against people of color.  In reading the website and Facebook comments for Blue Lives Matter, it appears that they pursue their agenda by representing that every Black person killed by law enforcement deserved to be killed.  

Natasha Lennard of Rolling Stone Magazine wrote:

“The other flawed logic driving Blue Lives Matter initiatives is the equation of a uniform with a skin color — only one of which you can take off. The police uniform is accorded unique authority, impunity and power. Black skin is marked with the opposite.”

That is a position I’ve heard, and adopted, because Blue Lives Matter represents the uniform, a job and for some, a career.  It’s a voluntarily sought-after job. Race is not something that people choose. It cannot be pulled off at the end of a shift.

The current national spokesman for Blue Lives Matter is retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lieutenant Randy Sutton.   Randy Sutton has criticized President Obama for addressing police brutality, and accused Hillary Clinton of dividing our nation against the law enforcement community.

In a video that he did, Sutton misrepresents that all of the children of the mothers who appeared at the DNC were killed during confrontations with the police.  That is not true.  Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Hadiya Pendleton, and Blair Holt were not killed while in confrontation with police.  Sandra Bland died while in police custody.  Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department officer Johannes Mehserle was convicted of manslaughter for killing Oscar Grant.  Maybe Sutton does not realize that George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn were never cops, and that Dunn was convicted of first-degree murder for killing 17-year old Jordan Davis. For Sutton to give law enforcement status to those who were never a member of law enforcement is totally misleading.

Out of the 9 mothers at the DNC, that leaves 3; the mothers of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Dontré Hamilton as individuals who were directly killed by the police.  As I wrote about Mothers of the Movement on July 27, 2016, two of the children were killed by Black private citizens and one of the victims was the son of a Chicago cop.

So, why is Blue Lives Matter misrepresenting the truth regarding Mothers of the Movement?  Because they are making a desperate attempt to paint Black Lives Matter as an anti-cop movement.   Sutton’s misrepresentation of Mothers of the Movement is accompanied by his failure to acknowledge what President George H.W. Bush did after 4 officers that were charged with beating Rodney King were acquitted.  President George H. W. Bush wrote:

“Now let’s talk about the beating of Rodney King, because beyond the urgent need to restore order is the second issue, the question of justice: Whether Rodney King’s Federal civil rights were violated. What you saw and what I saw on the TV video was revolting. I felt anger. I felt pain. I thought: How can I explain this to my grandchildren?

Civil rights leaders and just plain citizens fearful of and sometimes victimized by police brutality were deeply hurt. And I know good and decent policemen who were equally appalled.

I spoke this morning to many leaders of the civil rights community. And they saw the video, as we all did. For 14 months they waited patiently, hopefully. They waited for the system to work. And when the verdict came in, they felt betrayed. Viewed from outside the trial, it was hard to understand how the verdict could possibly square with the video. Those civil rights leaders with whom I met were stunned. And so was I, and so was Barbara, and so were my kids. “

Was President George H.W. Bush accused of causing a racial divide? No.  Was President George H. W. Bush accused of dividing our nation against the law enforcement community? No. Was he provoking citizens to hate the police? No.  By presenting President Obama’s words as divisive and racist, opponents of Black Lives Matter convey that it’s not what is said, but the color of the skin of the person who says it that makes the difference.

Racial Bias and Hypocrisy Selects What Blue Lives Matter To Blue Lives Matter

On August 14, 2016, Blue Lives Matter published a piece on their website about Sylville Smith, the man killed by a Milwaukee police officer.  It is alleged that Sylville pointed a gun at the officer.  Milwaukee Chief Edward Flynn has reviewed the body cam footage and said that it shows Sylville pulled out a stolen pistol that was fully loaded, and Smith raised the pistol to the officer.  The video has not been released to the public.

The author, “Officer Blue” wrote:

“Sylville Smith had a long criminal history which included reckless endangerment stemming from a shooting and witness intimidation in 2015. Those charges against Smith were later dismissed, despite the prosecutors having recorded audio where Smith told his girlfriend to pressure a witness of the shooting to recant. The failure to prosecute Smith left him on the street to victimize more people.”


Sylville Smith

A search on the website using “Sylville Smith” returned 8 articles.  There are also photos of Sylville on the site.  So, I searched the website to see what, if anything, Blue Lives Matter had to say about Billy Jones.  The search returned 3 articles.  In one, it says;

Blue Lives Matter Billy Jones

Billy Jones

There are no photos of Jones on that site.

According to Fox News and the Washington Post, on August 20, 2016, during an approximate 5 hour standoff with law enforcement from several counties, Billy Jones wounded Hackett Chief of Police Darrell Spells; shot a K-9 twice; shot a police robot disabling it; and killed 65-year old Deputy Bill Cooper who had been on the force 15 years.  Jones was taken alive.

Attorney Jim Robb of Fort Smith who once represented Billy Jones said his client disliked law enforcement but is not a sociopath. He described Billy as an argumentative know-it-all but not violent and a man who worked hard and “smoked a little weed.”

Arkansasonline reports that in 2007, Billy Jones plead guilty to a charge of manufacturing marijuana.  If he paid a fine of $750 and $150 in court costs and $250 for a DNA sample fee, his sentence would be suspended for 5 years and he would be eligible to have the case sealed.  The case was sealed in February 2013.

In February 2016, Billy Jones was pulled over for speeding.  When the officer asked if he had any weapons, Jones pulled a loaded .40-caliber Glock 22 handgun from under his overalls.  The officer found two pills on Billy that were later determined to be oxycodone. Jones was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possession of oxycodone.  Jones posted a $5,000 bond.  He failed to appear in court and a petition to revoke his bond was filed.  His attorney in that case, Norman Honeycutt of Fort Smith, filed a petition to withdraw.

Jones has been charged with one count of capital murder, 10 counts of attempted capital murder; one count of injuring an animal used in law enforcement, and a charge of habitual offender.

If the life of Deputy Cooper matters to Blues Lives Matter, why are they writing more information about a man killed by an officer, than they write about the man who actually killed an officer?

Why does Blue Lives Matter give cop-killer Billy Jones the decency of not reporting his “long criminal history” while making that accusation against Sylville whose cases were dismissed?

I also searched the Blues Lives Matter website for the names Thomas Cottrell and Doug Barney.  The search returned “0”.  I then searched for the name Jose Chavez and it returned one article.  There are no photos of the alleged cop-killers.

Officer Thomas Cottrell, killed by Herschel Jones III


Herschel Jones III

On January 17, 2016, Danville, Ohio police officer Thomas Cottrell was shot and killed. His cruiser and service weapon were stolen. Herschel Jones III, 32-years old, was later arrested.

Herschel Jones has a lengthy criminal record, dating back to 2001, including convictions for possession of chemicals for manufacture of drugs, breaking and entering, burglary, receiving stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon.




Officer Doug Barney killed, and Officer Jon Richey wounded by Cory Henderson


Cory Henderson

The same Sunday that officer Thomas Cottrell was killed, Utah Officer Doug Barney, of the Unified Police Department, was shot in the head and killed near Salt Lake City. A second Unified officer, 50-year old Jon Richey, was shot three times; twice in the legs and once in the torso.  He survived. The shooter, Cory Henderson, was killed by other officers.

The Deseret News reports that Henderson was wanted by the state for probation violation and possession or transfer of a firearm by a fugitive.

In 2009, 2010, 2013, and 2015, Henderson was convicted for possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia.  In 2014, he was imprisoned for possession of a firearm by a restricted person.   On December 7, 2015, Henderson was released to the Fortitude Treatment Center where he left, leading to arrest warrants.

Officer Jose Chavez killed by Jesse Denver Hanes


Jesse D. Hanes

Blues Lives Matter wrote on the death of Officer Jose Chavez, but as of the writing of this post, they did not as much as mention the name of the person charged with his murder.

Jesse Denver Hanes, 38, of Columbus, Ohio, has been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm, federal firearms and carjacking offenses arising out of an Aug. 12, 2016 traffic stop in Hatch, New Mexico.  Hanes killed Police Officer Jose Chavez in the traffic stop.  He then hijacked a car at a rest stop, wounding the driver. Hanes has also been charged with first-degree murder by the State of New Mexico, and is facing a murder charge in Ohio.

Officer Chavez was 33-years-old, the father of two daughters, and a two-year veteran of the Hatch, New Mexico police force.

A case-by-case discussion does not support the Blue Lives Matter message that the Black Lives Matter Movement is responsible for the killings of law enforcement.   I do not believe in killing period, and do not expect for Blue Lives Matter to support my position.  However, to honor and support the men and women in blue, it should be more important to provide all available details when an officer is killed in the line of duty, than ONLY focusing on the background of Blacks who are killed by cops.  Additionally, it is important to do that regardless of the race of the parties.

Individuals make their own decisions.  Black Lives Matter cannot be rightfully accused as the reason for the killing of law enforcement when Whites also kill cops.   Indeed, those such as Blue Lives Matter demonstrate racial bias when cherry picking who to paint as“violent criminals” when we know that “violent criminals” come in all colors.


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  1. Two sides to a story

    Because when you’re part of a corrupt system that is resisting change, it’s easier to scapegoat particular groups than to admit weaknesses and fix them. It’s rather like narcissistic personality disorder. People with NPD cannot admit flaws and so project their discomfort with themselves onto scapegoats rather than fix them. Another hallmark of this issue are trying to justify a position with blatant lies – gaslighting – and triangulation – setting family members, or in this case, cultures / races against one another. In other words, stirring up trouble to avoid introspection and the necessary adjustments. No authentic personality, no soul or clear ethics in the case of institutions.

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    • Two sides,
      I really appreciate when you share the psychology behind actions. It helps.

      In the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve done lots of reading and it appears that people cannot understand that it’s possible to like law enforcement, and like Black Lives Matter. It’s also possible to call wrong, wrong, whether it’s law enforcement or a private citizen. the race. If wrong was consistently called wrong and applied to all people, we might have avoided some of the controversy and deaths.

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      • chuquestaquenumber1

        Also Jesse Hanes along with James Nelson charged with Off Jose Chavez’s death had a murder warrant out on them for the killing of a 62 yr old Ohio man. Plus they are suspected serial killers of several other people.

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  2. Two sides to a story

    *is trying to*

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  3. Two sides to a story

    One last thought – basically, Blue LIves Matter being described as a media company is pretty spooky. It’s just an excuse for cops who are caught up in the erroneous thinking that killing people in the street is okay and can’t be prevented when we can see from the examples of other countries that lethal force can be avoided much of the time.

    This culture needs to grow up and take responsibility for the unnecessary level of violence that’s occurring through our law enforcement agencies and justice and penal systems. What a big ball of wax!

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    • Two sides, I totally agree about law enforcement in other countries not using lethal force being an example for the U.S. The problem here however, is that citizens are allowed to own guns. But, the shoot-first when suspecting a gun, or shooting when an unarmed suspect runs or doesn’t immediately comply with commands, has taken too many innocent lives. Shooting as punishment after-the-fact, (like some are arguing in defense of Slager who killed Walter Scott), has no place in righteous judgment.

      Law enforcement has taken people alive even after they have killed an officer or deputy. If they can do that with some, they should look for ways to do that for all.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    It is heartbreaking to learn about officers murdered and knowing that their loved ones they leave behind are grieving.

    I think it is wrong for people to use the officer’s deaths for a political agenda against the Black Lives Matter movement. It is misleading of them to only point to the officers’ Black killers while remaining silent and not pointing out their White killers.

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    • Yahtzee, you said it. That’s the thing. They report on the deceased who did not fire a bullet and how awful the person was, while withholding information on the people who actually kill cops. That’s not right. The life of cops matter regardless of the color of the skin of the person who takes their life.

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      • in north carolina a deaf man was murdered by a trooper, they claim they cant release any camera videos but they DID release the victims “record” of minor charges from years ago most of which were DROPPED……..which points to a huge problem, people get falsely arrested and charged, they do spend time in jail only to have the charges DROPPED because they were NOT guilty, BUT again they were jailed and they now have a “record”.

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        • Hey Bill. Sorry for the late response. I heard about Daniel Harris and it sounds as if certain people are trying to justify his death by taking up the cop’s story that he chased Daniel for 7 miles before Daniel stopped at his home. Those killings based on purported prior actions are clearly retaliatory excuses such as “he made me mad so I killed him.” I did not know that the smear campaign against Daniel had already begun.

          The other night I watched the movie “American Violet” and then did some research to see if the movie matched the real events. One of the things that you bring out is that people are arrested, charges are dismissed, but those arrests are used to smear victims. The message sent by those who conduct the smear campaigns is clear that the lives of the deceased don’t matter — they were not perfect and didn’t deserve to live. It’s the Aryan influence under color of supporting law enforcement officers.

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    • chuquestaquenumber1

      The perfect example of what you are posting about is the Michigan courthouse shooting, In the beginning it was reported as another tragic day for law enforcement,another example of how dangerous our LEOs have to face,it comes off the heels of the Dallas police shootings and police killings of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile. The moment if was revealed the killer of those Bailiffs,wounding of a Deputy and a civilian was a 45 yr old white man named Larry Darnell Gordon( a 22 yr career criminal who was being sentenced for kidnapping,raping and drugging a 17 yr old . Also video taping the terrorism he inflicted upon this minor)the story began dropping,interest ceased and the story became a news crawl. Those Blue Lives didn’t Matter.

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      • Hey Chuquest! I have a screenshot of a person on Twitter going off about a BLM “thug” in Michigan killing the 2 bailiffs and wounding the Sheriff. You’re right — the moment Gordon’s mugshot came out, the racists went silent.

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  5. Xena,

    These police officers fail to see that when they recognize that “Black Lives Matter” that this will benefit them. When the Dallas PD went through reforms, retraining etc.while being resisted the entire time by the police union, the result was less police being injured and their lives being tarnished for a bad shooting. There were less fatalities and injuries of suspects and innocent victims; less consumer complaints; less law suits etc which saved their taxpayers monies. In short, police lives became safer. The recent killings of police in Dallas by a sick individual was outside the norm and had noting to do with BLM.

    You would not have an officer killing an unarmed deaf man Daniel Harris in Charlotte NC. It turns out that people with disabilities are also vulnerable to being shot at a higher rate than the white population.

    My argument is that BLM by definition is pro police.

    Frustrated, Gronda

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    • Hey Gronda,
      Sorry for the late response. It is upsetting that the two Black cop-killers are being said to have been encouraged by BLM when they were not associated with the movement at all.

      Like you, I would think that positive reforms regarding profiling and excessive force will help the cities with police departments. It will save money and lots of time dealing with complaints.

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  6. chuquestaquenumber1

    1. As I stated before Black Lives Matter doesn’t need to be defined . It is already defined by the people who are in the organization.
    2. Liars and bigots say BLM was started on a lie. Hands up. Don’t shoot was a lie. Michael Brown was a thug who was killed by fighting with Darren Wilson. Remember the lie that Michael Brown hit Wilson so hard he damaged Darren Wilson’s eye socket? There was even a photo of an injured swollen eyed Darren Wilson in a hospital bed. That turned out to be another person Not Darren Wilson. However,that lie is supposed to be forgiven.
    3.It’s amazing although not surprising that Micah Johnson and Gavin Long can be associated with BLM,even though neither person stated they were and Micah Johnson was against BLM. However, Jared and Amanda Miller who killed 2 LVPD cops Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck had nothing to do with the Nevada militia on the Bundy ranch . Even though the Millers were at the Bundy ranch surrounded by armed whites that were ready to kill federal cops, the Millers we’re told were”Kicked off for being troublemakers.Occupiers,left wing infiltrators,were not in the spirit of the Bundy movement,so those ambushed cops were killed by people you can’t blame the Nevada militia,conservatives ,fox News, Sens Heller ,Cruz,then AG Abbot ,Dan Patrick.”
    4. When this whole War on Cops,Blue Lives Matter ,Police Lives Matter came to counter Black Lives Matter The people who came up with this said Cops lives matter too. However, I realized that this only applied to cops killed or attacked by black people.
    5.Even though most cop killers are white males. The War on Cops/Blue Lives Matter/Police Lives Matter crowd have much less vitriol towards white cop killers. This while disturbing also isn’t surprising since racism permeates all aspects of society,it’s applicable here also.
    6. While Xena gave great examples of point 5. Here are some others.Some of the cop killers aren’t white but they’re not black.
    The day after NYPD cops Liu and Ramos were killed Officer Charles Kondek of Florida was killed by a Hispanic criminal. Kondek was not only shot by his killer . His killer ran over Kondek’s body with a car. No War on Cops tagline.
    In San Diego recently 2 cops were shot Off Guzman died Off Irwin was wounded. The killer was a Hispanic criminal Jesse Michael Gomez. No War on Cops.
    In Texas after Deputy Golforth was killed by Shannon Miles(also linked to BLM even though he has yet to make a statement and has been declared unfit for trial). Off Don Allen was in his home when a white married couple the Millers broke to his home to steal items to score dope money,the Millers killed Off Allen. His police spokesman emphasized how this was unrelated to the killing of Deputy Golforth and the two aren’t comparable.No War on Cops.
    Kevin Daigle a white career criminal of 18 yrs was on a highway Louisiana Trooper Vincent went to help him. Daigle shoots Trooper Vincent in the head. While Vincent is dying Daigle taunts him by saying “You’re lucky You’re going to die soon.” No War on Cops.
    In February 2016 during the week of the Super Bowl,Rudy Giuliani and a Tennessee Sheriff(under investigation by the FBI for illegal cigarette sales) stated how the song Formation by Beyonce Knowles was an attack on police. That same week 4 cops were killed. All 4 cops were killed by white cop killers. Giuliani and this Sheriff silent. A song by a black lady is more of an attack on police than white men who ACTUALLY ATTACK AND KILL police.
    Also Herschel Jones ex girlfriend called 911 and said” He’s looking to kill a cop.”He’d eventually kill Off Thomas Cottrell. Billy Jones got police to come to his house by pulling a gun on his dad.

    Even the increase in cop killings this year is mostly due to white cop killers,not black cop killers.

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  7. Mr. Militant Negro

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    To Xena,
    Nice research as usual. Especially on Blue Lives Matter. I first heard of this organization from breitbart. They had a rally in Texas after Golforth killing. They wanted to show solidarity with law enforcement. Fine. However,there wasn’t any rally for the 5 Colorado cops ,one killed by Robert Dear. The 2 Maryland deputies killed by David Brian Evans. The 3 LEOs killed and wounded in Michigan by Larry Darnell Gordon. I could go on and on,but you get the point.
    Also could you put up a link to the Blue Lives Matter website? I have some things I want to experiment with.


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    • yahtzeebutterfly


      In her article Xena put words in blue that are links. If you move your mouse’s arrow over any of those words, you can click them.

      What you are looking for is in her paragraph that begins with “That peeked my interest so I researched…”

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    • Chuquest,
      Breitbart? I wonder if the majority of voters knows what it mean that Trump got a person on his campaign from Breitbart?

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    • Hey Chuquest! The link is embedded in the post but here it is;

      Essentially, it seems like Blue Lives Matter only supports cops who kill Blacks, and cops killed by Blacks.

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      • chuquestaquenumber1

        Thank you for posting the blue lives matter website. I was unaware that you could get to the site by clicking or tapping the blue words. I went to the site to prove a point. I was able to prove my point. The point being that the organization focuses on blacks who shoot /kill cops much more than whites who shoot/kill cops.

        Here is how blue lives matter deals with 2 police matters.

        This link tells of Florida cops being shot at. In this link you have the name of the suspect. Also the name of his son(also a suspect). Pictures of the suspects, Pictures of the weapons used. Pictures of the drugs and money . Descriptions of the charges the suspects face. The suspects are black.

        The next three links are related.

        The 1st link contained misinformation and had to be corrected by the 2nd link.
        Within these 3 links there is no picture of the suspect who is said to have killed a Tennessee cop. There is no picture of the weapon that we’re told killed this cop. There are no description of the charges the suspect faces. The suspect is white.

        We are told more about black suspects Kamalo Kamu Sr. and Jr.(who aren’t accused of police killing) in one article than we are in 3 articles about Brian Keith Stalans(who is accused of police killing).

        Xena ,you were able to find a picture of Brian Keith Stalans. Blue lives matter is a site run by active and retired LEOs. With their greater access to info,they couldn’t find his picture? Odd.

        Officer Moats was killed on Aug 25 2016. On that day I knew what the killer looked like,what charges he faced all within 2 minutes by searching 3 websites.Again with their greater access to info, Blue lives matter couldn’t find what I found? Odd.

        Keep up the good work.

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        • A photo of Brian Stalans is not in the post, but here it is. Yes, I found it.

          WATE has the story, and a photo.


        • Chuquest,
          Did you read the comments on the second link? The first comment says that had the killer been shot, that “Black Lies Matter” would have rioted and burned the town down. He also says there’s a special place in “HELL” for Cop Killers. I wonder if he has changed his mind about that seeing that the cop killer is White?

          The Blue Lives Matter website is very misleading and irresponsible. Had anyone posted a comment here that mistook the race of the cop-killer in a negative manner, I would have stepped in to correct them. In the event that someone else did that before I got around to it, I would have thanked them for the correction.

          Chuquest, thanks for your kind encouragement of my work, and THANK YOU for contributing to it.


          • chuquestaquenumber1

            I did read the comments on the 2nd link. Someone responded to the 1st comment by putting up Stalans picture. We’ll see if that person responds.


          • Chuquest,
            I doubt that the person responds because to do so takes the bite our of his criticism of Black Lives Matter. As the saying goes, there’s embarrassment in “assuming”. Do I remember correctly that the Blue Lives Matter website does not name its sources nor embed links to them? Maybe they default to knowing that their supporters will not research on their own and draw conclusions that anyone who kills cops is Black because of the agenda of Blue Lives Matter.

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  9. Police shoot because they know the target may have a gun. The target hates the police and shoots innocent officers.


    • Hey Micheline! Humans seem to have the same instinct as animals when it comes to fear, which is to either run or fight. But then, humans also have to deal with hate, and hate and guns often result in death. What a difference we would have in America if there were no guns.

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  10. Something positive …

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  12. Here’s another positive story, this time out of Texas. The only negative thing about it is realizing how children are effective by killings.–abc-news-topstories.html?soc_src=mediacontentstory&soc_trk=tw#

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  13. chuquestaquenumber1

    My last post on this subject. Rudy Giuliani decided to go after Beyonce Knowles after her VMA performance and wins. As with her Super Bowl performance he accused her of attacking police. Of course the racists approve of this lie,considering she has never attacked a single police officer.

    However,in February 2016,the same tine of Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance this woman actually attacked police. An NYPD Hispanic officer to be precise. The woman who did this GENUINE ATTACK on police is named Dr Rachel Wellner.

    The 2 links describe what the assault on the LEO and the punishment she received for her crime.

    The time of the 2nd link was during the RNC convention of which Rudy Giuliani was a keynote speaker. From the moment of this crime to sentencing to now as we speak,Rudy hasn’t said anything about this GENUINE ATTACK on police.

    But Beyonce is the problem with police?


    • Chuquest,
      That’s the double-standard and favoritism shown to the privileged race that Black Lives Matter wants recognized. Because White Supremacists like using statistics in effort to support that Blacks are inferior, uncivilized, lazy, etc.,I’ve noticed something. And the case you mention about Rachel Wellner is indicative for how for stats are created to support White Supremacists’ argument. Wellner was not sentenced to any jail time for assaulting a cop. In like manner, Liang was not sentenced to jail time for killing an unarmed Black man. Truth be told — if all Whites found guilty by a court of law, or who pleaded guilty, were sentenced to jail time, it would render moot the argument that more Blacks are in jail because Blacks commit the majority of crime.

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  14. “So, why is Blue Lives Matter misrepresenting the truth regarding Mothers of the Movement? Because they are making a desperate attempt to paint Black Lives Matter as an anti-cop movement”

    I COULD NOT understand why you were going on about why the misrepresentations were made & who was making them, that the children of mothers of the movement were killed by cops. Whenever i happened to notice it i’d ignore it, aside from occasionally correcting ppl online about Trayvon. And that is just because i don’t like ppl thinking or suggesting zimmerslob was a cop. Because that implies he possibly had the slightest right/authority to stalk & chase & confront him. That slob had ZERO right to even look at a neighbor’s kid much less put his filthy hands on Trayvon Martin & murder him!

    But now i’m picking up what you were putting down!
    It’s exactly what you say, and it is purposeful!
    Their objective is to turn public perception against those supporting & advocating for BLM!
    Including the most innocent and deserving of sympathy, the grieving mothers of dead children!
    WOW!!!! Just wow. I can’t even believe how sinister this is.
    This is a true, albeit loosely organized, but totally deliberate attack on a legitimate anti-racism movement towards police reform! It’s like a * MASS RACIST PROPAGANDA MACHINE*

    They racists resent their ‘superiority’ & power challenged. And they’re willing to do anything to maintain what they believe is rightfully theirs.
    But it’s not just Police Chiefs or FOP or those with political protections.
    They have allies too! We call them ‘poor conservatives’ AKA Police bootlickers.
    They’re on twitter having fits of racist rage, calling dead black children every name in the book.
    These dummies are very likely to become the next victims of police violence too, precisely because their support feels like justification for the police on power trips!

    The Blue lives matter allies don’t realize they’re not protected. They’re not the ones with power & authority. People like David Piercy will actually bring on the risk themselves! He’s just some penniless grifter/homeless 40 something single male. Having no roots of his own & nothing going for himself, he’s bitter & angry & finds himself consumed with cop worship & racist ideology. This leads him to online harassment & eventually that criminal activity leads to more & more police contact. He’s powerless thus the perfect victim of the same police violence he enjoys seeing against others. Wow, talk about voting against your own interest so to speak!


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      It’s exactly what you say, and it is purposeful!
      Their objective is to turn public perception against those supporting & advocating for BLM!

      Exactly, Shannon. They fear the general public taking on and supporting a legitimate cause and insisting on change. State and federal office holders would then have to take a corrective course of action if there were an outraged cry from the general public for change.

      Such an attempt to delegitimize a righteous cause occurred in the 1960s when the segregationists and White supremacists tried to label those in the civil rights movement as “communists” so that the public would not support them. Unfortunately for them, they could not counter the reality that nightly newscasts were showing of the terrorism being inflicted on Blacks in Birmingham where the church bombing killed four precious girls and where firehoses and attack dogs were turned on peaceful protesters. Today, witness videos are showing the truths of encounters.

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    • Hey Shannon!
      I’m going to reply to your comment in several responses.

      “But now i’m picking up what you were putting down!”

      For Blue Lives Matter and their mouthpieces to say that all of the children of Mothers of the Movement were killed while in confrontation with police officers is an outright lie that needed to be addressed.

      Those holding White Supremacist ideologies have a play book. It hasn’t changed through the centuries. Intimidation, sabotage, propaganda, interfering with livelihoods, slander, and outright vicious lies are all in their playbook. Because excessive and deadly force are issues in the BLM Movement, the White Supremacists decided to make it a cops versus citizens agenda and if they can get all cops to believe their propaganda, then they can get the race war they have wanted without lifting a finger hoping that law enforcement will do it for them.

      You might already know that they started a petition to the White House wanting the Black Lives Matter Movement declared a terrorist organization. Well, they were turned down. However, those ARMED Whites who protested before the NAACP office were recognized for their roots behind White Lives Matter, and the SPLC has now placed White Lives Matter on the list of terrorist organizations.

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    • Shannon,

      “The Blue lives matter allies don’t realize they’re not protected. They’re not the ones with power & authority. “

      Ahhhh, but they believe they are superior and that self-deceives them to believe they are smarter — understand “smarter” to mean more cunning. In their ideologies, they don’t need power and authority — just convincing power over those who do so they will watch, harass, fault-find with, and if given opportunity, arrest those who they allege “hate all cops.”

      It’s kinda like a school playground, bullying strategy that telling the smart kids that other kids don’t like them will get the smart kids to pick fights on the belief that the teachers and principals favor them, which prevents consequences for fighting. Replace teachers and principals with chiefs of police and investigative commissions.

      “People like David Piercy will actually bring on the risk themselves! … & finds himself consumed with cop worship & racist ideology.”

      While he wants to give that impression most recently in his denigration of the BLM Movement, based on his demonstrated history, he highly disrespects law enforcement. My support for that? You might remember back in 2013 when a person in Burlington, MA filed a police report against him, and told him that she had done so. Piercy got a copy of the police report and posted it on Twitter, taking pride that the officer wrote in the report that Piercy told him to go f*&k himself. Piercy took pride in saying that to the officer.

      If it pertains to Piercy obeying the law, he disrespects cops and plays them for being stupid. When it comes to his opinion of others obeying the law, he is all pro-cop.

      You might already know that David Piercy reared his head and came at me in 2013 in the most vile manner. In 2014, he attempted to have this blog suspended by Word Press by filing fraudulent DMCA take-down notices. Piercy put himself on my radar then and I’ve studied him since them. He might be surprised with the things that I know he does and who he colludes with.

      Then, there’s his total disrespect for orders of the court. My support? When he violated a restraining order and the police paid him a visit, Piercy argued with them that he had filed a notice of appeal which made the restraining order “invalid” and if they arrested him for violating the restraining order, he would sue them. Law enforcement then tossed the plaintiff in the civil court to enforce the restraining order. The Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court’s order granting the plaintiff a restraining order against Piercy.

      Piercy has a court appointed lawyer in the contempt proceeding, but decided to file papers on his own. He had taken pride in telling the presiding judge that he was a paralegal student, yet his actions in the case demonstrate that he either does not know, or does not care, about following proper procedures and rules of the court.

      Everything that Piercy does, every lie he tells, he does with intent to cause harm to others. When people make sincere attempts to stop him from harassing him and tell him that they are contacting their local law enforcement, Piercy is known for telling them that he works for the FBI. He has a Facebook page where he gives the FBI as his employer. He has had other Facebook pages, (now deleted) where he claimed working for the Department of Homeland Security and the CIA.

      Yet, in 2010, he interviewed with the Fresno Bee because he as a party in a class-action case against the county, seeking help paying for his medicine from an income of $788.00 a month. The article says that Piercy was a student with Fresno Community College hoping to get into their nursing program.

      Piercy did not go from being a disabled person living on $788 a month in 2010, to being an FBI agent in 2013-2016. In May 2015, an unlawful retainer was filed to evict Piercy from his Section 8 apartment. He was indeed evicted in August 2015.

      His disrespect for the law includes registering a paralegal business while failing to comply with the registration requirement for bonding.

      Now, he is a student in an unaccredited ABA school of law, and uses his first month of being a student to be condescending to others. No one should be afraid of Piercy who is known for telling law enforcement to f*&k off, who prepares fake court documents, and who has abused the appellate court system numerous times in numerous cases and not prevailed once.


    • Shannon,

      “He’s powerless thus the perfect victim of the same police violence he enjoys seeing against others.”

      Yes, but he’s also cunning. What he demonstrated by convincing and colluding with Greg Lirette is that he’s not above using others, preferably with guns, to do his dirty work for him. When they then get involved with law enforcement, Piercy claims having never had anything to do with them. He changes handles that he used online that supports that he communicated with the person or people on the issue, and deletes his accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. He even deletes Youtube channels and/or videos. When he senses that law enforcement is close in identifying the person behind the computer,he gets another cell phone. He uses computers at the colleges he attends and also proxy IP addresses when they are available.

      But, he does all that after-the-fact. As one example, the police report in Burlington, MA that I mentioned — that particular report is not one of simply documenting the complaint of the person filing it — the officer spoke with Piercy, and the officer documented what Piercy said.

      Still, if he can connect with anyone with a gun who is hateful or looking to make an impression, Piercy has shown his ability to get them to do his dirty work, and that is dangerous. I can only imagine that if law enforcement paid no attention to his purported “qualifications” to argue law, and came out with the handcuffs, that Piercy would resist arrest and call the cops all the names that he calls others on social media.


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