What My Wish List Is For The USA, Part II (Second Policy: Black Lives Matter)

Gronda Morin

BLM article-doc-6s7k4-4TDCsacXdB3badf857ebeb6020a0-386_634x421 Black Lives Matter protest

My wish is that the next U.S. presidential administration would include a cabinet post to openly deal with the issues of racism within the US culture and the racist bias and unfairness in its judicial system. The Black Lives Movement deserves credit for pushing back those who would like to deny the existence of overt and implicit racism existing within the US social structure and its extension into the US judicial system.

To me the Black Lives Matter’s objectives equal being pro-police. An example would be the 2013- 2014  policing reforms, many advocated by BLM and instituted by the City of Dallas despite strong opposition from their union, resulted in a drastic reduction of complaints of police using excessive force on unarmed Black citizens. In addition there have been significantly less on the job police deaths and injuries. (This is despite the recent reprehensible sick actions of one individual in Dallas against police.) In short the same reforms and training that eliminates the killing or…

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  1. Two sides to a story

    DOJ definitely needs to be more aggressive. And we need both federal and local oversight of law enforcement agencies. They can’t continue to investigate themselves – no accountability is what brought us to this crisis.

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    • Doj is no longer in the civil rights business. Someone said the DOJ was originally intended to prosecute racists crimes when racist States wouldn’t. Like Emmit Till. They did for awhile.
      But what are they doing now?

      Nowadays its like the DOJ just sends the naughty police departments home with pinkslips.

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    • Two sides, I agree but what is happening now with local authorities saying they are turning investigations over to the DOJ is very deceptive. Unless there is tangible proof that excessive or deadly force was used because of the victim’s race, gender preference, or religion, the DOJ is powerless. What local authorities are doing is giving the families of victims false hope.

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  2. Reality and facts have a way of surfacing to show conclusively that the worlds of a Backs and Whites in relation to the justice system are widely divergent.

    I have said this before but it is worth repeating.

    Ask a white brother who of their friends are in jail for carrying and smoking pot. Then ask the same question to a black brother. The answers will be vastly different.

    Ask a white young person how many times they were followed home by cops while driving the family upscale car like a BMW. Ask the same question of a Black young person. Again the answers are very different.

    Ask a group of White young peoples and a group of Blacks in equal numbers, how many have smoked pot or drank alcohol under 18 and those who raise their hands will be about the same.

    Yet, while you will rarely see police patrolling the college campus fraternity houses on party nights when laws are frequently being broken, you will see police using stop and frisk tactics in minority dominated communities.

    Somehow this allows elected officials to claim that they are tough on crime. Meanwhile our Black brothers are 5 times as likely to be incarcerated for the same infractions committed by Whites..

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  3. BLM movement just got a their biggest platform tonight at the Democratic Convention. Lucia McBath, Mom of Jordan Davis along with the Moms of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Hadiya Pendelton, Dontre Hamilton, Michael Brown, and Oscar Grant just finished speaking as a Mothers’ Movement on behalf of BLM to a cheering standing crowd,

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    • Gronda,
      When Sybrina Fulton introduced herself, I began crying. It’s been over 4 years and still the hurt for what happened to Trayvon is as real as if it happened yesterday. I’m very happy to know that they have formed a Mothers’ Movement.

      Now, Sandra Bland’s mom is one preaching sister! I could have listened to her all night.

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      • Sybrina Fulton did Trayvon Martin proud. I remember the picture that was use on TV. You started crying. I respond by getting angry while eating a carton of ice cream. It is maddening..

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        • Gronda,
          After the convention was over, I came online to do today’s Wordless Wednesday and read up on Mothers of the Movement. Some of the comments on Twitter are so hateful that I actually wrote another post today.

          People don’t stop to think. Death does not discriminate. It doesn’t care about the color of skin, gender, financial status, where a person lives.People who cannot show compassion for grieving families are not planting good seeds in their garden of life.


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