Orlando Mass Murderer Killed Because of Self-hate Rather Than Jihadi

This is what I thought almost from the beginning.

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This video from the USA says about itself:

Orlando Shooter’s Lover Comes Forward

22 June 2016

Many like to point out that the Orlando shooter claimed allegiance to ISIS before he attacked the Pulse nightclub. However, his motivations may have had much more to do with his feeling shame in his sexuality rather than radical Islam. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

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  1. The following is from 6/22/16 CBS report:(Based on interview with ex-lover/ name of Miguel is used to protect his identity.)

    “I believe this is not terrorism,” Miguel said, despite investigators saying Mateen called 911 and posted to Facebook to pledge allegiance to ISIS during the rampage.

    Rather, Miguel claimed Mateen was acting on revenge after being with a Puerto Rican man whom he later learned was HIV positive.

    “He hate gay Puerto Ricans for all the stuff he did to him,” Miguel said. “I believe this crazy horrible thing he did was for revenge.”

    Miguel said that Mateen’s wife knew he was gay, and that his father forced him into an arranged marriage.

    A U.S. official with knowledge of the situation previously told CBS News that club-goers have told investigators that Mateen had been at Pulse numerous times previously. Additionally, other media outlets have heard several stories of Mateen popping up and conversing with men on gay dating apps.

    Jim Van Horn, 71, said Mateen was a “regular” at the popular Pulse nightclub.

    Van Horn, a retired pharmacist, said he met Mateen once, and the younger man talked about his ex-wife. But Van Horn said his friends soon “told me they didn’t want me talking to him, because they thought he was a strange person.”

    While it is still possible Mateen was just very closely surveying his chosen target for terror, former senior FBI profiler Mary Ellen O’Toole told CBS News that doesn’t seem likely.

    “This to me suggests somebody that may have had sexual identity issues and may have actually been struggling with the idea that he himself was gay and that would add a different motive and a different perspective on the case,” O’Toole said

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  2. Two sides to a story

    Rachel Maddow had a fascinating interview with a gay British Arab who used to be a jihadist, and he addressed the dual issue of homosexuality and jihad and how these work together. These are not two separate issues and Mateen could have sought revenge and been a jihadist too.


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    • Two sides,
      America has a problem with its definition of Islamic terrorism. It has limited it to be violent acts against the government. So, what’s next? If Jihadist disapprove of Western fashion, are they going to bomb clothing stores? In my humble opinion, this is where the government uses its own prejudices to define violent acts based on who does it, rather than what is done.

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  3. He hated the fact he liked having sex with men. He only told others that he was an Isil supporter… Dad approved his actions… Dad is a zealot too…


    • Juan,
      I don’t understand personal condemnation, but I do understand how such seeds end up destroying the person. In this case, he took others with him. I did read where Mateen had purchased airline tickets for himself and his wife for the first week of July. It raises the question if his actions in Pulse were spur of the moment.

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      • The mind of a lunatic is unpredictable

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        • Juan,
          You got that right.


        • Two sides to a story

          And these government prejudices drive various forms of institutional racism as they define violent acts based on the offender’s race and social class, of course. And whether you get the liberal view or the conservative viewpoint of violent acts, there’s always something missing from the equation of fixing it.

          Maybe the line between terror against the government and the highly personal terror against civilians could just be defined as murder and destruction of property. Either way, it’s wrong. So is the economic and social injustices heaped upon people by many types of government, including our capitalistic democracy.

          We all basically want the same thing – a life with meaning and dignity. All beings just want to be happy and avoid suffering.

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