June 8 – Wordless Wednesday

King Kong

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  1. Good Morning! I wanted so share some local news.

    “The judges did not say when they would rule on the appeal. But most rulings occur a couple of months after oral arguments conclude.”


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    • Good morning, Mindyme.

      So Dunn’s attorney argues on appeal that Dunn could have mistaken Jordan’s cell phone for a gun. I don’t remember Dunn saying that during his police interview, nor at trial. Arguments not raised in the trial court are not considered on appeal. Dunn is done on that argument.

      The main issue at trial, and by what I understand that the jury considered, is that Dunn left the scene. Had he thought that he saw a gun or a stick, he didn’t wait around to tell the arriving police so they could look for it.

      I seriously doubt that Dunn will get a new trial.


      • Everytime ‘Done’ is in the news our city divides itself again. 😦


        • Mindyme,
          That’s sad to hear.

          Dunn road-in on Zimmerman’s heels and from his interview with police, he assumed that all he needed to say was “self-defense” to avoid arrest. Dunn left the scene of the crime. He didn’t bother calling the police. That played a significant role in his case.

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  2. The judge who sentenced Brock Turner to 6 months for rape. Last night this petition garnered over 200 signatures per minute


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    • First it was New York with Peter Liang, who was convicted but the judge did not sentence him to prison. It was attempted in Oklahoma with Bates not wanting to serve time in prison. The attempt was unsuccessful. Now, California has joined the ranks of states where jury convictions and recommendations of sentencing are disrespected.

      I think we have moved from jury nullification to judge nullification.

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    Oh beautiful, majestic one!!

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  4. I remember this one! 😀

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    • Hey Kev! I thought about King Kong when hearing about Harambe, the gorilla in Cleveland who was killed when a 4 year old fell into it’s moat. Like King Kong, Harambe didn’t ask to be taken from her natural environment, confined, and showed off to humans.

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      • I don’t believe that gorilla would have harmed the child… it stood the child up. If it was going to harm the child, it would have done so there and then. It was using parental instinct.

        You raise a very important point about their natural habitat vs being confined. And yes, like King Kong… Shameful!


        • Kev,
          I totally agree. Unlike some creatures who have babies that are large,(such as horses and cows), gorillas have tiny babies. They know how to be gentle with little ones.

          Also, the nature of animals is to attack when afraid, or kill when hungry. Harambe was not afraid of the little one. She tried to rescue him from the high water area of the moat. I’ve never known of a gorilla to kill humans to eat.

          It bothers me when man projects his own harmful nature onto animals.


  5. yahtzeebutterfly

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  6. yahtzeebutterfly

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