Third Trial In The Death of Freddie Gray

BPD Officer Caesar R Goodson Jr_1430527751576_17690905_ver1.0_640_480Trial starts on Thursday of this week for the Baltimore police officer who was driving the van transporting Freddie Gray.  This is the trial I was waiting for.  Officer Caesar Goodson faces the most serious charges of the 6 Baltimore officers who were charged in Freddie’s death.  He is also the only officer out of the 6 who did not give a statement to investigators.

Freddie was placed in the back of the van last April.  By the time the van arrived at a police station less than hour later, Freddie’s spine was nearly severed, and he died several days later.

Goodson is charged with;

second-degree depraved-heart murder

second-degree assault

misconduct in office

involuntary manslaughter

manslaughter by vehicles (gross negligence)

manslaughter by vehicles (criminal negligence)

reckless endangerment.

Of the six officers charged, Goodson is the only one facing charges of murder and manslaughter by vehicles. The second-degree charge of depraved-heart murder carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. Second-degree assault carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. Reckless endangerment carries a penalty of up to five years in prison. Misconduct in office does not carry a set term limit.

Two of the six officers charged in Freddie’s arrest and death have already been on trial.  The trial of William Porter ended in a hung jury in December.  He is scheduled to be retried later this year.  Edward Nero opted for a bench trial and was cleared of all charges.

Goodson has also opted for a bench trial in front of the same judge, judge Barry G. Williams.  The roles of Goodson and Nero were different.

The prosecutors in this trial are Michael Schatzow, who is the second-highest-ranking prosecutor in the Baltimore state’s attorney’s office, and Janice Bledsoe.  Schatzow is a former federal prosecutor and longtime white-collar lawyer, while Bledsoe is a former defense attorney and briefly investigated police misconduct.

Goodson is represented by attorneys Matthew Fraling and Andrew Graham.  They are expected to challenge Freddie’s autopsy findings.   The Baltimore Sun reports that the trial is expected to feature medical experts giving contrasting opinions over exactly how and when Gray was injured.

The Baltimore Sun is hosting live updates of the trial.  We’ll also update in the comment section including any available videos.

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  1. “Goodson has also opted for a bench trial in front of the same judge, judge Barry G. Williams. The roles of Goodson and Nero were different.”

    That’s not the only difference, sadly.

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    • Good morning Mindyme!
      Right. Prosecutors have now had two dress rehearsals. I’m interested in seeing how they proceed since Goodson didn’t give a statement to investigators. That might end up working against him.

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    Keeping an eye on this one!!

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  4. i dont enjoy posting this but reality is the FIX is in…..the DA on purpose is misstating the FACTS, the injury happened during the arrest, but her claim is everything happened in the van something she can NEVER prove……injury during arrest = EVERY officer had a DUTY to provide needed emergency medical care…..her claim gives them the chance to say we didnt know he was injured……….

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    • Good to see you, Bill. I too have considered that the fix is in, and the same as you, believe that Freddie was injured before he was placed in the van.

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    • Me too Bill, i’ve never understood why they’ve completely ignored Freddie’s obvious screams during the arrest. I’m not saying he wasn’t hurt in the van too, but we at least have video & witnesses to what happened before the van. This really sux.

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  5. First day of trial;

    The defense requested to dismiss the case against Caesar Goodson on the basis that prosecutors withheld discussions they had with Donta Allen that were not released to the defense. Judge Barry G. Williams denied the defense request to dismiss. Judge Williams ordered prosecutors to produce any other evidence in any of the cases of the 6 officers by Monday. .

    Prosecutor Schatzow said in opening statement that Freddie Gray was injured because he got a “rough ride.” The only thing that was restrained was his ability to protect himself,”

    Prosecution states that a key point is that surveillance tape shows Goodson blowing a stop sign and crossing center line.

    Defense attorney Graham stated that Freddie faked leg injuries at arrest, and his request for a medic before the 5th stop was the same conduct; i.e., faking it.

    Prosecution witnesses:
    1st prosecution witness: Capt. Martin Bartness, @CommishKDavis chief of staff. He also testified in Porter, Nero cases, re BPD policies.

    2nd prosecution witness: Ofc Brian Burke; testified he handed Goodson policy highlighting hospital details on Oct 20, 2014.

    3rd pros witness: Herbert Reynolds, of Secret Service. Says he taught class on 1st aid care/assessments for BPD ofcs in 1999. Goodson attended and passed. Reynolds says he taught that officers who think someone is faking should still seek medical care. “A doctor should make that determination.” Officers have a duty to render aid.

    4th pros witness: Lt. Scott Dressler, who testified he trained Goodson at academy in 1999 on how to place, seat belt prisoner in patrol car.

    5th pros witness: Ofc Dennis Smith, was Goodson’s field training officer in 2000. Says he trained Goodson on using police vans, seat belting, but officers have discretion not to belt-in combative prisoners.

    6th pros witness: Crime Lab Tech Jennifer Anderson, who took pics of van after Freddie Gray ‘s injury.

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  6. Second day of trial

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    • if i may add, the above assumes an UNbroken neck at the time of the injury with the breaking of bone and tearing of spine happening together…..IF his bone was broken by force say a knee on it with a persons fullweight, then the spinal tearing would and could happen slowly with each movement of him.


      • down on your stomach with an officer putting his knee on the back of your neck indeed does create the position described by the coroner flexed slightly rotated but no movement could it be another force, the KNEE rather than movement creating the force required to break bone?

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      • Bill,
        I’ve considered that too. It was only today when I discovered why prosecutors are taking the position for when Freddie was harmed. It is to overcome the first story told by that witness.

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  7. Videos from today, Friday.
    The prosecution is using Dontae Allen’s statements to support when Freddie was injured.


  8. the clearly false narrative continues……Freddie was injured during the arrest that is FACT and shown on video……


    • Bill,
      Whether Freddie was injured before being placed in the van came up at trial today. The Baltimore Sun’s live blog feed doesn’t give much information as to all questions asked of the State’s witness and his answers. But, the witness did say that Freddie could not walk when he was placed in the van and had to be carried.


  9. Former Police Commander testified as a prosecution witness in the Goodson case.


  10. I think all officers who were involved in the arrest should face charges. Freddy’s spine was severed upon reaching the police station which to me means the damage was done during the arrest and not while escorting him to the station. It amazes me how aggresive and brutal some of these cops can be when attempting an arrest of a single person.


    • Fofllc,
      Welcome to my blog. You might or might not know that after two bench trials where the officers were acquitted, the prosecutor dismissed all charges against the other officers. It is her opinion that the State would not get a fair trial.


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