Muhammad Ali Sent Trump A Powerful Message That The World Needs To Read

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The right wing loves to appropriate revolutionary icons. Muhammed (sic) Ali is very much one of those icons. Since his passing on Friday, the boxing champion and political agitator’s legacy has been praised by those who have agendas that are antithetical to the The Champ’s views on the world. This is probably best exemplified by the message that he sent to Donald Trump (though Trump was not named explicitly) and anyone else who wants to take Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States seriously.

 Trump recently sent out a tweet, where he praised Ali for being “a truly great champion and a wonderful guy.”

That tweet stands out in stark contrast to the…

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  1. This is an excellent article

    Don’t Let Muhammad Ali’s Story Get Whitewashed
    History says we’ll try and forget the boxing legend’s radicalism. We shouldn’t.
    by Maxwell Strachan


  2. I’m hoping this shows up as a photo….


  3. Our world is changing and so much of that is credited to Ali and others like him. I think he touched almost all of us with his humanity, his talent and his never wavering work for inclusion of all people.

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