He Believed Police Didn’t Act Like This – Says 81 Year Old Blind Victim

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“It was one of the worst things that ever happened to me outside of my eye accident when I lost my eyesight because I always thought the United States was a great place and police didn’t act like this.”  Philip White

Denver7 Investigated.

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Philip White

In 2012, Philip White, then 77-years old, was at the Greyhound station trying to take a bus back home to Eagle.  He was told that the bus was sold out, so he asked to speak to a manager.  Philip is blind and carries a cane. After Philip spoke with a manager, the manager said it was okay for him to wait for the next bus.  However, a security guard told Philip that he was trespassing and would be arrested.  Philip called the police.

“I decided to call the police to see if maybe I was breaking the law somehow,” White explained to Denver7 chief investigative reporter Tony Kovaleski. “[The dispatcher] said the only thing we can do really is we could send a policeman over to observe your discussion with the manager. So I thought that was a good idea.”

When an officer arrived, Philip asked to touch his badge to ensure that it was the police, but the officer refused.  The security guard and officer tried slamming Philip to the hard floor.  Philip’s head was bashed on a counter.

Surveillance video captured what happened. 

Chafin claimed that Philip tried hitting him with his cane.  In the video, the bus station’s counter obscures view of White’s cane.  Philip was arrested.  The district attorney subsequently dropped all charges against Philip.

In 2013, Philip sued the city of Denver, Greyhound, and the security company. Greyhound and the security company settled. Philip’s attorney asked the city to settle for $180K. City attorney Scott Martinez refused to settle.  The case went to trial against the city of Denver.

In October 2015, a jury awarded Philip White $100,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages plus his attorney fees.  The City has filed an appeal.  The total cost to taxpayers now exceeds a million dollars.

With the appeal pending, Philip has not seen a dime of the jury’s award.  Now 81 years old, Philip is of the impression that the city wants to keep the case going, waiting for him to die.

The city attorney, Scott Martinez, announced in May that he is leaving the office. He did not give a reason for his departure.

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  1. “In October 2015, a jury awarded Philip White $100,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages plus his attorney fees. The City has filed an appeal. The total cost to taxpayers now exceeds a million dollars.” He won’t have to pay his attorney out of his award, which is awesome IF he ever collects.

    This is despicable and we know it’s true. They’re waiting for him to die. 😦

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    • Hey Mindyme. Chances are that he does not have heirs/an estate. Hopefully his attorney advised him to make a Will. If he dies before Denver pays him, his Will can establish where the money goes. Shame on Denver for wasting the money of their taxpayers appealing the case.

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  2. Mr. Militant Negro

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  3. “The Denver PD insists the officer’s actions were within the department’s policies”
    Well it sounds as if Denver better look into changing it’s policies! These policies clearly do not serve the city or it’s citizens.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    He was blind! So scary!


  5. Unbelievable… The cop and security guard should be held accountable!

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    • Hey Kev! For sure. They should have respected, and helped Philip, who is not only elderly, but also blind. The manager who told Philip that he could stay in the station and wait on the next bus should have intervened in some manner.

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  6. Argh, this is so sad 😦


  7. The protection of bullying, corrupt and incompetent officials happens so frequently it suggests it is policy and there is an agenda at work – the behaviour is rarely punished – even when compensation is paid it is the taxpayer who pays. We need a lot more accountability.

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  8. Thank you dear. I was so shocked to see this. WOW! Unbelievable! Love ya bunches.


  9. This proves it. Not even WHITE people are safe around police. It’s horrible that the police believe they can do anything to anyone and get away with it. So so shameful! Yes there are some good cops. But they need to speak up. Just saying.


    • Not even DISABLED WHITE people are safe around police. Not even ELDERLY DISABLED WHITE people are safe around police.


      • Hey Human! Welcome and thanks for your comments. As systems go in America, there is never a system that was not first tested, and mainly tested in or involved the judicial system and in small towns where power and authority is in the hands of a few. The tests generally are to discourage a certain group of people. It goes back to sheriffs and prosecutors doing nothing and if victimized people were so fortunate or blessed to find support of a lawyer willing to take their case, they were thrown into the civil court to seek redress of damages and injuries.

        Once that system establishes a pattern, it effects all people, regardless of age or color. When the system supports sending people to the civil courts for redress of criminal acts, those involved in the victimization are emboldened.

        The city of Denver is now trying to send out a message to other cities that regardless of jury awards, file to appeal and keep the case going for as long as possible, and at the expense of citizens. It is also somewhat of a punishment against attorneys who take those type of cases. They are not paid until the judgment is paid. So, with spending time and costs in the case, they might suffer financially and worst, be so discouraged that they will not take the same type of cases again because they don’t want to starve.

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  10. Psychopaths rule the world, even though they are a minority. We must fight for ethical laws and humane policies.

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