George Zimmerman Flops On Attempt To Sell Gun

gun-b-tch-12-2016It’s been said by some on this blog that we anticipated hearing from George Zimmerman soon.  He’s been quiet since his suspension off Twitter for tweeting revenge porn.  In these past months, I’ve refrained from writing about that, in addition to writing about other things that Zimmerman does or that involves him.  Today, I’m writing about him to send a message to America — THANK YOU for not allowing Zimmerman to taint the memory of Trayvon Martin.  Thank you for not allowing Zimmerman to capitalize on the anger, rage, and pain that he caused on the rainy night of February 26, 2012.

The “most hated man in America” received his gun back from the DOJ, who had possession of it since his state trial ended on July 13, 2013.  Zimmerman’s best friend, Mark Osterman, called Zimmerman “the most hated man in America” in the title of his book.  Osterman wrote that book before Zimmerman stood trial and as we have seen, everything that Zimmerman has ventured upon since the end of his trial has proven that people do not like him.

Yesterday, the media announced that Zimmerman was auctioning off the Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm gun that he used to kill Trayvon Martin.  The auction was to open this morning on, starting at $5,000.  When I read that, I wondered if having the weapon caused Zimmerman such pain, then why not have it destroyed rather than selling it for popularity purposes. I mean, he purchased it for less than $300 so why would he think its minimum value is $5,000?  Is he putting a value on it that he thinks is the equivalent of Trayvon’s life?  Is he putting a value on it because he thinks his own name is worth that much?  Or, is that his price to kill?

Now, it doesn’t matter what his reasons or intentions were, because the auction site cancelled the auction.

Attorney Lisa Bloom tweeted today that Zimmerman planned to use the money from the auction to fight the Black Lives Matter movement.  The video below that reports on Zimmerman’s statements to an Orlando news source verifies that claim. Ahhhh.  That makes sense.  Now that the Department of Justice has officially closed their civil rights violation case against Zimmerman by returning his gun, he can unzip and expose himself all the way —- he really doesn’t like Black people and stereotypes them.

I’ve shared on this blog that I came to the internet in 2012 after having a dream about Trayvon Martin.  In the dream, Trayvon was sitting at a desk holding up papers, throwing his head back while laughing.  This morning, I remembered that dream.  George Zimmerman is a big joke.

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  1. was on gunbroker site at auction time just to observe, and watched the page disappear. Great news, let’s hope no shady collector bought it. I refuse to give GZ much airtime and hate the mention of the name.

    • EasyG, I understand about mentioning his name and had to think about blogging on this. I try to ignore his personal problems when they are reported in the news, but when he thinks that America will jump on a bandwagon to support him, and he fails, well, I just can’t help blogging on karma doing its job.

      I seriously doubt that anyone, including gun collectors, are going to pay $5K for a cheap gun.

      • I understand Xena, we sometimes just have to get it out of our system. I began writing an article on the sale at just about that time, which is why I was on the auction site. Then started feeling sick to my stomach.

        • EasyG, I’ll be over to read your article. Yeah — I got that sick feeling when reading that he really thinks that his gun is “American history” and his misrepresentation that Black Lives Matter is anti-police.

  2. The Smithsonian refutes Zimmerman’s claim that they wanted to purchase his gun.

  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    You nailed it in this article! You wrote all of the right things!

  4. He needs to really go away, can’t he see nobody gives a damn about him, or what he stands for. Just go away already stop trying to make yourself relevant! I haven’t forgotten Trayvon Martin, but I have forgotten George Killerman!

    • Hey Ladylove! I don’t think Zimmerman is capable of understanding that his actions, and the attitude of his actions, is why his life has never taken the direction of accomplishing anything positive. He keeps saying that he receives death threats, but I’d like to know how he is receiving them since he is in hiding? Are people sending them by smoke signals?

      • Xena it’s all in his mixed up delusional mind!

        • Delusional is right! He says it’s the gun he carried to defend his life against Trayvon. No. It’s the gun he carried while he profiled, stalked, and followed a 17-year old kid who was minding his own business and ran from that creep. That night, Zimmerman should have been tending to his own business to reconcile with his wife.

          • So true I mean I watch crimes shows like Forensic Files, The First 48 and it stills bother me that Zimmerpig claims that Trayvon beat him to a bloody pulp, but none of his blood was found on Trayvon. It doesn’t make sense that Trayvon fell on his hands protecting them from washing away DNA, but yet Zimmerpig’s DNA was not found on his hands.

      • crustyolemothman

        Xena, I am probably one of the few people who don’t wish him dead. I hope he lives a long and miserable life. I would like to think that he will never find peace and happiness of any measure in his life. To live is the worst punishment he could ever receive on this earth. Can you imagine just how hard it would be to not even to be able to go into a Wal-Mart or similar store and shop or go to a hamburger joint and be able to sit and enjoy a moment to eat your food? Karma at its best!

        • Mothman,
          I stand with you. I don’t wish him dead either. Thus far, what we have seen of GZ is that his life is miserable. The only difference between his pre Feb. 26, 2012 life and his life thereafter, is that he went from a low-paying job to taking hand-outs and selling his garbage like a circus barker.

  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    Now I need to post one of LLMPapa’s videos:

    • Well Mindyme, not according to those who oppose Black Lives Matter. Also, as I understand it, most police who are killed are killed by those committing crimes with a weapon. That’s a big difference from seeing that most people killed by police are not committing any crime, or minor crimes, without any weapon.

  6. Thank goodness for decent people like those who canceled his auction. Someone will buy it privately though. Someone as sick and demented as he is.

    • Zimmerman said if it didn’t sell at auction, then he was putting it a safe. The only reason to buy it would be to display it with a sign that says, “The gun that ruined George Zimmerman and his family.”

      • How ironic this happened days after we mentioned how it had been a minute since his ugly mug crossed our screens.

        • Exactly, Mindyme. He’s really predictable. It wouldn’t surprise me if the next thing he tries to auction off are butterfly bandages alleging that he wore him on the walk-through.

          • Most people who supported him at first have ‘seen the light’ of what/who he really is.

            Remember this?

            #6 on GQ’s Least influential people of 2012

            “There’s nothing funny about the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin. However, there is something morbidly comedic about a man deluding himself into thinking that his life is in danger because a black teenager walking by might assault him with a bag of Skittles. In George Zimmerman’s world, he’s a hero. Thankfully, very, very few other human beings live in George Zimmerman’s world.”

            • Hey Mindyme. Yes, I remember that. Even people who use self-defense when they were under attack by a known armed criminal don’t gloat about taking the life of another human being. There is something deeply disturbing about his heart. If he manages to make money auctioning that gun, it will be a curse to him.

  7. I just read headline that the auction is back on.

    • Hey Bonnie! Well, all we can hope is anyone thinking about bidding will first give careful consideration of the Zimmerman curse. The man is toxic, and everyone he has touched has been shamed.

  8. Sadly the auction is back on….

    He is such a loser, liar, insert whatever comment…..he says he didn’t accept private offers for the gun because he didn’t like the intentions of those that wanted it but by putting it up on a public auction those same people he claims wanted it and he refused to sell it to can still obtain it. He says he won’t cower but still lives in hiding…..yeah right, go back into your hole and stay there. He was caught lying saying the Smithsonian wanted it and they publicly denied it. Once again he is a legend in his own mind. I also doubt that the money gained from this auction will go towards anything except his own pocket.

    The idiot needs serious mental health care…..and the removal of his concealed weapons license. Make America safe again, disarm GZ!

  9. Two sides to a story

    I was able to access the new auction page when it appeared – the site seems to be overloaded now. Hopefully this will continue to be the case. Hopefully the new site will come to its senses and pull the auction down. He should never, ever profit from that gun.

  10. I was just coming here to say – it’s back on, but I see y’all know.

  11. You may wanna watch this.
    I’m surprised at some of the nuance Vinnie learned about the case he then used to form his theories.
    Most reporters never bothered to look below the very surface.

    There’s supposed to be a podcast later today or soon so I’m trying to get him a video clip or something that shows Zimmerman actually knew that kid Burgess was in jail already. Or at least Zimmerman KNEW he’d recently been arrested because he called Wendy & she told him ( I believe?).
    That news might really shock Vinnie. Cuz he thinks that’s Zimmerman’s motive. Which could sorta be considered a mitigating or excuse for stalking Trayvon. But if Zimmerman knew Trayvon was NOT Burgess it means Zimmerman knew he had no reason to be suspicious of Trayvon whatsoever.

    I also wanna tell him
    – there were only THREE streets.
    -Zimmerman somehow managed to levitate 45′ from the T after he says over &over again that he fell immediately on his ass
    -that the judge ommited part of the jury instructions about the initial attacker
    -2 police dpmts turned him down

    I had to download the ap on my phone but you can watch it on a computer too.

  12. Rachael

    No, your comments are not being monitored and neither are you banned. Please check your email.

  13. Second site to auction gun has crashed.

    Bad karma followed brutally bad taste as unrepentant George Zimmerman tried to turn a profit on the gun he used to kill unarmed Trayvon Martin.

    After one internet site booted Zimmerman from its online auction site Thursday, a second agreed to host the unholy sale — only to watch their website crash.

    The site became inaccessible shortly after posting Zimmerman’s Kel-Tec PF 9-mm. handgun with a minimum starting bid of $5,000. Not a single offer was made before the site went down. The group contacted Zimmerman after sent Zimmerman and his gun packing.

    • “But by early Friday, bids were still showing up on the group’s site. Sixty-one bidders had driven the price over $2, 784,000 and climbing.

      Among those fired up for the firearm were hopefuls such as Diddu Muffin, Deez Nuts, Stonewall McCracker, Bernard Sanders and Donald Trump”

  14. sidewinder50

    I thought this was Shellie’s gun and registered to her. Can you sell a gun which is registered in someone else’s name or did she give it to him in the divorce settlement?

    He is a disgusting pig at any rate.

  15. sidewinder… Florida, there are no gun registrations. Shelly was the buyer of the gun and why so many of us assumed she would get it back. She might have bought it for G as a gift or to avoid his name on any paperwork. Either way you can buy a firearm here and then gift or sell it with no paperwork or registration.

  16. sidewinder50

    I didn’t know that. Thank you. I know nothing about guns nor do I want to and what you said seems outrageous to me. No paperwork. No registration.

  17. yahtzeebutterfly

    My love and prayers are with Trayvon’s family. I have such a deep respect for Sybrina and Tracy and their effort to create a better world through the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

    May there be love. May there be peace.

    “Love is the answer
    Shine on us all
    Set us free
    Love is the answer.”

    Live on Trayvon, live on.”

    Blessings to all of you here.

  18. There was paperwork…..for the initial sale of the gun. Laws differ from state to state and Florida is one tha does not require firearm registration.

  19. From the above article…

    “As an organization, we stand by the rule of law and, while no laws have been broken, we do not feel like it is in the best interest of the organization to continue to host this sale on our platform,” company officials said in a press release. “Our mission is to esteem the Second Amendment and provide a safe and secure platform for firearms enthusiasts and law-abiding citizens; our association with Mr. Zimmerman does not help us achieve that objective.”

    In other words we see that GZ is not a responsible gun owner, a law-abiding citizen and most of all he is toxic and want nothing to do with him.


    Racist McShootface dropped out of the bidding and Donald Trump has the high bid now.
    I seriously doubt it is the real Trump.
    Some people are playing games with this auction.

  21. From USA Today;

    The highest bid that appears legitimate is for $290,000 by someone identified as Ali Safaoui.

    They think that’s legit? They have probably forgotten that GZ was helping a gun shop owner who was sued for refusing to allow Muslims to use his shooting range, and he made those decisions seemingly based on names of individuals.

  22. He sickens me more than anyone I’ve ever heard of. Smdh.

    • Chosenpaths, you are not alone. I don’t understand why Zimmerman always has to return with his controversial issues and actions.

  23. There’s a good point made in the video below. Even if people think that what Zimmerman did was in self-defense, he is wrong to auction off the killing weapon.

    • Two sides to a story

      If it was a justfiable homicide, any normal person would quietly disappear and avoid contact with the media. They wouldn’t try to profit from the act as this one has. He is a disturbed man.The only good thing to come out of this is that he displays his true colors. Tick tock, George.

  24. yahtzeebutterfly

    Let’s not forget that Trayvon knew right away that his stalker was “creepy.” This killer is continually proving Trayvon correct.

    • Yahtzeebutterfly,
      ABSOLUTELY! If he didn’t want the gun, he could have asked the DOJ to destroy it.

      • Two sides to a story

        He probably decided when DOJ took the gun for their investigation to do this. He’s clearly pissed that DOJ continued to investigate after the trial.

        • Right, Two sides. But then, he was also pissed that he was questioned, period. He was pissed that he was charged, pissed with standing trial, and after his acquittal, apparently became pissed with O’Mara, NBC, and a host of women companions.

  25. crustyolemothman

    I have been reading about this latest attempt by the Z Thug to thrust himself back into the main street media. One thing that seems to escape those people who feel the white race is some how superior is that their idol is not white, they seem to forget that his heritage is Black/Indian and perhaps partially white, remember it was questioned during the period leading up to the trial if he was actually a Zimmerman by birth. How ironic could it be that the idol of the white supremacist’s is not even white! Time for him to craw back into the rat hole he escaped from, and take his supporters with him.
    Karma would be if the gun does sell, that a former attorney immediately puts a hold on any funds it brought for the fees he is owed.

    • Hey Mothman!

      “Karma would be if the gun does sell, that a former attorney immediately puts a hold on any funds it brought for the fees he is owed.”

      It deserved repeating.

    • Two sides to a story

      Oh, I bet OM would definitely go after him for the money. Hey, has anyone seen OM on CNN lately? I haven’t. Hope his little gig is up too.

  26. Bill O’Reilly Says George Zimmerman is ‘Despicable’ — ‘You Simply Do Not Profit From a Tragedy’

    • Two sides to a story

      You know someone’s behavior is pretty despicable when even BOR doesn’t like ’em.


    The auction is again off……though he says he will relist it again and with a shorter duration to eliminate false bids.

    • Towerflower,
      Sorry for the duplicate. You and I must have been posting the news at the same time. Great minds think alike. 🙂

  28. Zimmerman has withdrawn his auction.

    An auction listing for the gun George Zimmerman used to kill Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has been removed online after a slew of apparently bogus bids.”

    “United Gun Group was notified by George Zimmerman that he temporarily withdrew his auction to remove false bidders. He plans to re-list his property sometime this week for a shorter duration,” it tweeted. “

    Not to worry George. In the next bid, Herman Cain will probably bid $99,999.99.

  29. One serious bidder was willing to pay the $5K just to get the gun and destroy it. So, Zimmerman has now re-posted with a minimum bid of $100K.

  30. crustyolemothman

    Reading around about this newest episode in the Zimmy thug saga, one thing has really started to stand out. More people actually would prefer the only news they had to read involving him would be a death notice in the paper. There seems to be fewer and fewer people willing to defend him as the truth of his total lack of moral character becomes apparent!

    • Two sides to a story

      I’ve noticed that a few of his old guard supporters aren’t saying anything – or much – about him now, which tells me his appalling behavior must touch a few consciences.

    • Yeah Mothman. He has lived up to Osterman’s claim that he’s the most hated man in America. Many of his supporters dropped off the radar after the incident with Shellie and her dad. They saw the real George, high tempered and abusive. Then, they saw with each episode of domestic violence and alleged stalking that George is someone who knows how to work the system so he is never held accountable. That alone can make him unlikable.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        We need change so that our youth can grow up feeling safe knowing that they will not be stalked or profiled based on the color of their skin.

        “They saw the real George, high tempered and abusive.”

        We need change so that people who have rage and abuse issues are not allowed gun ownership.

  31. Well, Zimmerman has put up a website, and he is still stuck on blaming the media for the impression that people have of him. George is badly mistaken. You see George, millions heard that you killed Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26, 2012, but they never heard your version of the story nor read or heard anything put out by the media. You were not the center of their priorities. On July 13, 2013, they heard that a jury of 6 women found you not guilty.

    It’s the not guilty verdicts that appear to attract people’s attention to what the “not guilty” do with their lives thereafter. That is true, for example, of O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony. People who only heard of the case became interested in how the acquitted go on with their lives.

    While millions had no impression of you during the case and trial, they paid attention when your (then) wife gave interviews and revealed that she had left you on February 25, 2012 and gone to her dad’s house. That got attention because you and your dad said that you cooked dinner for Shellie the evening of Feb. 26, 2012 —- but in truth, she wasn’t even with you. Shellie filed for divorced.

    Maybe you blame the media for releasing the video of you standing aggressively and destroying Shellie’s Ipod. So blame them, but what the video shows are your own actions.

    When Samatha called 911, and information came forth that you were having an affair with her while your trial was pending, well, that certainly gave the public an impression of you. While living off other people’s money donated to you, you were cheating on your wife. Oh — and speaking of donations, let’s not forget the “potted palm” comment by Judge Lester when you sat silent and allowed Shellie to lie about how much money you received in order to get a low bond. Shellie was charged with perjury and didn’t bother to be in court with her at her sentencing hearing.

    No, it’s not the media at fault for the public impression but your own fault for your own actions that the media simply reported. Since your acquittal, 4 women have spoken out about you, including the revenge porn you committed on Twitter. The media didn’t commit that act — you did.

    Now, for some strange reason, you seem to think that the gun you used to take the life of a human being is an “American icon.” Here’s a dose of reality for you — you are not the first person who killed another human being and claimed self-defense.

    Of all the people who celebrated at the announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, not one has wanted the government to auction off the weapon that fired the fatal bullet. But you George, who killed a 17-year old who no one hated, and who had not done any harm to America, thinks that makes you a hero.

    Shame on you.

  32. That crazy muthafucker. This is disgusting. How dare he treat what he did as routine.

  33. If anyone deserves hatred it’s a man who guns down kids.

    Perhaps the rich parasites in the media that make a living by inciting violence deserve it more.

    If Zimmerman wanted to ‘get past’ the event he could have had the gun melted down and turned into a vase.

  34. Sometimes, you wonder how sick the minds of some people can be.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      It is very sick and demented for this killer to sell the gun he used to horrifically kill an innocent child who was just walking home from the store.

      What this killer is doing is as heinous as when evil lynchers sold photo postcards of their demonic acts of torture and horror against innocent Black Americans.

  35. Todd Underwood, the owner of the auction site, interviewed with CNN. He says that the auction has nothing to do with George Zimmerman. Okay — it has to do with the gun that Zimmerman used to take the life of an unarmed 17-year old. I wonder what position Todd would take if the family of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold auctioned the weapons they use to kill and wound others at Columbine High School?

  36. yahtzeebutterfly

  37. John Smith “won” the auction. So who is the real John Smith ?
    Will Trayvons murderer see any of this money? What’s next for the murderer? Going to auction off the clothes he had on when he murdered Trayvon ? Wouldn’t surprise me if he did.
    Pride comes before a fall, and this thug is filled with false pride.
    May his fall be in a very deep sinkhole!

    • Hey BMW! The Orlando Sentinel is reporting;

      “A person identifying as Smith told the Orlando Sentinel that his bid wasn’t serious. He said he wrote a computer program to bid automatically for him and that United Gun Group eventually noticed and deleted his account. It’s unclear if a sale has been finalized.”

  38. Speaking of raising children properly ….

  39. His parents should have raised him to respect women.

  40. Zimmerman is too dumb to realize he is putting his whole family at risk by his behavior.
    He should know first hand there are people who want to blow him away and if they can’t get him, they may go after his family. Maybe he doesn’t give a damn about them..

    • I don’t know. It seems that if anyone wanted to harm him, they could and would have done so by now. Apperson was the only person who took a shot at him. Based on Zimmerman’s lifestyle, if anyone harms or takes his life, it will probably be the next woman he abuses. I don’t think that anyone will try to harm his family. They didn’t kill Trayvon, and have been silent for years. That includes Taaffe.

      • Maybe, but he hasn’t verbally attacked Sybrina and Tracy like he did in that Daily Beast interview. His comments about the parents of a child he murdered are simply outrageous! I was so angry reading that today. I can only imagine how people close to Trayvon must feel.
        Zimmerman is playing with fire and someone is going to get hurt or killed.

        It’s mind boggling he won’t take any responsibility for a tragedy that he set in motion.
        It’s the fault of everyone but him.

        • You’re right — he blames everyone and everything but himself for the decisions he made, and actions he took.

          According to a statement that Tracy released the other night, they are focused on the Trayvon Martin Foundation. In other words, they are not paying Zimmerman any attention. Also, I think by now that most people have drawn lines in the sand, so there is nothing Zimmerman can say about Trayvon that will change minds. He’s making himself look worst by attacking Trayvon and his parents.

  41. This nameless monster is not worth it the attention he wants. He can say whatever he wants. His negative and disrespectful comment about his parents is disgusting and inhuman. Zimmonster cares about one person, himself. Sybrina and Tracy have more courage and strength. It is their undying love for their son and his memory that keep them going. He can’t take away the good, the love and commitment both of them brought into so many lives. It takes courage to be strong. Obvious, I am not surprised by the despicable insensitive remark from the killer. To me, Zimmonster is a nameless no remorse murderer who will feel the pain of hell one day.

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      Your words are so true:

      “Sybrina and Tracy have more courage and strength. It is their undying love for their son and his memory that keep them going. He can’t take away the good, the love and commitment both of them brought into so many lives.”

      Sabrina and Tracy have my deepest respect.

  42. yahtzeebutterfly

    Excerpt from a 2013 NYTimes article:

    In the end, what is most frightening is that there are so many people with guns who are like George Zimmerman. Fear and racism may never be fully eliminated by legislative or judicial order, but neither should our laws allow and even facilitate their most deadly expression. Trayvon Martin was an unarmed boy walking home from the convenience store. If only Florida could give him back his life as easily as it is giving back George Zimmerman’s gun.

    (note: DOJ actually gave it back)

  43. yahtzeebutterfly

    Xena, I love this video which you created to honor Sybrina, and I agree with all of the wonderful attributes you have used in describing her:

    • Yahtzee,
      Sybrina has a special place in my heart. The word “courage” is not strong enough to describe her.

      • yahtzeebutterfly


        I also love this video that you created titled “To Tracy” where you correctly note Tracy Martin’s wonderful qualities as a man and as Trayvon’s father:

        • Thanks Yahtzee. Trayvon’s parents are courageous. Trayvon’s death and the injustice propelled them into the public eye. Many parents would not have done that out of fear of the very things that have been said about and done to them. They keep their focus on doing good and helping others.

  44. roderick2012

    You know it came to me the other night that God isn’t going to let George die(not even by his own hands because he’s too much of coward to commit suicide) and get peace.

    God is going to keep him alive so he can be tormented every single day by the deeds that he’s done and will never stop thinking about how he murdered Trayvon as he screamed and begged for his life and then stole Trayvon’s screams as his as well as Trayvon’s blood.

    George will roam the earth with the mark of Cain.

    • Roderick,
      I totally agree. When people sow large seeds, and they water and cultivate them as Trayvon’s killer has, they grow fast and large. The fruit is rotten, and that is what they find in their garden of life. There are no good trees, no good fruit, in their garden of life to sustain them. They are the living dead.


    A woman bought the gun to give to her son as a Birthday present!
    Wow! Is that sick!

    The owner of Froggies saloon was outbid. He says he loves everybody. Even murderers apparently!
    Maybe he can get Casey Anthony and OJ to sell him something!

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