Off Duty Atlanta Cop Attacks Man at Walmart Over False Accusation

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This off-duty Atlanta Cop walks up and attacks a man leaving a Walmart, then charges him with resisting arrest for a crime the man did not do.

Cop not only need to lose his badge, but spend a year or two in jail.

Atlanta cop in ‘Robocop mode’ caught on tape breaking man’s leg — over a Walmart tomato

An Atlanta man is suing a local police officer for attacking him over a tomato inside a local Walmart, WSB-TV reported.

“As he’s grabbing me, he’s beating me at the same time, [saying] ‘Get on the ground,’” Tyrone Carnegay said of his encounter with Officer Trevor King. “Beating me at the same time.”

Security footage of the October 2014 encounter shows King approach Carnegay as he is walking out of the store. A manager accused Carnegay of stealing the tomato from the store. King quickly takes his baton out and begins hitting…

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  1. I hope he wins millions, he deserves every penny. I think we already know that $$ will be the extent of any justice he will receive.

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    • Good morning, Mindyme! This is another case where a third-party accused an innocent person, and a cop decided to go ballistic based on the false report. I wonder if WalMart terminated that manager?

      Heck! If I saw a person in a large store like Walmart steal nothing more than a tomato, I would have paid for it myself rather than have that person subjected to the judicial system.

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  2. Here’s the video of what happened. You can see it also on Btx3’s blog.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Absolutely no excuse for what that officer did!

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  4. A year ago I was walking toward an intersection near a fast food emporium with some grocery store purchases, including a bouquet of flowers for my daughter’s birthday. Apparently a crime had been committed by a woman who had fled on foot from the fast food joint. An employee and cop were outside on the patio, discussing details of the incident. His head was turning every which way, scanning the area as he listened. As soon as the cop saw me on the sidewalk approaching the area, he pointed at me and began to surge forward . . . I heard the employee say no . . . so why on earth would the cop even think that someone calmly walking TOWARD the building with hands full of bags and flowers . . . you get the picture. Seems that way too many cops’ brains work overtime without being engaged with reality! A good example of what way too many black people put up with on a daily basis.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “I heard the employee say no . . . so why on earth would the cop even think that someone calmly walking TOWARD the building with hands full of bags and flowers . . . you get the picture. Seems that way too many cops’ brains work overtime without being engaged with reality!”

      I think that an applicant for a law enforcement position should be tested on his/her critical thinking skills. If the applicant is unable to pass such a test, he/she should not become an officer.

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      • A little known fact (brought out years ago in a television news report years ago), is that many police departments have an upper limit to the education and I.Q. rating permissible for acceptance onto the force.

        Not always official or written, the departments have a policy of limiting the intelligence of police patrolpersons. The ‘logic’ according to the command structure is that officers with too much education, intelligence, or imagination will quickly become bored with the routine and are too ‘sensitive’ for the necessities of the job.

        I am not being facetious, this is actually what was stated, on camera, by police officials. I only wish I could remember the show that presented the interview.

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  5. The malfunction stems from poor maintenance. The system was never designed to be self-correcting. All adjustments are the responsibility of the operator (us).

    Now we have police running amok with no torque limiters. Now the machine is shaking itself apart and we are afraid to touch it for fear we will be injured.

    The police UNIONS hold us all hostage. Judges, prosecutors, juries, are all afraid that if we don’t let the police get away with abuse, (even murder), they will turn on us.

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    • Hey Jay. Welcome to We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident.

      Re: hostage. There is definitely a fear by law abiding citizens, and it’s not all respectful fear. If members of law enforcement were held accountable, (and this includes police departments taking citizen complaints seriously), some of that fear could be converted to respect. It’s like most other matters involving customer service. The consumer/customer/citizen feels better about the service when they are respected and taken seriously.

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  6. We have gone way beyond race here. This is common sense that is lacking. What ever happened to approaching someone and asking them a question? Are you stealing the tomato? Even theft of clothes, DVD’s, or an IPOD do not require, jump first and injure them and then ask questions. I would have probably have hit him with my cane and you all would find me in jail. Hugs, Barbara

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    • Idealistic Rebel,
      Preach it!

      Also, I thought that a customer had to walk out of the store before being accused of shoplifting. He was stopped before he exited the store.

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      • Xena, this is true in many states. I don’t know about Texas. They are tough there. I do know that in medieval times, a child stealing food could cause him to lose an hand. I hope I don’t sound preachy. I am trying to sound logical and rational. Hugs, Barbara

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        • Barbara,
          Sorry for the misunderstanding. Saying “preach it” is like saying “you told the truth” or a phrase of agreement for seeing it the same way.

          I wonder what the cost of the tomato was had the man not paid for it — would it had fallen under a misdemeanor with a small fine? Maybe that’s why to cop decided to beat the man and then lie about the charges. As it turns out, the table has been turn. I hope he prevails in his lawsuit.

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  7. A Jacksonville, Florida cop has been fired for beating a handcuffed woman who kicked him. This is one video. He beat her before arresting her. The dash cam video of what happened before he beat her while handcuffed is at

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      That handcuffed woman did a professional martial arts front snap kick on the officer. Looks like she landed her second kick in the officer’s male area. (You can see it if you make the video go in slow motion by stop/start clicking from timestamp 0:06 to 0:07.)

      Here is a training video of a snap kick. (You raise your knee first before the kick which is what the handcuffed woman did.) :

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I was not only distressed to see the police officer hit the handcuffed woman but also to see that the other officers just stood by while it all unfolded.

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