We have lost Prince and David Bowie in the same year.


How many of us remember this classic from Prince originally released in 1984 on the “Purple Rain” album?   This is one of those songs that has easily stuck in my mind from this legendary artist.  I’ve seen many news reports that show many people riding by his Minneapolis studio.  Fans have also began dropping flowers by the studio as well.  He is certainly music royalty that is now gone………. He was found dead today in an elevator.  Now….HE HAS BEEN ELEVATED TO ANOTHER LEVEL!!!  RIP PRINCE!
TMZ is reporting the following:

“Prince hit up a local pharmacy hours before he died — the 4th time he visited this week — indicating his health was far worse than the simple flu.

TMZ obtained this photo of Prince leaving a Walgreens near his home in Minnesota Wednesday night at around 7 PM.
Prince hit up a local pharmacy hours before he died — the 4th time…

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    So, so sad.

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  3. 😥

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  4. I think I’m in shock. I just can’t believe this. I had watched this video recently and it was the first performance I thought of when I heard the news. An incredible array of talent.

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    • Mindyme,
      It’s been my impression for a very long time that Prince was never recognized for being among the great guitarists. Thanks for sharing the video.

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  5. What a loss! Nobody else like him!

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  7. Many people know of Prince, but they don’t know of others who made their mark in the music world because of Prince. He was a humble man, never boasting about the doors he opened for others.

    Because of Prince, the Time made their mark in the music industry. Out of the Time came Alexander O’Neal. It was Jimmy Jam and Terri Lewis of the Time who wrote for Janet Jackson, launching her album “Control.” The song, “What Have You Done For Me Lately” has Prince influence written all over it.

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  8. chuquestaquenumber1

    What a shock this was. I was having lunch with a friend (a birthday lunch) when I saw this on cable news. This was incredible. Prince was the complete performer(singer,writer,producer,dance master musician total of 27 instruments,video pioneer,mogul actor,multiple award winner Oscar ,Grammies,AMA’s.) The words renaissance man are tossed around easily. He truly deserved that title. Here is my tribute. Prince’s first number one song.Also the number one song of 1984. I saw Purple Rain 3 times when it was in the theatres.

    RIP PRN Prince Rogers Nelson

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  9. I’m still mourning. It’s been so comforting to be able to go online and find other people who understand and are grieving too. I’ve been in love with this man since the age of 12….rest in peace, beautiful one!

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    • Hey Eurobrat! It happened so suddenly. There’s a member of my family who worked with Prince and some of the groups he established. She was a background singer, and it’s hit her pretty hard.

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      • I can only imagine how hard it would be for someone who knew him personally. Yes, that’s part of the shock for me — he was just way too young to go yet. I almost don’t want to know more about why it happened…not as important as what his life meant to me 😦

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