New York Police Officer Charged For Lying


Jonathan Munoz, Sitting Center. Photo credit, Jefferson Siegel, NY Daily News

It was on March 12, 2014 when 21-year old Jason Disisto was arrested by New York police officer Jonathan Munoz.  In December 2015, Officer Jonathan Munoz was arrested for misrepresenting the facts surrounding Jason’s arrest.

Munoz alleged that he suspected a 20-year old woman of purchasing marijuana and that she threatened him.  Jason was there with his cell phone because those present believed it to be an unlawful stop and frisk. Munoz alleged that Jason was interfering with his arrest of the woman; that he took a “fighting stance” and threw a punch at him.

Munoz booked Jason for obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.  Jason was arrested and jailed for 24 hours before being released on $1,500 bail.

It wasn’t video on Jason’s phone, but surveillance video of a local restaurant that revealed that Jason had not engaged in the actions attributed to him by Munoz, and that Munoz had unlawfully searched the woman as she stood on the sidewalk.

A grand jury indicted Jonathan Munoz, who had been an NYPD officer since 2006.  He is charged with offering a false instrument for filing, official misconduct and making a punishable false written statement.  If convicted, Munoz faces up to 4 years in prison. Munoz is currently on unpaid administrative leave.

With the surveillance video, the district attorney dismissed the charges against Jason.

“Had this officer’s attempts to conceal his alleged misconduct succeeded, an innocent man may still be facing charges for a fabricated crime,” DA Cyrus Vance Jr. said in a statement.

The goal of reform is not only to hold law enforcement officers accountable by putting them on trial for crimes committed against citizens, but to make all police officers perform in fairness and honesty.  Video shows that Jonathan Munoz; Michael Slager (who killed Walter Scott); Jason Van Dyke (who killed Laquan McDonald); and Brian Encinia (who arrested Sandra Bland), did not tell the truth of what happened.  They impugn the integrity of law enforcement officers.



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  3. “……turn in his badge……” “false arrest… not uncommon”.

    Munoz doesn’t look like such a tough guy sitting in court now, does he.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Good thing for Jason that there were three surveillance cameras to prove his innocence!

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  5. It’s disgusting that people still have to deal with crap like this. We need to vote every political leader who panders to racism and class divisions out of office. All of them!

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    • Welcome Robert! What you say is true, and I often wonder if prejudice is so deeply rooted, if they actually understand it’s pandering to racism and class divisions. During this presidential campaign, we’ve heard again and again about the “middle-class” and the obstacles they face. Well, I would like for each candidate, at least one time, define “middle-class.” What constitutes “class” including poverty, is generally established by the counties of each state, or by each state. A middle-class person in a city that has a low cost of living, would be in poverty if living in places such as Los Angeles or New York.

      In other words, the candidates need to define “middle-class” because there are working class people whose income is at or below the poverty level.

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      • They can talk all they want to about the Middle Class but a middle class ain’t gonna happen without basic public services.

        Everything they say about ‘self reliance’ and ‘self made people’ is BS.

        If you grew up in the United States during the middle part of the 20th Century then you and your children are beneficiaries of the New Deal, and the Labor Movement. If you voted for Reagan, Bush, Gingrich and GWB you essentially voted to deprive your children and grandchildren of the opportunities granted to you by your parents and grandparents.


  6. Officers are going to have to get used to the idea that all of their public encounters are being recorded

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  7. Glad you posted this story bc I remember this video.
    I can imagine how helpless & frustrated this guy felt being accosted & drug off to jail by a bunch of scary roided up armed thugs on a busy city street & no one could help him.
    What else can we do besides stand & watch?
    But we expect (like Sandra Bland expected) that we’ll go to court & have our side heard & respected.
    But that’s not happening if the judge/prosecutor will completely disregard 5 contradictory witnesses in order to accept the cop’s version.

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    • Shannon,
      What you express is how grand juries also “hear” testimony. It’s probably why some prosecutors now allow the person of interest to testify before the grand jury — something unheard of previously.

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