Donald Trump Cancels Chicago Rally

Screen-Shot-2016-03-11-at-8.32.55-PM-300x199Those sons of hippies. Those darn progressives.   Those doggone believers in equality for all. Those idiots who live in a diverse area.  Those morons who attend the diverse University of Illinois in Chicago.  They came together by the thousands inside and outside of the U of I Pavilion causing Trump to cancel his rally.

Go Chicago! Go Chicago! Good Job!

Show America who the idiots and morons really are.




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  1. Wow! Chicago did exactly what everyone should be doing everywhere Trump goes!
    I was freaking out that they let him go to Valdosta University and he kicks out like 30 students! Tuition paying students! Their own school!!
    I wouldn’t react well if my school let that pig spread his slop.

    • Shannon,
      When I heard about what happened in Valdosta, I thought, “same old attitude.” It’s the same city that wants America to believe that a kid dived into a gym mat during school, unseen and unheard, but his body was discovered the next day by his feet sticking out of the top. The decision makers at the U of I would never disallow their own students on the campus.

  2. Interesting turn of events. I’ve been expecting this too. Let’s hope it continues 😉

    • For sure, chosenpaths. The students at that university started a petition to keep Trump off their campus. The college’s decision makers said they could not stop it, so the students organized. CNN reported that the Pavilion holds 10K and had about 8,500 inside, with more than half being protesters. They could not estimate the number of demonstrators outside because the crowd continued growing. It was in the thousands.

      Also as CNN pointed out, Trump made a huge mistake when selecting the U of I in Chicago campus. It is in a historically diverse community racially, and religiously. That area was my old stomping ground back in the ’70’s and I had a gut feeling that Trump and his supporters were not going to be comfortable surrounded by people that look more like the United Nations than countries in the United Nations.

  3. I am scratching my head over all of this. Holding this rally in downtown Chicago with all of its diversity was almost asking for this kind of fiasco. Even though 25,000 were supposed to participate, Mr. Trump’s peoples did no vetting prior to allowing folks entry.

    I have been watching Rachel Maddow. The local police are stating for the record that they did not recommend for him to postpone this rally and that Mr. Trump was not even at the rally event to hold a discussion with them.


    • Gronda,
      I don’t think it was for media attention. Actually, I think that Trump thought having a rally on that campus would give him bragging rights for support.

      • crustyolemothman

        Gronda & Xena, Actually this was a masterful political move by trump. He had absolutely no intentions to speak at this venue, but the protestors brought him more free publicity than money could have bought. While we dislike trump and what he stands for, he appeals to a segment of society that has always been there, but not exposed like it has been this election cycle, the closet white racist segment of our society.
        After the last eight years of racial division in this nation caused by the election of the first black POTUS by the majority of the people, the hate is starting to finally boil over and coming out of the shadows and into the light. The real question is, can this nation survive this final round of racial strife, or are we doomed to become yet another failed experiment as a free society? Will it really matter who wins or loses this election? I would like to think so, but part of me says that no matter who wins the nation loses. A divided nation can not continue to stand, and it seems that as each day passes we become more divided along the lines of gender, race and heritage. Where do we as a nation go from here?

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    The voices for equality, diversity, brotherhood and love need to be heard loud and clear over the din of the voices of hate and racism!

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Yep. They are going to be all right because they do not have racism and hate in their hearts. They are connected in a community that appreciates diversity and brotherhood.

      They say “no” to those who promote violence and racism.

  5. Two sides to a story

    Well done, Chi-town!

  6. Well, this is a first, when predominately White college students are accused of a “riot.” The only thing destroyed was Trump’s ability to talk hate in Chicago tonight — not even a pumpkin was destroyed.

  7. Hypocrisy! People have to give up their rights to be where they want or be physically assaulted and removed, but when there are too many to remove, it’s violating Trump’s free speech?

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Trump’s bulldozer tone/language is not constructive.

    • Yahtzee,
      I consider it provoking and hate speech. He likes accusing others and his solution is to rid the country of anyone who he deems has or is causing America’s problems. It wouldn’t surprise me if he blamed little people for “shortages” and suggested taking away their constitutional rights until the problem is fixed.

  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Totally agree!! It was about time ….
    “Go Chicago! Go Chicago! Good Job!”!!

    • Hey Horty! Thanks so much for the reblog.

      • Excellent post!! In a kinda “sick” way, I guess …. I was glad, aside from the violence, that this happened.
        Could it be the beginning of his end? Hoping …. hugs!!

        • Horty,
          I don’t know if Trump is holding rallies in another college venue where the students are opposed to him and willing to organize a protest. Last week in Valdosta, GA where he spoke in a college, security put the students out. That was wrong because it’s THEIR COLLEGE.

  10. crustyolemothman

    Donnie trump is a mixture of George Wallace (1970″s) Ross Perot, and Ron Paul, all of them campaigned on a message of hate, some more covert than other. They all denied their racial bigotry, and all had a very large following from the “alleged silent majority”. However none of the other fools had the benefit of following behind a black POTUS who had been subjected to so much hate and lack of respect as has President Obama. With so many closet racists coming out, I wonder how they will manage to sneak back into the safety of that closet after they discover that they really are not the “majority” in this nation? Will our nation survive this onslaught of racial animosity, or will we as many other empires down thru history fall? Can the damage this election cycle has caused be repaired or even reduced regardless of who ultimately wins the election?

    • yahtzeebutterfly


      You have provide some good food food for thought.

      The art of negotiation and compromise seems to be lacking among politicians. There is so much of “my way or the highway” that politicians are modeling for their supporters with the result that few people feel the need of working together with a community spirit.

      It seems to me that very few are making use of the bridges of empathy and understanding.

      I wish the hate and racial bigotry out there would just vanish.

    • Mothman,

      With so many closet racists coming out, I wonder how they will manage to sneak back into the safety of that closet after they discover that they really are not the “majority” in this nation?

      They don’t want to go back in that closet. It’s pretty much the same attitude that women, minorities and gays have in this country only with one difference, currently. When the rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness have to be enforced by legislation, and people pursue those rights, they don’t want to return to the closet.

      When it comes to the very biases and bigotry that is reason for legislating civil rights laws, and those having such bigotry see that institutionalized racism and oppression did not stop Barack Obama, they are furious. They blame his path of climbing the ladder as being made possible by affirmative action government programs. (There are no affirmative action programs that apply to elections, but they don’t recognize that.)

      Their solution? Get rid of the government so the programs can be eliminated. In their minds, they sincerely believe that it means that their hatred and bigotry can stay out of the closet.

      So, essentially what we have are people who exercise constitutional rights, and other people who want to use violence and hate speech to intimidate others to not exercise those rights.

  11. chuquestaquenumber1

    This is what happens when you have a racist,misogynistic vulgarian named Donald Trump running for president. His rallies and supporters have produced violence towards Hispanics and Blacks. All of this was accepted and applauded. Even violence towards a conservative white woman of the number one trump promoting site is tolerated. Now Chicago happens and people are surprised. Redstate a conservative site to my surprise are calling for people(protesters) to be ARMED . Trump has sown hatred ,racism ,vulgarity and violence. Now he’s reaping the very hatred,racism,vulgarity and violence. Hopefully,nobody else will get hurt or worse.

  12. yahtzeebutterfly

  13. CBS reporter in Chicago was arrested.

    • crustyolemothman

      Xena, of course we all know that his being “black in America” had nothing to do with his arrest, Right? I have visited many of the “trumpster” supporters sites and one thing that is universal about their report of the Chicago event is that they seem to intentionally film in such a way as to eliminate any white protestors being at the event, and in their words, it was the unemployed black paid for thuggish trouble makers that went to the event to disrupt a “free speech” (only they have the right to freedom of speech!) and the violence was caused by the protestors not them.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Hey Crusty,

        Did you see Saturday Night Live? It’s titled “Ben Carson Roughed UP at Trump Rally.” You can find the video of it at this link:

      • Mothman,
        Being Black in Chicago at a time when the mayor and State’s Attorney are being questioned for cover-ups, such as the Laquan video, has brought people together of all races, and done just the opposite too with subjecting Blacks to more law enforcement profiling.

        I’ve read some of the very slanted criticism about the protesters. I watched it live. It was predominately White attended. That is why there are times I bow my head and wonder just how much people are willing to impugn their own integrity and look like fools when misrepresenting the truth. I think they might be some of the same folks who have wanted a race war since 2008.

        • crustyolemothman

          Xena, I watched a few film clips the day after the Chicago protest of the trump non-get-to-gether, and something stuck in my mind while watching one of them (and I failed to book mark it, darn it) and early this morning it dawned on me, some of the images that were shown were actually from the riots in Baltimore and not from Chicago at all. Yes the same people that backed ron Paul in 2012 that suggested the nation be purged of certain minorities are becoming even more vocal during the current reality show season (it used to be known as an election season!), and it seems that several of the GWOP candidates are using that racial hatred to advance their ideology in their quest for the prize…

          • Hey Mothman,
            You are so right about the photos some are using. I wasn’t sure where the locations were, but I could recognize they were not from Chicago and specifically, the UofI campus.

            The boldness? Well, they want their country back. They want to turn the clock back to 1863 or so and have a civil war do-over.

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