Officer Who Arrested Sandra Bland Fired From Job

fired-trooper-enciniaBrian Encina, the Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland, has been fired from his job with the Texas Department of Public Safety. In December, he was indicted on a perjury charge. He’s accused of lying about his July 10, 2015 arrest of Sandra Bland and their confrontational traffic stop. It was caught on dashcam video and also filmed by a passer-by. The perjury charge is a misdemeanor, with a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Twenty-eight year old Sandra Bland was found dead in the Waller County jail. Although her death was ruled a suicide, an investigation is taking place, including involvement by the FBI.

(Hat tip to Pat Hartman for the interview reference.) Private consultant David Fisher looked into the in-custody death of Sandra Bland. He has found that Sandra was epileptic, and on the medication Keppra, which if stopped abruptly, causes seizure. From the time of her arrest on July 10, 2015, until the discovery of her body on July 13th, no medical personnel visited Sandra.

Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

Sandra’s autopsy showed that she had a high concentration of marijuana in her system. Fisher points out in his interview that the Texas legislature just approved medical marijuana to treat epileptic seizures. On December 7, 2015, Fisher received a letter from the Waller County attorney that states they were treating Sandra with a drug. However, they asked the attorney general to allow them to withhold the name of the drug that they gave to Sandra. The toxicology report lists one drug in her system and that drug is marijuana.

Fisher also discovered that on Sunday, July 13, 2015, the charge was altered so that Sandra would have to go before a judge again to set another bond. You can listen to the entire interview at this link.  Scroll down the page to the video box that is the audio of Fisher’s interview.



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  1. Good article, thank you for posting it. I am glad that this trooper got fired. I was a long haul truck driver 1981-2013 and during those years I had the miss fortune of witnessing some officers who were in bad need of maturity classes. Until a department decides to clean up it’s own yard and get rid of the arrogant mouthy immature members of their force situations like what happened with Ms. Bland will continue unabated.

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    • Hey Oldpoet56! Thanks for the comment. If you get a chance, please listen to Fisher’s interview. It is packed with information about his investigation.

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  2. THIS IS AT LEAST SOMETHING BUT IT IS NOT JUSTICE. The police in not acting appropriately were the direct link to her death that was easily preventable.

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    • Yes it is at least something. It should not of ever happened in the first place. R.I.P beautiful woman!!!

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      • Hey Shyloh! I am looking to see if a copy of Sandra’s family’s lawsuit is available. I read that they have sued Encina for wrongful death.

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    • Gronda, ABSOLUTELY! If not put for the fact that Encina escalated the situation, Sandra would not have been arrested.

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      • What he did, would haunt a normal person, knowing they unnecessarily instigated a situation where another human being lost their life. I wonder if he owns what he did, or regrets that day

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  3. I wonder how long until a neighboring county snatches up this prime piece of … cop.

    The video is hard to watch. Poor Sandra, and all of the rest who have been murdered at the hands of roid raging LEOs

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    From Xena’s article:
    “Fisher also discovered that on Sunday, July 13, 2015, the charge was altered so that Sandra would have to go before a judge again to set another bond.”

    David Fisher pointed out that the original warning ticket issued to Sandra Bland listed her driver’s license as being from Illinois.

    Here is how the electronically generated warning ticket reads:
    Date: July 10, 2015 — 4:27 pm
    DL #IL – B45378187638
    Violator: BLAND, SANDRA A
    Issued b 14271 – ENCINIA, B.
    Region 2 District C Area 04

    So, we know that Sandra handed Trooper Encinia her valid Illinois driver’s license and not her expired/invalid Texas driver’s license which was also in her purse. Her purse stayed with her car when her car was towed away to the impound car facility.

    David Fisher points out that, when the jail checked Sandra in, her purse which contained her expired/invalid Texas driver’s license was not listed among her possessions. Yet, later, in a different pen and a different handwriting , Sandra’s Texas license was added to the list of her possessions at jail-check-in.

    David Fisher explains in his interview that sometime Sunday another ticket was electronically created with the same date and time of the warning ticket but it listed her Texas driver’s license instead of her Illinois license.

    Here is how that “back-dated” ticket (created Sunday) read:

    Date July 10, 2015 4:27 pm
    DL #TX – 26459733
    You are hereby notified to appear before:
    Court MUNICIPAL …
    … Issued b 14271 – ENCINIA, B.
    Region 2 District C Area 04
    STATUS; ACTIVE BEGIN DT: 02092014 END DT: 12319999

    From David Fisher’s interview (hosted by Donnie Walker):
    (note: Levon Moseley is a bail bondsman)

    Now, she makes a phone call to a gentleman, Levon Moseley. She made a phone call to him on Saturday. He tried to call back all day Sunday to the jail. He got no answer at the jail. No answer! He said it went through voicemail.

    “And, then, when I saw, I saw an interview piece in the Chicago magazine, that was published a week or so ago, where they quoted Levon Mosley of saying that he, Sunday morning, had made numerous calls to the jail and they were, they went to voicemail and were never answered.

    “ Now the reason this is critical to me is, in the records I received from the general counsel of the DPS back in November, there is a third traffic ticket. And, nobody said (inaudible), it’s never been reported, that was allegedly issued to Sandra Bland on Saturday afternoon at 4:27 p.m. on July 10, the same time and date as the other two tickets that we’re aware of: the one for failing to signal a lane change and the assault of a public servant.

    “But, this third ticket made her ineligible for a bond. Now, I know the document numbers on DPS documents, and even though this ticket is dated and timed at 4:27 July 10, this ticket was issued sometime Sunday or after. So, something happen Sunday that the DPS didn’t want Sandra Bland eligible for a bond.

    “And, Levon Moseley was the first person Sandra Bland called to come and bond her out. And, Levon Moseley is not somebody that’s unknown to the jail in Waller, in Hempstead there in Waller County. He is a known individual within the Sheriff’s Department and the community there. And, thus, this confirmed what I had suspected. There is nothing.

    “And, something did happen to Sandra Bland sometime after Saturday evening, and they did not want her bonded out. And, so, in my opinion, based on what I’m seeing, and I can only go, follow the records as far as they go. That ticket was created to prevent Levon Mosley from coming up or anybody else and bonding Sandra Bland out of jail after Saturday night…

    “That …ticket is generated sometime Sunday. And, it is for driving on an invalid Texas driver’s license for a failure to appear in court. Now, that kind of ticket, if you get arrested on it, you are not eligible for a bond. You have to be taken before the court that you failed to appear to either have an additional charge brought against you, a bond set, you know, something that you’ve got to go back before the judge of that court.

    “The problem is, on the additional records I have, and you can easily see on the ticket, there’s no warrant associated with this. And, if [someone] failed to appear in court, and the judge doesn’t issue a warrant, the DPS will never know that you failed to appear in court, and it didn’t matter that you that you didn’t appear in court because the judge did not consider it an arrestable offense because they didn’t issue a warrant.

    “So, that’s an additional lot of problem for the DPS and Waller County because this ticket is clearly manufactured in (inaudible) respects. And the question begs, “Why did they dot it? and what happened Sunday that they had a change of heart and did not want anybody bonding her out?”

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      In my comment above the following should not be in italics because they are my words:

      David Fisher pointed out that the original warning ticket issued to Sandra Bland listed her driver’s license as being from Illinois.

      Here is how the electronically generated warning ticket reads:


    • All of this is very strange. There should be charges against everyone who participated in this.


  5. I think Encinia can still appeal? It seems like a lot of protections are in place for cops who are not on the straight and narrow.
    I’m guessing he is taking a hit for the team, in terms of public relations, but the old boys have already lined up another job for him.
    One of the cops who investigated Kendrick Johnson’s death was some kind of scandalous transplant from another department and state. At this moment I don’t have my meticulous journalist hat on and am too focused on something else to look it up.

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  6. Like

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