If this were my child in this video, I would be in some very serious trouble.  In life we are taught to be law-abiding and for the most part, I think most people are.  But… after seeing this disturbing video, God himself would have to grab and restrain me from reaching out to touch this particular officer in some manner.

Okay, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me give you more information.  At Reach Partnership School, a middle school in Baltimore, Maryland, a police officer was caught on camera slapping and kicking a student.  At this time, the head of the Baltimore school police force and the two officers seen in this video are on administrative leave.  This action was taken after the video became public.  No word yet as to what happened prior to the physical altercation but I can assure you that attorneys are lined up…

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  1. He would be safer in jail, had he done this to my child.


  2. What made the officer think he had any right to put his hands on any child in a situation where he isn’t defending himself or another student from a physical attack? ARRGGHH

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks for re-blogging Roach’s article, Xena.

    Roach, thanks for bringing this horrible incident to our attention. Hopefully, the officer will be charged with brutal abuse of that student. (The other officer should have stopped him from beating the student.)

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  4. Here we go again……..why ??

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  5. chuquestaquenumber1

    It’s really disgusting how this massive cop couldn’t handle this lanky kid without this unnecessary violence. It’s also disgusting how the female officer just stands there being oblivious. Hopefully the two of them will be prosecuted.

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  6. Well, like I said on twitter. I’d be doing some serious bit#$ slapping on this cop if that were my son. I don’t care what he did. Use better judgement. I am mad as heck over this. Whatever happened to YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANOTHER PERSON UNLESS YOU ARE DEFENDING YOURSELF???

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