Did a cop give instructions on how to run over Black Lives Matter protestors and get away with it?

Heard about this, and happy that you blogged it. Thanks.

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attribution: Screenshot of MPR News Video


A St. Paul, Minnesota, police officer has been placed on leave after allegedly writing a Facebook post encouraging people to run over Black Lives Matter protestors. A “JM Roth” posted on the Facebook page of the Pioneer Press over the weekend with instructions on how to run over protesters planning a demonstration at the Lake Street-Marshall Avenue Bridge on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and get away with it. Minneapolis cop watcher Andrew Henderson brought the post to the attention of the St. Paul Police Department’s internal affairs division. A screenshot of the offensive post, along with what purports to be Henderson’s phone conversation with internal affairs, can be seen in the video below the fold.

City Pages, a local paper, first brought the story of the incident. According to the report, Henderson identified the Facebook user “JM Roth” as Jeff Rothecker based on previous…

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  1. And Police claim their job is to Serve and Protect. Such a lie

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    • Lady, maybe he thought he was serving motorists, but doing so was not protecting protesters. I considered that his Facebook post was also intended to intimidate protesters. People are using all sorts of scare tactics in effort to stop demonstrators.

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  2. Two sides to a story

    Sad state of American education as well as police training when a constitutional right is blatantly ignored.

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  3. chuquestaquenumber1

    However this cop is NOT saying that ARMED white militia people that took over a federal building in Oregon,damaging and hijacking federal property,most importantly are willing to kill cops should be run over.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    It is scary that an individual with the authority of a LE badge is alleged to have given such instructions.

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