Round And Round The Story Goes

Dom, your words not only express your talent, but the power in which you use them.

Dom DiFrancesco

Round and round the story goes

One that’s as old as time

Where it stops nobody knows

Causing tensions to climb

These 50 odd years since civil rights

Have made so little change

Hatred between black and white

Festers like the mange

Fear of lynching may have passed

But fear exists no less

While walking the street they’re still harassed

No matter how finely dressed

Ask Sandra Bland or Michael Brown

Oh wait they cannot speak

Too many names buried in the ground

The future seems so bleak

Justify and deny all you wish

Your blindness it won’t erase

200 years by chains and switch

Like animals kept in place

Nothing has changed in modern day

Ask Eric, Tamir or Trayvon

It matters not what any of us say

Because either way they’re gone

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Dominic, your deeply moving poem is outstanding! Your caring heart is reflected in your well-chosen words.

    Thanks for re-blogging Dominic’s poem, Xena.


  2. ((((((((APPLAUSE)))))))) ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    “Nothing has change in modern day” As sad as this is, it is so true.


  3. So true, every word. Thank you for this.


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