Cleveland Police Officer Under Investigation for Facebook Post Attacking Tamir Rice’s Mother

The Washington Post

tamir-riceMatthew Cicero, a five-year veteran of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, accused the mother of the slain 12-year-old of being motivated by money.

Matthew Cicero, who has worked as a Cleveland Metropolitan School District resource officer for five years, posted the comments several days after prosecutors declined to indict officer Timothy Loehmann, who shot and killed Rice within seconds of encountering the 12-year-old at a public park in November 2014. Officers did not administer first aid to the boy, and he died the next day.

Cicero’s posts have been deleted along with his entire Facebook page, but were ABC-affiliate WEWS captured images. Cicero began his rant by blaming Samaria Rice of being a bad parent under an emoji that said “feeling annoyed,” according to screenshots posted by the station.

“Tamir rices momma just want money,” he wrote. “Lets make the proper changes……raise your kids not to play with fake guns stupid b**ch. All this media because the are notgetting what they want…… Again pleeeeze anyone who does not like what I post…..unfriendly me or block me your not worth my time”

Another Facebook user pushed back, asking Cicero when a 12-year-old playing with a toy gun became “a solid platform for the death penalty?”

“This officer regardless of race was negligent and should be brought to justice for negligent homicide,” a Facebook user named Wendy Smith said.


Later that day, WEWS reported, a CMSD spokesman sent the station a detailed statement addressing the Facebook posts. The statement said the department was aware of Cicero’s “alleged” posts and had placed the officer on leave while the incident was being investigated:

“While we respect every employee’s right to freedom of speech, with those rights comes a responsibility to do so in ways that are appropriate and sensitive to others, particularly to the people we serve,” the statement said.

CEO Eric Gordon, who on December 30 cautioned all CMSD staff members to show respect for feelings on both sides of this difficult issue, said the hurtful comments in the alleged post are contrary to his expectation that staff will promote peace and understanding among those who disagree about or who struggle to make sense of this tragedy.

 ‘The comments posted are particularly insensitive, considering that Officer Cicero works for the school district that served Tamir Rice and his family,’ said CEO Eric Gordon. ‘Even as we grieve the tragic loss of this child to his family and to our entire school community, we are mindful of the very difficult job of our safety forces in our schools and our communities.  Neither our citizens nor those who police our communities should be painted with a broad brush, and I don’t believe we will ever find solutions to such complex issues through Facebook posts — especially posts that further divide us.” (Emphasis added)

Cleveland City Council member Jeff Johnson told WEWS that Cicero’s posts show he’s unfit for his job and should be terminated.

“It’s disrespectful to women, it’s disrespectful to African Americans,” he said. “The fact that he’s so insensitive and he’s placing the blame of Tamir’s death on Tamir, for me that’s enough for him to be not working with children in the Cleveland school system.”

Source: Cleveland police officer under investigation for Facebook post attacking Tamir Rice’s mother – The Washington Post

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  1. Two sides to a story

    And one reason cops who hold opinions like this are referred to as pigs . . .

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  2. Wait, what????? Did this (off)icer just speak like this about: 1.) the child that was murdered 2.)The mother of the child that was murdered 3.) the community that he is sworn to protect, etc. This man has no clue whatsoever. He needs to be fired for his lack of sensitivity to a community that deserves much better than the lack of (off)icer that he is. Geez…………….
    Where do they get these people from?

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    • Man……this guy takes the cake. And he’s a police officer in a school district ?? Lets start with his butchery of the English language. His garbage is despicable and he states he’s feeling annoyed ??

      Damn Sam !!! Imagine what his family must feel !! ?? !!

      He states he doesn’t have the time to waste “asking questions” and coddle kids who pull out guns !!!! For Real !!

      These are KIDS…..also spelled Children…..spelled Minors…..and they need the space when they make a “mistake” such as playing with a toy gun.

      In fact, it’s been speculated Tamir was trying to show it was a toy when he was shot. Tamir was shot in less than 1 second of the cop car pulling into the camera frame.

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      • Ditto to everything you said. How could you not consider stepping back a moment just to make sure that you are in fact seeing what you think you are seeing before you take an innocent life. One of the things that happens in law enforcement training is that you have exercises that help you decide before firing if the person is a friend or foe. This is all pure madness!

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        • My dad was a cop from 1956 to 86 and shooting was taught as the last resort back then. All I read today is the shoot 1st so as to protect themselves.

          Duuuhhhhhhh……next time don’t pull up 6 feet from someone who might be dangerous. Stop, oh…….say……………150 feet or so away……….grab the mic…………put the siren module on “hailer” and say “……..please drop the weapon……” or something like that. You know, maybe the cops should have used “common sense”…….but that’s just me.

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  3. Two side, Roach and Racer,
    One of the reasons I bolded the “broad brush” statement is because such generalizations, or profiles, or biases, are absent in cases when the victim is not a person of color. Remember a recent post — the one about the 14 year old shot by his neighbor on New Year’s Eve for playing the door-bell game?

    Reasonably, that kid’s parents did not know he was out playing that game, and certainly not after midnight. At least that kid was not killed — only wounded.

    Would CIcero be so quick to accuse the mom of not raising her son correctly, and not supervising him? Would he say that the mom should not look for investigators to charge the shooter or if she does, that she’s only doing it for the money?

    Victim blaming is ancient, but it began becoming the norm, particularly on social media in 2012 with the killing of Trayvon Martin. What we are learning is that it is only applied when the victim is a person of color.

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    • Exactly …….I was first aware of this garbage when rape victims would be vilified since they all wore high heels……had nice legs……a slim waist…….great hair……and well……she was just asking for it. How pathetic is a society…..and especially a judicial system that allows that.

      The media………well, let me say, they make it all worse.

      If Tamir’s name was Jack English… know….a Wasp…….I doubt Cicero would say anything.

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      • Racer,
        The double-standards make my stomach turn. See, if there was one standard applied to every person shot, whether by private citizen or law enforcement, then the prejudice would not scream out. Taking the issue of victim-blaming of rape victims, let us remember that it took a 56 year-old woman to report that cop in Oklahoma because his other victims were considered to be bad girls.

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        • yahtzeebutterfly


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        • yahtzeebutterfly

          Survey shows that more Americans recognize there is a problem:

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        • Double standards……..a whole topic unto itself as far as racists are concerned.

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          • Racer,
            I’ve been contemplating writing a post for over a year about double-standards. You are right — it would take a book. Here are two;

            When people of color from the south speak with a drawl, bigoted racists mock it and allege the person is uneducated. They call the same dialect a “drawl” when spoken by Whites.

            Scarfs over the faces of Muslim women are mocked, but makeup and false eyelashes that hide the true features of women are encouraged.

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          • “Scarfs over the faces of Muslim women are mocked, but makeup and false eyelashes that hide the true features of women are encouraged.”

            Yeeeeppppppp !! I wonder what those same idiots say about women with plastic surgery….
            …or enhancements ?? Wanna bet a bunch of them have……dare I say it……penile implants
            ………………..or at least a medicine chest full of Viagra…..hey, just sayin’

            To my knowledge, Muslim women aren’t into any of that stuff. Let me say that there is a Muslim woman who is a teller at the bank I usually go to. She’s more friendly than any of the others, and it’s not even close. She doesn’t always wear the scarf and without any makeup, she’s very…….and I mean very pretty.

            So there I go proving my chauvinistic side…….oh well.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Disgusting and inexcusable. It is an obvious clue that he is incapable of “protecting and serving” the community fairly.

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  5. roderick2012

    Nothing will happen to this punk just like nothing happened to the firefighter who disparaged Trayvon Martin and his parents except he got a nice vacation.

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  6. What’s completely chilling is that even with the eyes of the national public on them, cops like this one STILL dont bother to control themselves, even temporarily. I wonder how many little boys he’s frightened, shoved around, yelled at and handcuffed.Far too many cops really think they don’t have to answer to anyone. What the hell kind of community-based “peace officer” feels justly empowered to abuse heartbroken mothers of murdered little boys on the World Wide Web!!
    I want cops out of schools.
    I don’t want one more grown uniformed man laying his hands on a single Black or Brown child. (I really don’t see white kids targeted for this; people should feel free to correct me) Our children don’t need to be guarded. Look at what this police officer’s school experience with children, teachers and parents has produced. Sensitivity to the issues? Increased communication skills with kids? A new skill set to share with peers?
    No, nothing. Nothing but contempt, inflated authority, bullying, and impaired judgement (his FB post reveals all the mature cognition of an eigth grader leading a cafeteria food fight challenge)
    Every community has plenty of people who can actually contribute to the needs of their neighborhood schools, regardless of college degree or not. HIRE THEM and kick the occupying troops to the curb. Let’s put our police to real use. I vote to send the Albuquerque NM police force to Flint Michigan. Let them dig water wells for a change, and maybe arrest Michigan Gov.Snyder instead of shooting teenage Latinos and tazing homeless men as they sleep.

    Please forgive such a long post.

    Love and Rockets
    XO Claire

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    • Claire,
      No need to apologize for the length of your comment. It is excellent and to the point.

      My late husband was a police officer who watched his co-workers fall into addictions, mostly gambling, alcohol and women. They have a social circle that mainly consists of them, and that means the majority sets the pace and path for the minority. My husband got out, and I am very happy that he did. All of his former co-workers with the exception of one followed suit.

      I share this because there are many people who go into a career field and after having their feet to the ground, find that it’s too stressful, or that it changes their entire lifestyle and the reason they are working. Once Cicero began forming generalized opinions about children and parents, he should have resigned.

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  7. One other thing that REALLY disturbs me here – Where this happened is an open carry state. Now if this kid did not look like a kid, and he was shot on sight, is that saying that open carry is ONLY for white people? And how the heck was this “officer” who made those horrible remarks qualified to have been in a school, around children. Every day, I’m starting to dislike people more and more.

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    • Rachael,
      Excellent point about Ohio being an open carry state. The cops reported Tamir to be about 20-21 years of age. They did not see him as a child so of course, you are correct that open carry law applied to Tamir based on the cops’ perception of his age. The same is true for John Crawford.

      I truly don’t know why anyone would think that a mother should not seek justice for her child who has been killed, and that doing so is motivated by money. It patterns the White Supremacists and sovereign citizens theory of the “BGI” that essentially says that 14th Amendment citizens have no right to seek the government for redress of grievances.

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      • I agree the open carry / perceived age – – – but he’s actually a minor backs them into a corner. That is, unless the system is rigged.


  8. Mr. Militant Negro

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  9. Ok, What gets me is WHY, WHY would he post something that he knows very well will get spread like wild fire on social media.. With a lot of twitter, facebook and on and on it goes. That was my first clue he is a very tiny little man and his brain is fried. He hasn’t grown up. To many officers are so young these days. Not experienced. So I can see the “Fear” word coming in, But not for those who drive up on someone and start killing and asking questions later per se. So I blame the ones higher up for not keeping them in hardcore training. My brother my sister and myself all played with toy guns growing up. Nothing like this has ever happened. It’s terrible how police just jump the gun (no pun intended) and not even THINK. I keep seeing Tamir kicking the snow like all little children do. Just bored and playing by himself………….Just my two cents.

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    • Hey Shyloh!
      Free speech should be tempered with responsibility. So many today think otherwise. It’s my impression that no matter what Tamir’s mom did or didn’t do, that Cicero’s opinion of her would be the same. There is nothing that parents of color can do that meets the standards of those such as Cicero.

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    • Your 2 cents are actually pricele$$ ………..since it’s all true.

      Let me rob a bank, use my own car, park right in front of the security camera, write a note in my normal handwriting…………..and leave it……………oh, and knock my wallet out of my pocket when I pull out the note and leave it there.

      Stupid……… betcha !!

      Oh…….and the note is written on the back of one of my custom pre-printed checks…….ya know………..with my name, address & phone number on it.

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