Gronda, you put allot of time into this, and wrote candidly and honestly in words that I have not been able to express. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Gronda Morin

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When I first wrote the following blog over a year ago, the portrayal that I tried to convey, would not have received much traction or consensus within the general American population. THE BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT HAS MADE A MAJOR DIFFERENCE IN MOVING PEOPLES’ HEARTS AND MINDS, TO WHERE THERE IS DIALOGUE ALONG THE LINES, THAT SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE. Now there are even reputable news outlets keeping tabs on police shootings, so that we finally have facts for reference. For example a 12/24/15 Washington Post article reports that there have been 965 police shootings for the year 2015. Other reports indicate numbers up to 1199 citizens have been shot; however all resources detail the criteria used to arrive at their numbers. This data was virtually non existent over a year ago.


There is something off key regarding the back and forth rhetoric between the police and…

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  1. Thank you Xena and all the other bloggers, commenters and voices out there on the front lines who have used your words and actions to push the BLM message forward to its current status.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly


    I join Xena in thanking you for your OUTSTANDING, in-depth article.

    Hopefully, the message that Black Lives do Matter will be understood and acted upon by ALL members of LE and all citizens.

    I agree with you that the BLACK LIVES MOVEMENT, in just one year, HAS gained traction despite efforts to undermine the movement.

    “In short, the protesters simply want police reform to end the repeated preventable deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of police officers. They are announcing the message that the status quo way of handling these type of cases is no longer an acceptable standard and they intend to march until they are heard.”


    “So, the protesters have every right to continue to peacefully march as it is their constitutional right and their message is just. This stance is not intended to be disrespectful of police officers, no matter how often those on the right attempt to use this as a favorite talking point.”


    It is actually a patriotic duty to insure that all of our fellow citizens experience equal justice and that their guaranteed civil rights are protected.

    As Ella Baker wrote:

    Until the killing of Black men, Black mothers’ sons,
    As the killing of White men, White mothers’ sons,
    We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.

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  3. Excellent read!

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  4. chuquestaquenumber1

    A good article. Appreciate you bringing it to us Xena. Black Lives Matter like any group that fights for justice against racism will come under scrutiny and unjust criticism. May their efforts continue to grow and be successful. I like how this article lists data on unjust police killings and how it’s justified. Black Lives Matter gets attacked for peaceful protests. Meanwhile,RIGHT NOW as we speak ,there’s another Bundy led ARMED white militia case of domestic terrorism in Oregon. Cliven Bundys son and ARMED white militia people took over a federal building in Oregon to support a criminal. These ARMED white militia people are considered patriots. I don’t see tanks,armored vehicles,riot police. These are people ready to kill cops. Remember LVPD COPS Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck were killed ambush style along with 2civilians by Bundy supporters/participants Jared and Amanda Miller. This somehow doesn’t encourage cop killing. But Black Lives Matter does. See how 2016 has started.

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    • Chuquest,
      Thanks for the comment. I understand that the protest in Oregon started because a federal court required a father and son to return to prison. Just imagine the horrible things that would be said if Black Lives Matter organized a protest because a convicted person received the statutory minimum sentence! Anyway, the Bundy brothers appeared at that protest and gathered some others to join them in occupying federal land.

      Yes, I do remember Bundy clan members murdering two law enforcement officers in Nevada. However, those opposing Black Lives Matter and supporting the current insurrection seem to have forgotten that. They are lying, saying that the Bundy militia has not killed anyone.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I agree with your comment, Chuquest.

      I think these armed Bundy people in Oregon are terrorists.


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