Man Claims Self-Defense In Killing Neighbor Over Imaginary Loud Music

End Stand Your Ground

Is loud music a tipping point for some people who may not like noise and have a gun? In a pre-Christmas shooting, a Missouri man is claiming self-defense after he reportedly put on a bullet-proof vest and murdered a neighbor who he thought was playing loud music no one else could hear.

Police in Maryland Heights, Missouri reported that 26 year-old James C. Blanton shot and killed 35 year-old Yi-Ping “Peter” Chang on the afternoon of December 13, when he knocked on Chang’s door complaining about “loud bass music”.

The 35-year-old Chang, a computer support specialist for an agrochemical company, was home watching a movie with his girlfriend at an apartment complex in the St. Louis suburb when Blanton knocked on the door complaining about loud music. There was an argument, then Blanton shot and killed Chang. He then sat outside Chang’s apartment and waited for police to arrive.

Blanton reportedly had a cooperative, justifying demeanor with police on the scene…

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  1. roderick2012

    Michael Dunn Part 2?

    I’m sure the victim’s ethnicity had absolutely nothing to do with.

    No nothing at all!!

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    • crustyolemothman

      roderick2012, To compare this incident to the Michael Dunn case is like trying to compare apples to peanuts. If you read the article it is apparent that this man was an equal opportunity fruitcake, he went off on (per the article) virtually all the residents of the complex. I would think that a mental illness was at the root of this murder and probably did not stem from the race of the victim. I would guess that this man did not really care if the person he was attacking was green, purple or yellow, his only thought was he wanted the music (in his head) to stop…

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  2. Two sides to a story

    So surreal that many states do not have sufficient background checks to prevent mentally impaired people from owning guns. How many more needless deaths must there be to accomplish this? It’s my understanding that a large majority of Americans support background checks but that our lawmakers are not following through . . . it’s time we voted only for politicians who will put a collar and a leash on the NRA and mis-stated 2nd amendment propaganda.

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  3. Thx for the RB Xena. Your support is always appreciated.

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  4. I’m not sure why people are worried about Americans being killed by foreign terrorists when we kill so many of each other ourselves

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