Chicago police superintendent fired by mayor amid outcry over video of shooting – The Washington Post

CHICAGO — The head of the Chicago Police Department has been fired amid widespread criticism over how authorities responded to the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer last year.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) said he formally asked Garry F. McCarthy, the Chicago police superintendent, for his resignation on Tuesday morning, a week after video footage of the shooting was released and the officer was charged with murder.

“He has become an issue, rather than dealing with the issue, and a distraction,” Emanuel said. He added that while he is loyal to McCarthy, whom he praised for his leadership of the department, the needs of the city are more important.

Anger has erupted in Chicago since authorities released footage of Jason Van Dyke, a city police officer, shooting Laquan McDonald, a 17-year-old, last year.[Officer Van Dyke posted bond and was released Monday]  Emanuel said he began talking to McCarthy on Sunday, after several days of heated protests, about “the undeniable fact that the public trust in the leadership of the department has been shaken and eroded.”

The end of McCarthy’s time atop the Chicago force marks a abrupt shift for a law enforcement officer who became nationally known as he worked in three of the country’s biggest police departments.  When Emanuel announced McCarthy’s appointment in May 2011, he praised him as someone who proved “reducing crime and working closely with the community are not conflicting goals. ”

Before McCarthy, 56, came to Chicago, he served as the police director in Newark and was an officer and deputy commissioner of the New York Police Department. In New York, he oversaw the CompStat system, which is used to monitor crime data and was adopted by law enforcement agencies across the country. He spent a quarter of a century with the NYPD before the department said he retired in 2006 as deputy commissioner for operations. He then headed to Newark.

During his time in Newark, the number of homicides declined, falling from 105 the year he was appointed to 94 the year he was named the head of the Chicago force, according to FBI data. The same month his appointment in Chicago was announced, the Justice Department launched an investigation into the Newark police force, looking at reports of how officers used force and complaints of excessive force that occurred before and after McCarthy took over the Chicago police force.

The Justice Department said last year it had found “patterns of misconduct” in Newark, releasing a report that did not mention McCarthy, and reached an agreement with the city to have its force overseen by an independent monitor.

When McCarthy arrived in Chicago, he was seen as an outsider who did not understand the nuances of the city’s most impoverished neighborhoods.   He also stepped into a culture tainted by a legacy of police abuse going back decades. The city was struggling to confront that legacy through settlements with victims and an effort to rebuild trust on the streets — trust that, for many, was irrevocably broken.

Gun violence also mounted: In his first year in office, homicides jumped above 500, creating a crisis that screamed across national headlines.  McCarthy also dealt with anger directed at the city’s top officials resulting from Emanuel’s decision in 2013 to close a number of public schools, the largest school closing in U.S. history, as well as an ongoing foreclosure crisis that worsened neighborhoods that were already marginalized from booming development downtown.

Despite those challenges, police reform experts say McCarthy was a progressive in implementing preventive policing programs. Among them was the Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy, a partnership funded by the MacArthur Foundation and led by several academic institutions, including the University of Chicago, that created a database to monitor gang activity to the granular level in order to predict and prevent violence.

Andrew Papachristos, a sociologist at Yale University who works with the Chicago Police Department in developing the database, said McCarthy was “a very forward-thinking cop” compared to his predecessors. He said McCarthy also implemented violence-prevention reform programs in Chicago that highlighted rebuilding trust and legitimacy before they took hold on a national level.  Indeed, according to police data, civilian complaints against police have fallen 38 percent between 2011 and 2015.“  He was at the forefront of police leaders in this country,” Papachristos said.


Source: Chicago police superintendent fired by mayor amid outcry over video of shooting – The Washington Post

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  2. Lisa has said it well

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  4. I have one question. The City made the settlement with Laquan’s family who were allowed to see the video around May 2015. Why didn’t Mayor Emanuel do something THEN to make sure that Van Dyke was charged?

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  6. The Chicao PD overzealous policing is systemic. Within my lifetime, the 1980s, for years the Chicago PD Chief, Jon Burge was responsible for many years of torturing prisoners as standard operating protocol. It took over 20 years to bring Mr. Burge to justice. Because of statute of limitation rules, Jon Burge did a short stint in jail for other charges. He is still receiving his police pension. Oh yes, his criminal activities was uncovered by the lone, determined and brave journalist. More recently, there was th Homan Square prison system that conducted business along the lines of a “Black OPs” model. This scandal was investigated and published by a foreign news outlet, the Guardian. Now, we have this Police officer Van Dyke shooting again uncovered by a brave lone and determined journalist. Anyone notice a pattern here?

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    • Gronda,
      In Chicago, it’s always been independent investigative journalists who have uncovered corruption. If you ever get a chance, Google Sherman Skolnick and John Paul Stevens, and Greylord. Former Illinois Governor Kerner went to prison because Skolnick was brave enough to investigate and push for official investigation.

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  7. I honestly don’t know how much more people are going to take

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  8. OT: George Zimmerman loses his appeal against NBC.
    One minute he brags about how the suit is alive and well and promising supporters a big return on their donations to losing the appeal the next day.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Thanks for the update, Towerflower.

      Also in Florida news:
      “Will Grand Jury Indict Officers for Jermaine McBean Shooting?”


      “A Florida grand jury begins hearing evidence Wednesday in the police shooting death of Jermaine McBean, who was killed while carrying an unloaded pellet gun home from a pawn shop, a lawyer for his family said.

      “McBean, 33, a computer systems engineer, was shot dead July 31, 2013, by a Broward Sheriff’s deputy responding to 911 calls from people seeing a man walking down the street with a rifle.”

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    • Towerflower,
      Amazing, isn’t it? When decisions are reversed on appeal, the case is sent back to the trial court who schedules trial. Having a reversal on appeal does not interpret to winning the case, counting eggs before they hash. Zimmerman must be taking his legal advice from a certain person who wants to be a paralegal. 🙂

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  9. chuquestaquenumber1

    Hopefully,Mr McDonald’s family will get the justice the truly deserve. As you watch and remember this video, think about what we just saw in Colorado. We just witnessed Robert Louis Dear shoot 11 people,5 of them cops. 3dead,a black man ,an Asian woman and a white cop.In spite of his carnage Dear gets taken alive,unharmed. The narrative of the shooting is pro life. No war on Cops in spite of 5 shot ,1KILLED. No Ret Inv Houck,Sherriff Clarke pushing how these cops are victims of the “Ferguson effect” or a targeting of police. This is only done to black people accused of shooting cops. It’s unjust because it shows favorable treatment even for White cop killers. Also cheapens the officers deaths,by showing Blue Lives Matter depending on who the shooter is.

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  10. chuquestaquenumber1

    This just in. Mass/Active shooting in San Bernardino ,California.Home of San Bernardino shooter Elliot Rodger.Three gunmen in black military clothing and body armor kill 14-20 14 wounded including a police officer. The people killed were health care workers who worked with the disabled. This is disgusting on so many levels. People need to stop saying things like The planned parenthood shooting is a rare event. Paris style attacks will come here ,Active shootings are NOT increasing. ALL LIES.

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    • Hey Chuquest! I was getting ready to watch Survivor and turned first to MSNBC. (It’s been a long week for me.) The news was developing so fast and no one seemed to know very much. At 6 CST, they reported 14 dead and 14 wounded. At 7 pm, they reported 14 dead and 17 wounded. They still don’t know if it was 2 or 3 shooters, but one man and one woman believed to be the shooters are dead.

      If I can find where another blog has the details, I’ll reblog it. Thanks for your input and opinion. Yes! “Houston, we have a problem.”

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  11. roderick2012

    Alabama police department allegedly planted evidence on black men, resulting in ‘almost 1,000’ wrongful convictions

    Leaked documents obtained by the Alabama Justice Project reveal that, since the mid-1990s, members of the Dothan, Alabama police department’s narcotics investigation team have been planting drugs and weapons on young black men. The revelation came to light when a group of anonymous officers from the Dothan Police Department handed over documents from an internal investigation that had not been reported to federal or state officials, and that was later “covered up by the district attorney,” according to the Henry County Report.

    Black defendants began issuing complaints of evidence planting as early as 1996, and when the incidents were finally addressed within the department two years later, most of the officers asked about the incidents reportedly failed a polygraph test. The officers responsible for leaking the documents told the Henry County Report they believe that the evidence planting has likely resulted in “nearly a thousand wrongful convictions


  12. There are more than enough gun crimes without the police adding to them… Their job is to prevent these crimes whenever possible!


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