Verdict Watch – Former Cop William Melendez on Trial


William Melendez

William “robocop” Melendez is a former police officer for the City of Inkster, Michigan. In January, he made a traffic stop of 58-year old Floyd Dent. Floyd was driving on a suspended license. Dash-cam recorded Melendez dragging Floyd out of his vehicle, beating and choking Floyd while he is restrained by another officer.

Dash-cam video shows Melendez dragging Floyd out of his vehicle, putting him in a choke hold and striking him repeatedly during a traffic stop on January 28, 2015.  While he is restrained, another officer tazes Floyd.

After brutalizing Floyd, he was charged with resisting arrest, assaulting a police office, and drug charges. Floyd claimed that the police planted a bag of crack cocaine in his car during the stop. After seeing the dash-cam video, a judge dismissed the charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Prosecutors dropped the drug charges.   The decision to drop the charges came after a lawsuit filed by Floyd was settled for $1.2 million dollars.   At Melendez’s trial, Floyd testified that he has loss of memory due to Melendez’s beating.

Melendez’s partner, auxiliary cop John Zielenewski, admitted to sending and receiving racist texts using the “N” word and other epithets. Prosecutors subpoenaed the texts and one was revealed to say, “At least give me the satisfaction of knowing you’re out there beating up N’s right now,” to which Zielenewski replied, “lol, just got done with one.”

There is currently an investigation into the actions of other officers involved

Today during closing argument, Prosecutor Robert Donaldson told jurors there’s a key question for their deliberations: Was it reasonable for William Melendez to punch Floyd Dent in the head 16 times?

The jury met for about an hour and will resume deliberations tomorrow.


Some viewers might find the following video disturbing.



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  1. Of course it’s not reasonable to punch anyone in the head 16 times. That question didn’t even have to be asked?

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    • Ladylove,
      You’re logical. The defense attorney went on and on telling the jury that Inkster is a high crime area; police officers risk their lives; yada, yada, yada. So, the prosecutor had to buffer that.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    May justice be served.

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  3. It’s inconceivable the jury might find him not guilty, especially if they are allowed to see the videos. But we’ve seen that before wit h juries when there was irrefutable proof. .. 😦

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Laura Bonnell ‏@LBonnellWWJ 11m11 minutes ago
    <em"A verdict has been reached in the Wm Melendez case. Waiting for the jury."

    Courtroom dismissed for lunch until 2:00 per the judge."

    “Kerry talks to Wm Melendez while jury has lunch.”

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  5. Live -


  6. robocop melendez not more,he looks scared and stressful.

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  7. Guilty count 2 and 3

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  8. That cop can’t go to prison & the prosecutor knows this. As soon as any of his fellow hardcore convicts find out what he did he’ll be spanked within an inch of his life like he did to Floyd while his buddy held him down.

    He could’ve killed Floyd or left him paralyzed or comatose. He definitely traumatized him for the rest of his life. A few million dollars ( paid with taxpayers funds that SHOULD’VE benefited taxpayers, e.g., public education, public parks, etc.. So once again, instead of punishing the cop, the taxpayers are punished. The cop has now victimized EVERYONE IN THE COMMUNITY! ) doesn’t fix the humiliation & physical injuries Floyd suffers. Money can only help to pay for therapy which isn’t always successful.

    OMG I really hope that ASSHOLE gets prison to serve as an example of what should be happening to cops when they act like a gang of roid raging gerillias.
    Its the only way we can put cops back in their place; as the revered & respected, brave& honorable civil servants they’re supposed to be.
    Up until I was like 25yo I thought cops were cool. That they were at my beckon call. Literally. I’d call, they come & do exactly what I asked.
    As of now, the entire law enforcement profession has lost the honor & respect I once had for them growing up.
    Not because of one cop that’s acting like an idiot, but because the others keep defending him.

    We need to knock them down from the pedestal their union gang leaders have tried to keep them. They’re not untouchable. And i have a feeling that if the legal system doesn’t start respecting civilians’ rights at least as much as the cops, the civilians are going to make them. There’s too many of us that are seeing this and getting scared. When ppl are scared eventually they’ll lash out against the source of fear. I know I would.
    After everything I’ve seen of police violence in these last 3+ years, ppl should be close to cracking.

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  9. now they need to charge the officers at the trunk that saw robocriminal pull the drugs from his own pocket, charge them with conspiracy to deprive a citizen of his right under the cover of law.

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    • Hey Bill,
      It’s good to see you.
      The is an investigation into the other officers.

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    • Omg Absolutely!! And if they don’t, everyone, the Chief of Police& everyone with any authority to do in the prosecutor’s office should be arrested & charged by the DOJ for conspiracy after the fact! That pig tried to set up an innocent person with a crime that could’ve sent him to prison FOREVER, with DRUGS HE WAS CARRYING AROUND ON HIS PERSON!!
      Why wasn’t the cop charged with drug possession too?! What he tried to do to Floyd after he attacked him ( while his friend held Floyd down) is an outrageous display of flagrant police criminality& abuse of power! Thank god Its on tape so there’s no reason he’s not charged like anyone else would be!

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  10. yahtzeebutterfly

    Floyd Dent’s statement after the verdict and jailing of Melendez”

    Dent’s statement:

    Floyd Dent would like to thank all of his supporters and public leaders who stood by him and believed in him during his ordeal with the Inkster Police Department, specifically Reverend Williams and Ron Scott. He would also like to extend his gratitude to the Wayne County Prosecutors Office and Lieutenant Powell for their dedicated service in establishing the truth in this case before the jury.

    While Mr. Dent is satisfied with the jury verdict, he is hopeful that his plight will serve to educate the public and reinforce the belief that all lives matter without regard to the color of their skin. He further hopes that the healing that the community so desperately needs can now begin.

    Finally, Floyd would like to thank Judge Vonda Evans for both her professionalism and courage demonstrated in handling this volatile case, especially in remanding “Robocop” Melendez to a place where he can no longer hurt innocent members of the community.

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