Former Los Angeles Sheriff Sentenced to 8 Years In Prison

Hat tip to Santiago.

In June of this year, we reported what happened to Gabriel Carrillo at the Los Angeles County Jail where he went to visit his brother. The beating done to Gabriel resulted in the city settling a case for $1.2 million.

On Monday, former Sargent Eric Gonzalez was sentenced to 8 years in a federal prison for overseeing the backroom beating of Gabriel. U.S. District Judge George King ordered Gonzalez into custody immediately after sentencing, telling him he had “abused his authority and corrupted the very system he was sworn to uphold.”

Gonzalez was a 15-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department. In June, he was found guilty of deprivation of civil rights, conspiracy to violate constitutional rights and falsification of records. Four other deputies have been convicted in the case and await sentencing, while a fifth was indicted last month and faces trial in December.

The convictions in Carrillo’s beating are part of a federal investigation of civil rights abuses and corruption at the nation’s largest sheriff’s department.

Yahoo news reports that nearly two dozen members of the department, including the former second-in-command, have been charged with crimes ranging from beatings to obstruction of justice; 15 of them have been convicted so far, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

In arguing for a sentence of more than 11 years, federal prosecutors stated;

“An aggravated assault with serious bodily injuries is a grave offense. When such a crime is undertaken by a gang of law enforcement and then covered up as if the victim committed the crime, the harm to important societal interests makes the crime all the more significant.”

Gonzalez’s attorney, Joseph Avrahamy, argued that Gonzalez be sentenced to between 24 and 30 months in prison, saying his client is a good man who worked in a dangerous environment where it’s difficult to always get it right. Avrahamy also argued that Carrillo provoked the beating by using insulting and threatening language.  His argument however, did not impress the judge.


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  1. scrodriguez

    Just my thoughts here. it’s pretty sad that we have a society set up where if you defame someone you can be awarded Millions such as was the case in your recent post, yet when you’re beaten within an inch of your life by Sheriffs deputies you are only paid out a fraction in damages.
    Thank God they sent him to prison for 8 years the rest will be there soon to keep him company.

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    • It’s a case by case basis, and alleged damages. If injuries have not stopped a person from having a productive life, settlements and jury awards are generally lower. Most attorneys argue those cases based on further damages also.


    • Just another thought. Under the circumstances of the subpoena to Twitter, considering that a certain individual is mocking others for being sued, it appears that the fishing expedition is to result in filing suits. That means the plaintiffs will hope for default judgments on approximately 23 individuals. They apparently do not look to litigate the merits, nor prove their alleged damages. If they are taking directions from the known sovereign citizens, then we can predict what their moves will be and what they hope for.

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      • scrodriguez

        There are no damages to be claimed I expect them to be indicted by the end of the 180 days but thats just my opinion


  2. Two sides to a story

    Hopefully it will be an ongoing trend to hold LEOs who break laws accountable for their actions. I’m sure this is but one method to keep the wrong parties from hiring on in the first place. I suspect there are sociopathic types in the US who want to be cops because they know they can get away with almost anything.

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  3. Xena ! Hello! Good work ! You are my primary information about police brutality and justice.
    Daily ready ,sad when you ,Santiago or others went a day without posting!

    Karma is reaching INTERNET trolls.

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    • Hey JHA! It’s always good to see you. Hopefully some of the irons in the fire will be removed soon so I can get back to blogging at least every other day.


  4. scrodriguez

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Los Angeles County sheriff deputy sentenced to 9 years in prison for rape…

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  5. “ready” = reading,posting without proofreading.,

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  6. chuquestaquenumber1

    Congratulations on your latest award nomination.
    It appears that the Chicago PD tried to perpetrate a hoax. Not long ago Chicago PD Lt. Glinewicz was killed. It was reported that Glinewicz was killed by a white/black male duo. A white female who said she spotted the duo was arrested for filing a false police report. Glinewicz killing was also put in the War on Cops narrative. It turns out that Glinewicz killed himself because he was stealing money from his fellow cops. I wonder how many people were unjustly stopped,profiled arrested for this hoax?

    Get better Xena and let the awards keep coming.

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    • Hey Chuquest,
      He was a Fox Lake cop. I remember well when that happened and how they spent hours combing the woods for the “suspects.”

      Thanks for your kind words. I turned down the last award nomination because I just haven’t had the time and energy.

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