Second student arrested for filming classroom takedown describes officer’s reputation: “He’s known as Officer Slam around our school”

Thanks for blogging this. Actually, I’m surprised that he was fired rather than placed on paid vacation “pending investigation.”

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Second student arrested for filming classroom takedown describes officer's reputation: (Credit: MSNBC)


Body-slamming Officer Ben Fields has been fired, but cops won’t drop charges against student who filmed his attack

Officer Ben Fields, the South Carolina deputy who slammed and then threw a female high school student across a classroom this week, has been fired after video of his physical assault went viral. While the young girl recovers from injuries she sustained from the attack, according to her lawyer, officials have refused to drop criminal charges of disrupting a classroom against her and now one of the few students who protested against her violent arrest is speaking out about the fired deputy’s longstanding reputation at Spring Valley High.

Fields arrested two female high school students on Monday for disrupting the classroom. Niya Kenny was charged with disturbing school for filming the incident, and arrested in front of her class by Fields. She was later released from custody after posting $1,000 bail.


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    • didnt watch this clip but did see the sheriff LYING on another one, he claimed the teen was being very disruptive BUT the FACT is she was sitting quietly not being disruptive in any way…..the videos show that fact…….also the teachers problem was she had her cell phone out for a few seconds and she put it away when asked to, yet he demanded she surrender it to him(well that cell phone likely had pictures of her dead mother and now dead grandmother on it and i can understand why she wanted to keep it), and several other students clearly took their cell phones out as 3 videos show and the teacher said NOTHING to them…….the problem here was the “adults” not the teen that was orphaned and had recently had her whole life turned upside down!

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      • Hey Bill. You brought up something that I was wondering about, which is, why would the teacher want her cell phone when it is evident that other students had cell phones because they used them to record.

        Alright — so let’s say that the teacher had every right to want the student out of the classroom. That still doesn’t justify tossing a defenseless child around like a rag doll. I’m glad that Fields was fired and hope that he never has another position of authority.

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Shaun King breaks down the assault video with still photos from it:

    Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing
    “I need to clarify some shit. This young girl in South Carolina was assaulted by the police. Look at this…”

    “1. The officer grabs her hair.”

    “2. He then wraps his arm, of which he bench presses 600 lbs, around her neck and prepares to flip her.”

    “3. He proceeds to completely flip her, while in the desk, on her head.”

    “4. Here she is fully flipped on her head while in the desk.”

    “5. Here’s another angle of her hitting the ground after being flipped. She’s injured right here.”

    “6. Here her leg is stuck under the desk while she lands on her head.”

    “7. After flipping her, the officer physically throws her 5 feet in the air. Here’s where he picks her up.”

    “8. This is Ben Fields throwing her. She is flying in the air here. Lands on her back and hits her head on the floor.”

    “9. So, arrest Ben Fields. That’s all.”

    Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing
    My latest:
    “Officer Ben Fields assaulted this young girl. Firing him is step one, but now he needs to be charged.”

    I personally have been very upset over what transpired. I feel so sad and hurt for this girl. According to Sheriff Lott both the teacher and assistant principal at the classroom scene approved of Ofc. Fields’ action and do not believe that Ofc. Fields used excessive force. If that is true, neither the teacher nor assistant principal should be kept on staff at that school.

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    • He picked her body up and threw her. HE THREW HER! That’s like being tossed into the air by a moving vehicle.

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    • still number 3 is the moment where some are claiming she punched him with her fist, but you can see from this angle her hand is not even up to his shoulder and not close to his face at all…..there is an angle on video that distorts this shot making it appear her hand is very close to his face……the other angles show what this shows her hands isnt actually very close to his face at all.

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      • Bill,
        Even if she did hit him, it would have felt like a feather. Even he felt it, the correct response was not to brutalize that kid tossing her like that. Airport workers treat luggage better than that.

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        • i am certain her arm went up as a reflex action to losing her balance, stand on one foot then lean a bit, your arm will rise in an attempt to stay balanced…..and actually her attempting to hit him would fall under self defense against a brutal assault.

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          • yahtzeebutterfly

            I totally agree with you, Bill. That is what I saw in the video. It was just a reflex action to him gripping her neck.

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          • my wife bought me a balance pad thing to do yoga exercise on….standing on one foot my arms flail about wildly trying to keep from falling over……it is very spongey making standing on one foot very difficult…your center of gravity keeps shifting slightly.

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          • Bill,
            For sure. By human nature, when confronted with an attack on the body, the body automatically responds. For example, a hand on the throat indicates an intention of death — not control. Telling a person who is being choked to stop resisting is like telling him/her to stop resisting death by the hands around their throat. Like you say, there is an automatic response to being knocked off balance. There is also an automatic response to pain.

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  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing
    In addition to a broken arm, the student has abrasions to her face, and bruising to her ribs, neck, back, and shoulder.

    She’s a 16 y/o girl”

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  3. roderick2012

    But, but Officer Steriods has a black girlfriend so he can’t be racist…at there’s that./sarc.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing
    “Let me be clear, EVERY SINGLE STUDENT says this student was quiet THE ENTIRE CLASS. All she did was look at her cell phone.”

    Shaun King ‏@ShaunKing
    Students “disrupt class” and get a criminal record.

    An officer brutally assaults a teenager girl and simply loses his job.

    There is a MoveOn petition to charge Ofc. Ben Fields with assault that has 104,400 signatures:

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  5. yahtzeebutterfly

    “Drop the Charges Against the Students in Spring Valley High School”


    Although former school resource officer Ben Fields has been fired for his brutal attack on a 16-year-old black girl at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, the charges against the victim have not yet been dropped.

    The charges against Niya Kenny, the courageous student that protested during the attack also have yet to be dropped.

    Just what exactly is going on here?

    Most who have watched the shocking video (or have seen the images stemming from it) know that something outrageous and unacceptable took place. The victim should not face any punishment nor should any student that verbally objected to the assault.

    The charges against both of these black girls should be dropped immediately and any record of their arrests should also be expunged. Now. Today.

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  6. having thought some more about this, the act of throwing her could have easily killed her, hitting forehead first could have snapped her neck or caused bleeding on the brain either possibly leading to death…..and back to picture 3 she is going backwards under his control and her arm is going frontwards clearly a reflex action unrelated to any attempt to hit him.

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  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    The South Carolina student thrown from her seat by a school police officer had obeyed orders to put her cellphone away, and the dispute arose because she did not put it away fast enough, her attorney said Thursday.

    …“She’s bruised and battered and hurt — physically and emotionally,” he said, “what you would expect after being tossed across the room like a rag doll.

    “My thought is that you don’t treat a dog that way,” he added. “We don’t treat animals like that, let alone children. What happened was wrong…

    You can read the full article at this link:

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  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    Aaron Johnson Oct 26
    The girl in the video was new to our class, and she was quiet like she never talked to anyone

    Aaron Johnson ‏ Oct 26
    Just to be clear, before the video, she was sitting quietly at her desk. Did nothing to provoke the officer


  9. yahtzeebutterfly

    Captions under photos from article linked below:

    “Richland South Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields behemoth stength is shown in a video of the cop bench pressing at least 600 pounds.”

    “Richland South Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields is seen in this screen grab taken from a video posted to YouTube doing a 940 pound squat with reverse bands.”


  10. you cant make this stuff up… 100 student walked out of classes at that school to show support for officer slam……and the school says they face no punishment… the teen was 100% CORRECT is saying her being punished for what she did was UNfair……100 teens disrupt several classes and likely the whole school and NOTHING happens to them…..this teen checks a text message and then puts away her phone and sits quietly…….indeed TY school for making her legal case 100% solid!

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Whew. So wrong. So unfair to her.


    • They walked out in support of Fields? Now, I can’t help but wonder what some would say about that after taking the position that Ferguson delaying the start of the semester hurt the education of the children.


    • yahtzeebutterfly

      KB ‏@KayReneeB 41m41 minutes ago
      “Those kids are so use to violence now that they can’t see how wrong Ben Fields is.”

      minefield101 ‏@minefield101 1h1 hour ago
      “How many of those kids breaking the law regarding disruption of classes will be charged? Thought not!”

      minefield101 ‏@minefield101 2h2 hours ago
      “Do ya think the staff who supported #BenFields were complicit in today’s walkout. will any kids be punished..ya”


  11. scrodriguez

    I am glad that fired this POS, and No I dont apologize for using those words to describe what Ben Fields really is. this officer had no business putting his hands around her neck much less throwing her back in her desk like that then rag dolling her out of the class room from what i hear she has a broken arm and bruised ribs.
    The school should also be sued sure they called the officer in but when he acted that way its their job to speak up and defend this child even if they believe the child was being disruptive in class their job is to report when children are abused.
    The should be conducting steroid test on officers there are plenty of cops who use steroids but get this they will never do such a thing because to them steroid use may actually benefit them in certain situations on the job….. in my opinion Fields is juiced to the gills

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  12. yahtzeebutterfly

    Dear assaulted student,

    I want you to know that I stand by you and offer my hugs of support. I am sending you a wave of caring and prayers to see you through the trauma you have endured.

    This song is for you.

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  13. yahtzeebutterfly
  14. Here are my final thoughts in regards to this matter Obviously Fields was fired for a reason and lets be real it was a just reason he assaulted her.
    But lets be 100% honest here, if a Parent was caught doing exactly that to their child under the same exact circumstances she or he would be arrested for Child abuse likely have all the kids removed from the home and have to deal with Child protective services.

    if a Parent can NOT legally do this to their own child under the same circumstances then there is no way an officer Should be allowed to either hence the reason he is now fired.


    • Santiago,
      That is why some people say that law enforcement is above the law. The way that they injure people cannot be done by anyone else without them being charged with criminal offenses.

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