El Cinco De Mayo and the American Civil War

El Cino De MayoHi. Santiago here.

A little more than a year ago my wife gave me a book titled “El Cinco De Mayo an American Tradition.” The author is Dr. David Hayes-Bautista.  I could not put the book down. The history contained on its pages was nearly lost.  It is my belief that the historical facts behind Cinco De Mayo were intended to be lost.

With the current race for the White House, and a few of the Republican front-runners who have shown disdain for Mexican-American people,  I thought it might be best to share these historical facts.

El Cinco De Mayo has been mistaken by many as a celebration of Mexican independence, but it is not.  It is associated with a battle won in Mexico that had it been lost, might have changed the outcome of the American Civil War.

I hope that you enjoy the video.





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  1. scrodriguez

    Thanks or the reblog Dr. Rex this was the book I was telling you about amazing that this history is NOT taught here in the US. Who would have thought that the Mexican Americans the “Californians” would have stood with President Lincoln to fight off the confederacy….

  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Thanks for your article, Santiago.

    This is history I did not know about until listening to Dr. David Hayes-Bautista sharing it in the video.

    • scrodriguez

      Dr Hayes-Bautista works with my wife in Latino Health and community research, the man is brilliant and this book is just inspiring. its my belief this history was lost intentionally and the reason for that is the border was being moved south as the US was taking the southwestern states.

      My belief is so that after Lincolns assassination they wanted to suppress the fact that the people of California (Mexicans/Latinos) actually aligned with Lincoln and the United States to fight off the confederacy.

      Think about that for a moment, while the confederacy was committing treason against their own president and country, the Californians/Mexicans proudly aligned with the US and President Lincoln for the same reasons, to Abolish slavery and to implement civil rights for all including woman.

      I believe it is important for people to know this bit of history here because its stuff like this that people should consider when they start talking about deportation issues.
      but there are other reasons I also believe this piece of history has been suppressed.

  3. I’m just looking over your post in detail now. Need to let you know … the video isn’t there. “Disabled by owner” …… this is a book I’m definitely going to buy. Thanks for sharing …. Peace!! 🙂

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Napoleon’s forces were decisively beaten by the Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, however, and had to withdraw to strongholds along the coast of Mexico. News of the Mexican victory arrived in California around the same time as news of the Union Army’s defeat in the Seven Days Battles.

    Latinos celebrated the good news from Mexico by parading through the streets of towns in California and Nevada, proclaiming their stance both on the American Civil War and on French Intervention in Mexico. They opposed slavery, white supremacy and government by privileged elites in both the United States and Mexico. They supported freedom, racial equality and democracy.

    (from Dr. Hayes-Batista’s 2014 article)

    • scrodriguez

      and did you know the people of Puebla fought off the French with brooms and anything they could find at their reach

      • yahtzeebutterfly


      • Yes I knew that and got goosebumps that you’d hit on the thing that grabbed me about Cinco De Mayo in my youth. I’d brought a old picture of my house to school and shared that it was built in 1862 to facilitate the lesser known eastern leg of the Underground Railroad. A shy part year classmate asked me to her house to show her mom the pic and story, her mom’s family was from Puebla. She made history come alive grabbing the broom and telling us that women are not the fragile beings society would like us to be. 🙂 her version is that women used their brooms and men used whatever other long handled tool near at hand to defend themselves against the better equipped enemy. She also explained migrant worker life with the caveat that as a horse trainer her husband afforded them a wonderful life the people she prepared food for daily could only dream of.

        • scrodriguez

          Awesome story I love hearing the old folks tell stories about the past and what life was like years before this age of technology what they had to do just to live its amazing how tuff they were back in those days.

  5. Thank you for sharing this.

    • scrodriguez

      Thank you for reading and watching… Now we know exactly why we celebrate El Cinco, I guess it gives us all the more reason to celebrate with friends and loved ones and of course do so over several drinks and plenty of good food 🙂 BTW when you make the Pupusas please feel free to call if you need assistance or have questions I want to know how they turn out so I will be asking that you send pictures when you are making them

  6. Incredible story, I had no idea, Thanks Scrodriquez!

    • scrodriguez

      Thank you for reading, the book is amazing tons of history especially about the Authors great grand father and how someone in the french army refused to kill him due to a superstition he had in regards to the birthmark his great grand father had. Just amazing stuff to learn thanks so much

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