Back In Judge Nelson’s Courtroom With George Zimmerman

Hat tip to Scrodriguez.

This afternoon, a probable cause hearing was held in the case of the State of Florida vs. Matthew Apperson. George Zimmerman took the stand to testify of the incident of May 11, 2015.

Apperson is charged with three counts;

Attempted second degree murder with a firearm.

Shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Aggravated assault with a firearm.

FILE_apperson_for_tmoDuring his testimony, Zimmerman was wishy-washy about what was contained in a bag in his truck, first saying that he could not identify the bag, to saying that it did not contain multiple boxes of ammunition, to then identifying at least two boxes of ammunition.

Zimmerman also testified that he had a gun in a holder that is screwed onto the dashboard of his truck, and that he removed the gun and placed it in the middle holder just before the Lake Mary police officer reached his vehicle.

Thinking that he had been shot, Zimmerman did not call 911 but proceeded down the road to get the attention of the Seminole County Sheriff. Zimmerman also claimed that he did not give a statement to the Lake Mary police that day because he thinks the department is corrupt. He also testified that he was not sure if he should go to the hospital because of his “high profile” and that people were already taking photos.

Rather than calling 911, Zimmerman testified that he immediately called attorney Don West.  He stated that on the advise of West, that he did not give the police a statement until several days later and when he did, it was to the Winter Park police.

Judge Nelson presided over the probable cause hearing and at the end of Zimmerman’s testimony and the State’s argument, she found probably cause. Apperson did not take the witness stand.

Court chatter live streamed the hearing, and I’ll keep watch to see if it becomes available for embedding.  I must admit that my only motivation to continue following news about George Zimmerman is because his life is like a train wreck.   After his testimony, Zimmerman sat down next to Don West. If any member of Zimmerman’s family was in the courtroom today, the cameras were not put on them.


Below is the video of today’s hearing.




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  1. Train wreck of a life is an understatement. This fool should follow Casey Anthony and just disappear.

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    • Hey towerflower! Absolutely. He should take a hint from Shellie who has apparently, gone on with her life.

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    • scrodriguez

      He craves the attention though, This is going to be interesting to watch play out I do believe Apperson will likely win a Stand your ground hearing if he can describe GZs gun that should be enough.

      Lets also not forget George threatened him before in a separate road rage incident and then followed up by showing up at Appersons work the following day. so its clear George is once again the aggressor this last time around Apperson wasn’t going to leave nothing to chance as they say 3rd time is a charm.

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    • roderick2012

      TF: This fool should follow Casey Anthony and just disappear.

      We’re almost four years into this craziness so its way too late for The Murderer to disappear.

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  2. scrodriguez

    couple things I find a bit odd here anybody notice how Zimmerman couldn’t quite remember much from this incident? Yet when it came to the murder of Trayvon Martin he recounted every single detail there was why is that?

    Also loved how Poor GZ claimed that Bracknell and Lake Mary PD was corrupt and biased reality is they are honest they know what kind of loop GZ is the reason Zimmerman did not make a formal statement was so that he could talk to West to draw up his version of the story so that it can fit a narrative.

    However there were two other run ins between these two and come trial that is going to be discussed.

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    Xena, the video is now available on Youtube. I will not post it here because it is so long and I don’t want to slow this page down.

    It is titled “Matthew Apperson Probable Cause Hearing 09/22/15”

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  4. When they found out it was george zimmerman, “they were Surprised. Shocked even”
    get real! the POS SHOT A CHILD then claimed he was the victim!
    media/lawyers need to stop acting like there’s some ‘other side’ of the story BS.
    Stop treating zimmerman’s actions/behavior like its subjective and victimless, his life is not a soap opera who’s script can be changed as long as they have the imagination to make shit up.
    this is about real ppl’s lives. real victims like Trayvon Martin who’s dead and didn’t get justice because he wasn’t honestly represented in the media and then the legal system.

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  5. Why is it he can remember verbatim what Apperson allegedly said about “I wanted to kill you my mf’ing self, but can’t remember anything that might matter….well, anything that could possibly make him look bad….like all that ammunition he makes love to and worships.

    I don’t give a hoot about this crap that gun NutZZ spout about his rights. He always seems to have some shit revolved around guns. How come you’ll never hear him say……

    10) Hey !! I got a new account today at work honey….and this will really help
    9) I wonder how Gary Busey will do on Dancing……?
    8) Wow ! Can’t wait for that new Star Wars movie to come out
    7) Think I’ll start tighing at Church from now on.
    6) Maybe I should take up a hobby……maybe play guitar or something.
    5) No thanks……I’m full….that was great… time, I’ll make dinner.
    4) That’s okay…..I’ll do the dishes……and the laundry……after I give you a back rub.
    3) I don’t really like all those gun company T shirts…..out in the trash they go.
    2) It’s been a few years, guess I’ll replace that computer of Shellies I destroyed.

    And the number one thing he’ll never say !!!!!!!!

    1) It’s cool……my bad…my fault. I’ll step up to the plate

    Wait…….it’s a tie …….

    1) I’m throwing all these guns away……I’m dumping them in the ocean……bad news…all of them.

    What a shame every path he crosses becomes a train wreck.

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    • Hey Racer!
      I’d like to hear him publicly ask for a job.

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      • That’s a great one

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      • He has NEVER asked for a job. Remember from the get go, he insisted that he was ‘unemployable’ as soon as he lied & said he was mugged& promptly quit his job.
        That’s why he put up the begsite & had Omara do his begging after he showed him how he wanted it done, by claiming he’d been forced into hiding because all the black ppl were out to kill him..
        (which is odd since ALL the problems he keeps having is with white ppl & the only reason he had a problem with Trayvon is because HE STALKED,ATTACKED&MURDERED him)

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        • Right Shannon, he made his own conclusions on the morning of February 27, 2012, that he could no longer work for the rest of his life. In April after his arrest and the first donations came in, he planned to use that money for everything other than his defense.

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          • crustyolemothman

            Xena, Can you actually think of one place that he could work that would be beneficial to the employer? Face it the only work this individual is qualified for is a position on a chain gang picking up trash…

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            • Mothman,
              I can think of the perfect job for Zimmerman — painting yellow and white lane lines, by hand, on busy highways.

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            • crustyolemothman

              Xena, If we allowed him to paint the centerline on the hwy, he would probably try to sell the road on eBay as an original work of art….

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            • Mothman,
              Laughing Hard

              He would take pictures, paint over them, and try to sell them as “prints” with his signature. 🙂

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            • what about all those gun shops who’s owners keep embracing him?

              1.there’s the one manufacturer who made him that huge shot gun he used to shove in samatha’s face.
              2.There’s the pawnshop guy who was trying to run for mayor & had zimmerman hanging out in the parking lot at night.
              3.There’s the idiot gun shop who thought zimmerman would make a great ‘celeb’ guest host at the local gun show, but wound up sticking him in the closet when the venue denied him entry.
              4. the new one who’s trying to hock his confederate flag scribbles on their website trying to raise money for their upcoming lawsuit for discrimination

              did i miss one? why won’t one of these companies just hire zimmerman since they love him so much? its not like he can claim he’s too ‘scared’ to work there, he’s already there! plus there’s tons of guns around, everyone around will also have tons of guns & surely those fine patriots would be thrilled to risk their own life to protect little zimmerman from any random assassination attempt.

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            • did i miss one?

              The one who donated money to him to buy another gun when he was acquitted.

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          • yahtzeebutterfly

            Now that is really funny, Crusty! Ha…selling the road on Ebay. Bwahahahah!


      • Your sense of humor is pricele$$…..a job…..Ahahahahahahahahaha !!!!

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    • you mean it becomes a SHOOTOUT lol

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  6. Two sides to a story

    When he looks at the camera, his eyes are chilling.

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  7. Two sides to a story

    1:28:05 The “duper’s smirk.”

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  8. Zimmerman sure spends a lot of time in court defending himself.

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  9. Two sides to a story

    Approx 1:29:51 – “I have a good relationship with my attorney.” Another “duper’s smile – smirk- grin.”

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  10. Good Lord! That means another painting. MYEYESMYEYES! UGH!!

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  11. yahtzeebutterfly

    Basically Apperson’s defense will depend upon SYG, and whether or not GZ pointed a gun at Apperson before Apperson shot at GZ.

    When I was listening to the Apperson probable cause hearing video of GZ’s testimony, I got the impression that GZ was very well prepped to the point that he often asked the defense attorney to clarify his questions to him.

    Then the wording of an answer that GZ gave caught my attention. He said “Absolutely no.”

    I remembered members of Shellie’s family saying “absolutely not” when asked if GZ was a violent person. This was at the time when they were brought individually into a room with a phone to testify during GZ’s bond hearing during the Trayvon case. Their using that exact phrasing made me feel that they had been prepped to use that phrasing since none of them were present in the room with the phone to hear the others testimony. For instance, Shellie stated, “He is absolutely not a violent person.” (We must question the truthfulness of that considering what Shellie has said since his trial as well as the incidents with Samantha and also the wine bottle incident.)

    Here is how GZ used the word “absolutely” with the word “no” in his testimony yesterday during the Apperson probable cause hearing:

    Timestamp 1:02:52 to 1:03:40

    DEFENSE: When Mr. Apperson first yelled at you, um, (as you testified, “Do you remember me, you fat m..f..?) Did you do anything with regard to your own firearms at that time?

    GZ: Absolutely no.

    Did you do anything with regard to your firearms when the Infinity came up behind you after you made the U-turn?

    GZ: Absolutely no.

    As the Infinity began to come around the passenger side of your car, did you touch or move or do anything with regard to the firearms in your vehicle as that occurred?

    GZ: Absolutely no

    Because of the some members of his family in their testimonial history of saying “absolutely not” with regard to whether GZ was a violent person, I question GZ’s truthfulness when he answered the defense’s above questions with “absolutely no.”

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I would have to listen to that bond hearing when the family members were on the phone testifying to reinforce my memory, but I did find that the phrase “absolutely not” was used by gz’s father in the April bail hearing at this link:

      Excerpt from this April 20, 2012 link:

      Update at 9:35 a.m. ET: Robert Zimmerman, the defendant’s father, says “absolutely not” when asked whether he believes his son is violent.

      The Guardian article entitled “George Zimmerman to be released on bond-Friday 20 April” has this excerpt:

      Now O’Mara asks: “Do you believe your son is a violent person?” “Absolutely not…” says dad. “I’ve never known him to be violent at all, unless he was provoked.”

      Excerpt from this linked article:

      “He is absolutely not a violent person,” his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, testified.

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      • Yeah i agree. the “absolutely no” sounds rehearsed. but all of zimmerman’s narratives are rehearsed which is obvious to anyone with a brain.

        Wouldn’t it be great if the judge and jury used their brains and told the world they’ve had enough of this murderer’s circus & dismiss this case & arrest &charge zimmerman for brandishing?
        And since any gun charge gets rid of his gun he’ll disappear into the abyss! cuz w/o his gun/identity he definitely wouldn’t be brave enough to run his filthy mouth so much.

        God, i have a hard time looking at that idiot. and his lies make me wanna punch him in the head.
        I’m gonna try to watch the idiot lie on the stand in the video today tho just so i can see where his lies are the most obvious. but i imagine the ” i remember you fat ass” is from the same book of BS as his ” you got a problem homie”

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        • yahtzeebutterfly

          i imagine the ” i remember you fat ass” is from the same book of BS as his ” you got a problem homie”

          It seems so, Shannon.

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  12. Didn’t his BBF Taaffe say he is violent, and racist, and a gun nut about a year ago when he jumped ship ??

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    • Racer,
      Yes, Taaffe did. You make a good point too in that all of Zimmerman’s witnesses in the 2nd degree murder trial, who never heard him yell, but said it was him yelling, seem to have cut ties with him after the trial. His adultery and failure to support Shellie when charges against her were still pending, apparently showed them what type of heart Zimmerman has.

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      • Yep…..isn’t it entertaining that he thinks everyone will just ignore all of the past and take his side. He may be viewed as a great manipulator, but most of us don’t buy a thing he says.

        The 1st time I heard him talking and knowing what some of the facts were, I said, “What kind of unbelievable, self serving bull shit is that”………..and I, unlike Fogen, have witnesses.

        It will be horrible if Apperson is convicted. Shellie has a record because of his crap. This has to stop.

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        • Racer,
          Yes, it would be horrible if Apperson was convicted, but in the greater scheme of things, he was all of a higher plan because there is bound to be something brought out about Zimmerman that Zimmerman wants to keep hidden. Just to think that after Zimmerman’s murder trial, we learned that Shellie left his butt that Saturday night and was living with her dad on the night that he killed Trayvon. Zimmerman and his dad tried keeping that secret. They lied about what he did that night before purportedly going to Target.

          While Papa, Mama, and grandmother Zim were going from hotel to hotel, George was living in Shellie’s dad’s rental property, snug as a bug in the rug.

          Apperson’s attorney said at the end of the probable cause hearing that there would be costs for experts and depositions. I have the feeling that he is going to motion for a stand your ground hearing that will be all she-wrote.

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          • “I have the feeling that he is going to motion for a stand your ground hearing that will be all she-wrote.”

            I can’t imagine he won’t go the SYG route, BUT Fogen didn’t kill this witness BUT it’s one words against the others. Does that make it a no go for Fogen ?

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            • Racer,
              You are absolutely right — this does come down to a he says, he says case. Apperson’s attorney left some gems at the hearing. I’m still wondering that if person thinks they have been shot, why do they call their attorney? Attorney’s are called when people think they are in trouble and need an attorney. Also, Zimmerman’s delay in filing a written report can be attacked by the defense. Just how long did it take for him to come up with that story, especially if the case is based on evidence?

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        • Two sides to a story

          Classic narcissist behavior. They lay waste to all the lives they touch. I’m amazed his family would join ranks and stand behind him, but they may all have a touch of narcissism – they clearly care more about appearances than about ethics.

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  13. Zimmerman will always be a train wreck he will never have peace in his life it will always be filled with Chaos and violence as we have seen.

    The reason for this is because from here on out George has to live the rest of his life out selling that lie to the public. George knows deep down he murdered that kid, George knew exactly what his intent was when he told NEN dispatch to have the police call him when they arrive after he was told NOT to follow.

    George knows the meetings with the Neighborhood watch and the pamphlets they handed out that clearly stated NOT to follow anybody but be the eyes and ears of Law Enforcement.
    knowing this you also have to consider how the rest of America views this some are ignorant enough to buy his BullSh** some are racist enough to not give a damn and support him anyways.

    But there are plenty of states that had that happened for example here in California George would be in prison right now.
    George knows he murdered Trayvon but he has to play the game in effort to keep on pushing forward in his pathetic little life. I would bet the farm if he came out and admitted to the truth his life in allot of ways would straighten out carrying a lie like that must be one hell of a burden but George wouldn’t have it any other way.

    at the end of the day George is a murderer let me catch a grown man following my kid and see what happens.

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  14. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am thinking of Trayvon tonight.

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  15. Too bad we can’t just throw Zimmerman in jail with Kim Davis and the two can commiserate on God’s Will!

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    • Oh Linda, Kim would love to evangelize Zimmerman because based on her denominational doctrine, he is not saved until he speaks in tongues. They would destroy each other in the names of their denominations.

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  16. roderick2012

    This is so funny because I was thinking about Judge Corrupt just last night and how she helped influence the trial by saying that she wanted to complete the trial within two weeks because the jury was sequestered. Then we learn from Maddy that the jury was allowed to go out in public to eat, watch movies and all of the jurors except her were allowed to have visitors and use their cell phones to access the internet.

    I don’t understand why Apperson’s lawyer didn’t request Judge Corrupt to recuse herself since she greased the skids multiple ways to have Zimmerman acquitted; therefore, is biased toward Zimmerman and against Apperson.

    Apperson needs to get another lawyer pronto or he’s going to be serving some hard time.

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    • Roderick, I was thinking the same, but then, it’s Florida. I don’t know if the judge that presides over the probable cause hearing will be the same judge to preside over the trial.

      By the way, the worst that I saw judge Nelson do during Zimmerman’s trial was refuse to put the retreat section of self-defense law in the jury instructions.

      Apperson’s attorney conveyed some good methods that he plans to use in Apperson’s defense. His questions about the cigar and where Zimmerman had the other gun in the car, were teasers. I also suspect that he might question about the Winter Park’s police department having jurisdiction to investigate an incident that occurred in another jurisdiction. I don’t know, but don’t think that citizens get to pick and choose what jurisdiction they want to give a report to.

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      • roderick2012

        I’m sorry but I think that Nelson was either in love with George or she had been threatened to help the State throw the case.

        The entire thing stunk.

        I can’t help but recall that Judge Lester stated at the end of one of the hearings that the evidence against George was strong and that George was visibly shaking.

        If George can judge shop Apperson’s attorney better start and maybe he’ll get Judge Lester. LOL

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        • Roderick,
          I can’t disagree with you. When she ordered that voice experts would be excluded, she never should have allowed “ear” witnesses who were not there. Those witnesses who heard the cries for help could have said so, and opinions as to who was screaming should have been objected to for speculation.

          I also think that judge Lester is a better judge.

          During Dunn’s trial, we witnessed the State conducting trial very differently. They did the Dunn trial correct by not presenting his videoed statement until after he testified.

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          • sidewinder50

            I will always believe the prosecution knew beforehand gz was not going to testify.

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            • the prosecution threw that case………fogens story was beyond all rational belief…..they did not even mention the trajectory of the shot could NOT have come from the situation claimed Martin on top with his legs pinning fogens arms = fogen cant even touch his gun and if he could it was NOT possible to shoot straight on from that position.

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            • Bill, the prosecution had Adam Pollock testify about the inability of using an arm lock and taking that shot from the ground. You and everyone else with common sense knows that Zimmerman’s pinning story is false. After the verdict, Bernie said that he thought Zimmerman had his gun out before the altercation.

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            • Hey sidewinder! I agree, because O’Mara already knew that they were going to put on the dog and pony show with the tapes and videos. When the prosecution gives the defendant’s side of the story, there’s no need for the defendant to testify and be subjected to cross-examination.

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    • Two sides to a story

      Is Apperson’s attorney a court-appointed attorney? I’m under the impression he’s a public defender.


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