Marriage Equality Is Not About Sex

“For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer.”
– David Allen


I really like this guy. David Allen has practiced law since 1980. It’s not often that I like watching videos when the person is only talking, but attorney Allen is different. He is animated in his voice and physically. His videos are interesting and I’m thinking about presenting one at least once a week.

In the one below, attorney Allen tells the story of a committed same-sex couple relationship of 19 years, and how there were no options at law when the couple decided to end their relationship.

There are heterosexual couples who live together outside of marriage and find that when they separate, there are no options at law available to divide property and debts. We might know people that has happened to and ask, “Why didn’t you marry?” Until a few months ago, we could not ask same-sex couples the same because marriage was not a legal option available to them in every state of the Union.

Attorney Allen, in less than 5 minutes, presents the point that marriage equality is about equality under the law. I hope you enjoy his video.


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  1. Being married has its advantages which hopefully includes some loving. Having the legal rights to shared assets which can be put into a will to protect a partner; being able to be an advocate of a partner in the hospital; being able to insure that a child will be protected in the event a partner dies are all benefits which come with the marriage contract.We all deserve no less.


    • Gronda,
      ABSOLUTELY! Include with what you shared, that there are social security beneficiary and survivor benefits. Many insurance companies have lower premiums for men who are married, than those who are single.


  2. yahtzeebutterfly

    Great video. David Allen’s clarity and conversational style adds so much to his presentation.


  3. Great article and video!


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