Ode To My Laptop

Computer problemsIf you are expecting a poem, I’m sorry to disappoint you. This is actually the story of how I’ve not been able to do much with the blog and visit those I follow. My laptop became sick and not wanting it to die, I used it off and on mostly in one-hour increments.  Nothing about this experience has been poetic.

Before it became sick, Microsoft did some automated updates and the computer would not boot up thereafter. I had to restore the system to what it was before the updates.   All that I lost was a document that I had been working on before the updates.  That happened twice.  Then it started running hot and without warning, would shut-down.  If I was working on anything, it was lost.

About a week ago, I purchased a new laptop with Windows 10.   After working to get it setup, I turned it off for the night. The next day, as soon as I turned it on,  automated updates were done, and then the computer would not reboot. The repair screen appeared and gave me options, one being to restore the system to before the updates. I did that. The computer then rebooted. However, I lost everything that I had done in the setup. It even made me fill-out the form for a new computer again and re-register.

I thought “Fine!” now I can get back to business.  I installed the anti-virus program, downloaded Firefox and several other programs, AGAIN. I tried out the email client that comes with Windows – hated it. I downloaded Windows Live, and it worked. I turned the computer off for the night.

The next day, it once again did automated updates and once again, would not re-boot. Repeating the process from the day before, I again lost everything.

Going back to my old computer, I searched the internet for the problem to see if there was a fix. There is no fix, and Windows 10 does not provide the option of turning off automated updates.

I returned the computer and purchased one with Windows 8.1. Thankfully, my son and some friends have Windows Compute cartoon8.1 so they were able to help me understand how to see what is on the computer. After uploading the virus protection program, I turned the computer off and when turning it back on, it did automated updates. The computer rebooted like a charm. I tested that out after each download.

In the last two days since having the new computer, I learned that every company wants you to have an account with them and you must do so before you can proceed. I’ve entered so many key codes and registration numbers that my eyes began to cross.

There is still lots for me to learn about how it’s organized and I’ve decided to learn as I go along.

Now with the new computer, I’m anxious to get back to writing posts and getting back to visiting with my blogging friends here and on other blogs.

Feel free to use this for open discussion.

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  1. thanks for letting me know not to get windows 10 if I ever get another ‘puter. I’m still using Windows xp. lol

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  2. My lord!! This is nuts! I would have been bonkers, frustrated & upset. Does this mean that Windows 10 isn’t good? I still don’t have it … I’d be so upset! Truck on, sweet sis!! Keep us posted!

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    • Hey Horty! I had heard horrible things about Windows 10, but they were from people who used the free update download. I figured that if I purchased a computer with Windows 10 that those problems would be avoided. I was wrong.

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      • So your problems where with the bought software? That’s a bummer … no good!! I still haven’t installed W10 ….. 😦

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      • I have been receiving a pop up that I can have Windows 10 update for free. Thank God, I did not go for it.

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        • Xena, Thanks for the heads up. I was hoping that you would do a blog on James Blake, a famous Black tennis star who was improperly tackled by undercover police outside a NY hotel a couple of days ago.. He was the wrong guy. It turns out that the police officer who did this has a record of complaints a mile long to where he should not have been an officer.

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          • Hey Gronda,
            I read about what happened to Blake. With the old computer, whenever I went to a site with videos, the computer would freeze or Flash crashed so I’ve been unable to watch the videos. I do plan on writing about it. Thanks for letting me know of your interest. There are several stories that I want to write about and hope to get them up next week.

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        • Shannon said that she loves the update. She’s the only person who I’ve heard that from. LOL!

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  3. yahtzeebutterfly

    It is good to hear that you have emerged from the wild lands of computer problems, Xena. What a maze of problems Windows 10 put you through!

    I am not technically computer savvy and would not have been able to endure the wild computer ride you experienced. I am sure I would have received this message from my computer:

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    • Hey Yahtzee! The thing with today’s computers are that you don’t have to be technically savoy, or at least, that is what the designers think. I remember the days of DOS and floppy disks before hard drives. Those were the days when it required understanding how computers operate. When IBM came out with 286 computers, people thought they were in computer heaven. LOL!

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    • Ha! I’m sunk if that’s the case!

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  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    My husband is an engineer and we never get the latest and greatest because it isn’t. Any time a new product hits the shelves in technology, it has bugs and problems that will take time to get worked out. Remember the roll-out for the ACA? It’s the same with almost every new computer, no matter which brand you get. I recently had to replace my laptop and it was a struggle finding a Windows 8.1 but it was worth the wait. In time Windows 10 will get most of the bugs worked out, but for now… I would avoid it like the plague.

    PS: You are not alone. My brother got a new PC as did several of my husband’s co-workers and most complain about several issues similar to yours.

    Hugs to you… I feel your pain.

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    • I finally redound you. Yes even this too will pass…..

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    • Hey Jackie! Your husband sounds a lot like my late husband, but when it came to cars. He always said to never buy a new model the first year it comes out because the bugs haven’t been discovered and corrected.

      My concern now is that by the time Windows has worked out the bug in Windows 10 that the new upgrade download will no longer be “free.”

      The issue of computers not rebooting after automated updates appears to be massive. That happened on my Windows 7 but at least I didn’t lose the programs when I did a system restore. On Windows 10, I lost the programs.

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      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

        I lost everything I had in May but I took my hard drive to the Geek Squad at Best Boy and they were able to save all my documents and images. I have about 7,000 documents with parenting information I use in my volunteer work. I was literally sick until I was able to see my documents and know they were safe.

        I started calling the Geek Squad employees “The Geek Squad Gods”! After my laptop crashed, my husband couldn’t even get to my documents but they were able to rescue all I needed. The programs were easier… many needed updating anyway. I went from Photoshop Elements 6 to Photoshop Elements 13… what a learning curve!

        By the way, before you buy any brand/make/model of computer, always check out the consumer reviews and comments. It took us about a month to figure out which laptop to get. Also, there was a guy Leo I read that had said to hold off on Windows 10 so we waited. For me, it was not a cost issue, it was more what we trusted. I get Leo’s and others’ e-mails on technology so I read a lot on things.


        The big thing…. backup, backup, backup.

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  5. Mac Book Pro with The Genius Bar

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  6. We have both been through this as well. We feel your pain!!!!!

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  7. Dreamer9177

    I feel for you. I personally gave up on Windows back in 2002 and migrated to Mac. I also took the opportunity to learn a little Linux and recently, I have begun writing a lot on my Chromebook. All of these provide everything I need to update my blog. I understand that you might have some necessity for Windows due to your work. I also have that restriction, but for anything personal, or for anything important, I use a combination of Mac. Linux and Chrome to get me through the day. I hope that you will soon be able to get everything back together again regardless if which platform you select.

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    • Hey Dreamer! Thanks for the good wishes. It’s coming along nicely. I still have to import my contacts into the email program and get accustomed to how things are setup in Windows 8.1.

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  8. So Glad you finally got that taken care of, what a mess to have to go there twice. as far as whats on my mind pretty good day in court this week yet its stressful to see the trial date pushed back until next month but to make sure every I is dotted and Every T is crossed im not so worried about the additional four week delay at this stage.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel hopefully when this is resolved I can re focus on my life and living my life rather than having to do what is necessary to protect it.

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  9. Have you checked the voltage to your computer? Must be at least 110?

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    • Hey Sachem! You mean the old laptop? The fan went out back in 2013. The tech guy who replaced it said that the insides were brittle, so if it happened again, it would not be able to be replaced. That is what I think is the main problem with the old one. It gets hot and shuts down.

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  10. Omg that’s the most outrageous drama I’ve ever heard! Why do you keep having to download updates & antivirus software everytime you turn it on!? You just got it!
    Especially when your just going to firefox!
    You wont use much of win10 if your just gonna use another browser. But i love win10 when i got it on my older laptop. But still got a lot to learn all about it.

    Glad you posted it bcuz I was actually wondering what was the issue w/ur new purer! Lmao

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    • Hey Shannon. That was the weird thing – – because I returned to system to before the updates, each time I turned it off and back on, it installed the updates and then would not reboot. When it did that on my Windows 7, the only thing I lost was a document I had been working on. Everything else was the same, but the Windows 10 removed programs!

      Sadly, I was unable to keep up with all new postings on blogs that I follow. The old computer would freeze, and even shut-down without warning. So, I’m waaaay behind and plan on doing catch-up this weekend. What I cannot do this weekend in catching up , well, I’ll never be able to catch-up and keep up and will ask that other bloggers forgive me.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      “Omg that’s the most outrageous drama I’ve ever heard! ”

      Technological solution for times when dramatic computer problems occur:

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  11. chuquestaquenumber1

    Having computer issues also. I’m wondering whether to have it cleaned and updated,or get a new one. Especially since the pc is nearly 8 yrs old.

    Also with all of the media personalities,LEOs bigots attacking,President Obama,Rev Sharpton,Black Lives Matter,etc for anti police rhetoric which is said to be the catalyst for the war on Cops.
    1. Police shooting deaths are DOWN by 24% this year compared to last year.
    2. Suicide is the number one cause of police deaths.

    Xena. Being from Florida how are people in your state reacting to the Joy Feinberg video?

    In case anyone isn’t familiar,she’s the old lady who told a cop “This is why you people get shot.” Upon being pulled over for speeding. I will put in my observations after hearing from you.

    Thank you.

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    • Chuquest,

      Having computer issues also. I’m wondering whether to have it cleaned and updated,or get a new one. Especially since the pc is nearly 8 yrs old.

      My desktop is 8 years old. It was cleaned in 2013 and some additional memory was added. It works like a charm, but the virus protection programs for XP were eating up the memory. Jim here made a recommendation for a virus program so I’m going to try it out the next time I boot up the XP.

      Xena. Being from Florida how are people in your state reacting to the Joy Feinberg video?

      I’m not from Florida. After my husband died some friends wanted me to move to Florida but I declined. I’ve lived in Illinois all of my life. I wouldn’t know what to do in winters without snow. 🙂

      I hadn’t heard of Joy Feinberg. Actually, I’ve been somewhat in the dark about lots of things because of the computer issues. Those things I’ve come to know about in the past month is mostly because of other blogs that I follow where I get the email notifications. Thus, a reason for reblogging more since the computer problems because I was unable to trust my computer to live through the writing of a post.

      Please share your observations with us.

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      • chuquestaquenumber1

        My mistake I thought you lived in Florida.I Thought you moved from Illinois to Florida when John Burge was a discussion we had. Anyway here’s the video of Joy Feinberg.

        This qualifies as anti cop rhetoric as well as violent anti cop rhetoric.However,the usual suspects Andrew Branca, Ret. Inv. Houck,Sheriff Clarke,Rudy Giuliani etc. are silent on this. Blue Live Matter,Police Lives Matter War On Cops also silent.Whether its Joy Feinberg, Sovereign Citizens Groups, White waco biker gangs issuing a Kill anyone in Uniform order,etc This is the usual reaction to white anti cop rhetoric. This selective outrage to me cheapens the deaths of all police.

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        • “video no longer available” ‘terminated account”


          • I found a video. Although it says it’s 30 minutes, it duplicates the 15 minutes or so. The second video focuses on where she says “No wonder you people get shot.”

            I wonder what her opinion is of Sandra Bland who was stopped for a traffic violation and ended up dead? You see, Joy probably thinks she is entitled to be enraged over a $600 ticket to the point of wanting to see cops shot.

            I agree with chuquest — she cheapens the deaths of all police.


    • I’m in Florida. I believe with all of my heart had this woman been of color, the outcome would have been very different.

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  12. In Memory of 9-11.

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  13. I have a Geek squad account. I called today 9/13, and the rep told me not to download Windows 10 for a few months from now. It seems that Microsoft is working to fix some bugs.

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    • Gronda,
      Yes. Since I went to Best Buy, the Geek Squad was there. They said that the release of Windows 10 was premature. They had started downloading Windows 10 on some 8.1 computers but stopped because so many customers have brought the computers back and there is no fix for the reboot problem. Users of brand new computers with Windows 10 don’t get a chance to see if there are other bugs, because the darn computer keeps sending them in circles with the system restore to boot-up, to only have the automated updates load again resulting in the same problem.

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