The deeply disturbing lie that the death of a Texas officer is connected to Black Lives Matter

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Segment on the death of Darren Goforth attribution: Screenshot of CBS News | Segment on the death of Darren Goforth


This past week in Houston, Texas a white police officer, Darren Goforth, was fatally shot and killed by a black man with a lengthy and violent criminal history. It was a horrendous crime. Thankfully, the alleged perpetrator, Shannon Miles, has already been arrested.

Typically, people who harm police officers don’t make it far before they are caught and either charged or killed. This case was no different.

What was different, and extremely disturbing, was when Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman attempted to draw a ridiculous connection between the peaceful Black Lives Matter movement and the murder of this officer.

The two have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

Both the official Black Lives Matter organization, its representatives, and its loosely connected friends and partners actually have real agendas, real goals, real plans, and none…

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  1. yahtzeebutterfly

    Sheriff Ron Hickman had no basis to make such an outlandish connection with the Black Lives Matter movement.

    • Even Donald Trump said tonight on CNN that no one can say for a fact that the murder of that officer is related to Black Lives Matter.

      I’ve tried following the case of the officer killed in Fox Lake, IL today. Yesterday I got a new computer and tomorrow I’ll start setting it up. Hopefully, I’ll be back to blogging by Friday.

  2. scrodriguez

    Meanwhile in San Antonio Texas, a Shooting took place by Law Enforcement who shot a suspect, their narrative of the man having a weapon went to trash when this video surfaced that shows the suspect with his hands clearly up and no visible weapon and the crazy part is, he was shot from long distance Disturbing indeed!

    • yes, this is all over the police department’s FB page too, a lot of unhappy Americans are commenting.

  3. I say everyone just make up stories as you go along. It seems even body cams, dash cams, witness video’s, witness statements………….none of this matters. Just open fire and lie like hell.

    I’d like to see what proof anyone has that BLM had a damn thing to do with this shooting.

    • They have body cams on, well, up till the time of the shooting. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to say we are defeated in a court of law. But Jurors don’t convict nor do the police arrest their own (HARDLY EVER. LYING EYES is all I have to say. I didn’t see any weapon on this man. And BLM is not to blame. I see it as an open invitation to shoot more black people!

  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    Off topic:

    The Baltimore Sun is hosting a live blog with updates today of the Freddie Gray pre-trial motions hearing which begins at 9:30 this morning.

    Judge Barry Glenn Williams will be presiding over the hearing that will involve such motions as the defense’s to dismiss the charges and to recuse State Prosecutor Mosley from the case as well as determining if the officers will be tried together or individually.

    (Maryland does not allow cameras or recording devices in courtrooms.)

    • so the judge confirms megyn kellys silly claims of conflict of interest simply doesnt exist……and all of her “breaking news” about defense motions werent news at all, just invalid claims made by the defense.

      • I just read about the court’s decision. The defense’s motions were denied. They return at 2 p.m. for hearing on whether the officers will have a combined or separate trials. Next week the court hears their motion on a change of venue.

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        The judge ruled that the 6 police officers will have separate trials.

        • I wish that reporters would be more detailed. I would like to know the judge’s reason for separate trials.

          • Somebodies getting thrown under the bus. Pick killer..any killer.

            • Hey Racer! You know, I first thought that the defense would want trial on the one officer they believe will be acquitted, in order to set the stage for the remaining trial. However, considering that there will be a new jury for each trial, I think you’re right.

  5. Wake up folks, look at this for what it really is, We know the BLM movement had nothing to do with this officers death we know that. But Law Enforcement is going to sell that to the media and as this Prosecutor stated the “Silent Majority”

    Obviously there are issues with her statement regarding wishing the “Silent Majority” would stand up and do something about it. Basically what you have here is a Prosecutor inciting violence, a prosecutor who is asking the “Silent Majority” to take action and we know exactly what she means in saying this what her intentions are and how she feels about People of color the “Loud Minority”

    I find it hypocritical that the media and the public would lash out on Marilyn Mosby for stepping up and stating that She is the elected official of the people of Baltimore and that she will see to it that Justice is brought to Freddie Grey.
    it just amazes me how one prosecutor is treated for doing her job and making a stand yet another is inciting a riot basically and all we hear are crickets.

    However this attack on the movement coming just after the smear attack of Shaun King the agenda is obvious to silence the message. even those who are reading this who lurk here who stand on the other side of the fence. Be careful what you wish for because this is not just an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement this is an attack on your 1st Amendment rights, So think before you blindly throw your support to this nonsense.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Have you noticed, Santiago, how the police seem to blame the Black protestors in the movement more and mostly seem harsher on the Black protestors whom they arrest than the White protestors?

      The police seem to want especially to silence the Black community’s denouncement of police wrongdoings…as you, yourself, write:

      “However this attack on the movement coming just after the smear attack of Shaun King the agenda is obvious to silence the message.”

      Something I read this week hits upon this theme a bit:

      All of the following is an excerpt from page 157 of Derrick Bell’s Faces at the Bottom of the Well:

      “(Ralph Ellison) is telling—or, rather, reminding—us …that black people…are the nation’s conscience, but he says it better than I.”

      Taking the book from me, Geneva read the passage I pointed to:

      Listen, it is the black American who puts pressure upon the nation to live up to its ideals. It is he who gives creative tension to our struggle for justice and for the elimination of those factors, social and psychological, which make for slums and shaky suburban communities…

      Without the black American, something irrespressibly hopeful and creative would go out of the American spirit, and the nation might well succumb to the moral slobbism that has ever threatened its existence from within.

      “In other words,” I suggested when she looked up, “we’re a race of Jeremiahs, prophets calling for the nation to repent.”

      “Exactly!” Geneva said. “And you know what nations do to their prophets?”

      “I do. About the least dire fate for a prophet is that one preaches, and no one listens; that one risks all to speak truth, and nobody cares.”

      • yahtzeebutterfly

        Of course, on internet the haters, racists, and White Supremacists will go after anybody who supports equal justice no matter their color or ethnicity.

        Also, over the years the KKK and White Supremacists have also beaten and killed Whites as well as Blacks who have demanded civil rights and equal justice.

        However, I have noticed, in general, this last year that the police themselves are much harsher on Black protestors.

        • Of course, on internet the haters, racists, and White Supremacists will go after anybody who supports equal justice no matter their color or ethnicity.

          I wonder why they must make it into an either-or argument? In other words, if you say equal justice for all, they say you hate cops. It’s their limited view of things that ends up destroying their credibility. Because of the effort to misrepresent the Black Lives Matter Movement, it has peeked my interest to learn more about it. In other words, I want to know why it is feared; why are those advocating it being attacked, and why is it being accused when one nut with a gun executes a member of law enforcement?

      • scrodriguez

        Reality in this and what I see happening here is a District attorney using the death of an officer at the hands of a black man to tie it in with Black Lives Matter, there is NOT one shred of evidence that supports this.
        The only thing this District attorney is using is the race of this man and that is not Evidence that is pure speculation but she has no problem inciting violence using her speculation and agenda. She should be disbarred this is unprofessional un ethical and is un called for we need better elected officials to serve the people.

  6. Yesterday, (9/1) I watched FOX TV. Every show host talked against the BLM movement. This is now being widely marketed as a talking point on the right. On FOX TV, the hosts kept referring to video clips showing some BLM protesters chanting something about pigs dropping, inferring that the protesters were celebrating the killing of police officers. I have no idea what the context was of these protesters, but what I do know is that no one wants to see an officer killed in cold blood for just doing his job.

    At the same time, minority folks should be able to drive and do things without being in abject fear of a police officer stopping them just because of their color, knowing that the officer can do just about anything with virtually no accountability.

    These two premises can be true at the same time!!!

    Last evening, Bill O’Reilly declared war on the BLM movement. He said he would be doing everything possible to put this movement out of business.

    The BLM movement needs to end this attack from the right and not allow them to succeed in framing this unfair and untruthful picture.

    • oreily is not a bright person and clearly hates the concept of “liberty” because that means people get to say and do things that does not have his approval……his most common phrase uttered is “they are out of control” which is freudian showing his true desire to “control” others, the opposite of the founding concepts of this nation.

  7. Frankly the right is using this to stoke their base, listeners etc. It has nothing to do with being “fair and balanced,” and just doing what is right.They are giving FOX viewers exactly what they want to hear while earning better ratings.

  8. yahtzeebutterfly

    The BipartisanReport tweet out these two protestor signs:

  9. This is a classic example of hate speech from a hateful heart.

    • Yep….and stupid as well…..he’s afraid of all 3 of the Black Panthers.

      Does this fool actually know anything…..or is he just like “,,,using the force”

      If he didn’t have the white Texas drawl, he’s stating what minorities, especially AA people have been going through for years.

      At 1:45 he commits a felony in his threats. So, I say have someone arrest his ass.

      For the record, no blacks have hit town yelling “Kill cops….kill cops”

      At 2:30 he talks about a “slangshot” and describes attacking occupied motor vehicles, while they are moving…..again…..a felony.

      And at 4:50 states flat out they will illegally break into your house and the last thing you’ll hear is a shotgun being racked. Wow……

      Lets see now……it’s 7:17 AM 9/3/15 and I’m betting FogenPhoole will be trying to cash in on this clown by tomorrow about say……1:00 PM?

      • “slangshot” LOL!!

        Yep, deliberate destruction of property and threats of entering homes with intent to murder. Just think — they actually allow people like him to own a gun.

        • If you’re nice and say please, I tell you about the conversation I just had with a real ignorant redneck…….this is one for the books.

          • Racer, I’m nice. 🙂 Please, please share.

            • Sorry to be so late on this.

              So on the 3rd I went to the Walmart a few miles away and as I’m going back to my truck I see an old conversion van with a huge chrome skull with 2 pistols pointing up and at 10 & 2 o’clock on the right rear door window. There is also a really big bumper sticker under the skull / pistol combo that reads “Damn right I’ll shoot anyone who disagrees with me”

              While I’m walking along I observe a normal looking mid 40’s guy tell the redneck loading the side door of the van he’s a little offended by the sticker.

              That’s when the shit hit the fan. The redneck starts screaming he’ll pull the trigger on anyone who doesn’t see things his way, ‘cuz he’s what America is all about. He stated it’s his 1st Amendment right to say such as well………that is. shooting to defend his opinion. Then he started on the 2nd Amendment to which the other guy said, no…….you can’t just shoot someone who disagrees with you, and the 2nd is about forming a militia, not as a murder tool.

              Then it really got ugly and thankfully I was just closing the door on my truck. The normal guy just looked at me while Mr. Redneck Killer was screaming about HIS rights.

              Something wrong in America………………..yep.

              So, some whacko says if you don’t like his stance on, well…………anything, he can shoot you. Sound familiar ??? Sounds like Hitler joins the KKK to me.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Hope the FBI investigates this guy.

  10. Found something very interesting. My other blog received a “hit” from wiki, so I followed the link and found that the editors there are having a really good time discussing how to present Shaun King’s bio in reference to what one calls the “witch hunt” regarding his birth certificate.

  11. Kim Davis is suppose to appear in court today. I hope she is held in contempt — even that the court finds her in criminal contempt and fines her the equivalent of her salary for each day she has disobeyed the court.

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Derrick Rose WHAS11 ‏@WHAS11DRose 1m1 minute ago
      Hearing for #KimDavis scheduled to begin now. No cameras inside federal court. @WHAS11Kayla is inside now. @whas11

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Mike Wynn ‏@MikeWynn_CJ 5m5 minutes ago

      Breaking: Davis found in contempt, taking into custody

    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Mike Wynn ‏@MikeWynn_CJ 5m5 minutes ago

      “Davis escorted out of courtroom, judge says she can be released if she complies with order to issue licenses, says fines would not be enough”

      • As a Civil servant the best way she can preserve her right to Religious Freedom is keep her church rules out of her job. I have had many heated passionate debates with supposed scholars of theology yet none has ever found a way to justify forcing the tenets or dogma of a freely chosen religion onto non-adherents of that religion.

        Hopefully the clerk will resume her duties in a much more civil frame of mind…or seek employment more compatible with the conflicts that rendered her unwilling/unable to perform her job duties.

  12. I just reblogged an article about Kim Davis. It should be up in just a moment.

  13. crustyolemothman

    Here is an opinion piece that is well worth the few moments it will take to read it… While some might question the comparison made in the words of the author, it does address some points that are worth understanding…

  14. Wow. Heartbreaking story.

    • Hey Virgobeauty! Welcome to Blackbutterfly7. The more controversy arises, the more I’m curious about the movement and why it is coming under attack.

  15. TODAY, NY DAILY NEWS HAS THE PERFECT POSTER MODEL FOR BLM: EXCLUSIVE: James Blake, former tennis star, slammed to ground and handcuffed outside midtown hotel by white NYPD cops who mistook him for ID theft suspect

    BY Wayne Coffey , Tina Moore , Larry Mcshane /

  16. I have heard a pundit on FOX referring to Black on Black crime as a way to discount the BLM. Some one needs to explain that over 85% of white folks are killed by other whites. Does this mean that they do not have a right to complain when a white person has been maimed or killed by a police officer who acted with inappropriately with necessary abusive and excessive force?

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