Rest In Peace, Alison and Adam


rest in peace

My heart is sad, as so many others are.  The news coverage has been extraordinary for two extraordinary young people.

Just want to state my sadness over this terrible tragedy.  Their loves, their families, friends and co-workers are in my thoughts.

When are our “representatives” going to wake up and NOT think about their greed and dependency on the NRA lobbyists?

It is past time to pass intelligent gun laws that will make it nigh onto impossible for sick, deranged maniacs to buy guns.

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  1. I watched the heartbreaking interview with Allison’s father. He spoke of the need for expanded background checks and the need to prevent mentally ill people from being able to buy guns

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      Our nation needs to listen to these words of Allison’s father.

      Rest in peace, Alison.

      Rest in peace, Adam.

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  2. Two sides to a story

    I shudder because this sort of thing will happen over and over We should be at the same crisis point as the UK when they had their final mass shooting and decided, no more!

    This case is particularly sad. The young man really had the world by the tail in so many other ways and was sinking into mental disarray. But isn’t that always the way it is? All the shooters, really, no matter their ideology. There’s always mental decay and there should be safeguards connected to buying guns always in place.

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