23 Page Manifesto 

Using evil against evil only results in more evil. That eye for eye makes the entire population blind. Thanks for writing about this, Juan.

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  1. scrodriguez


    As I said earlier Americans have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that we are not responsible enough as citizens to be privileged with the 2nd Amendment, it needs to simply be abolished.
    These type of disgusting acts continue each and every day, there was also a kid who went to school with a gun talked down by teacher thank God a few days ago the officer in LA who was shot in the head by a stranded motorist.
    I mean time and time again Americans have proven they are not responsible gun owners the 2nd Amendment is often argued in cases of defending ones self. However if you compare the stats there are more homicides at the hands of guns by far than there are actual cases of legit self defense.
    Hell even Zimmermans Neighbor who testified during his trial went through a bit of a in home invasion well it was more of a burglary while she was home and what did she do? She grabbed scissors and hid from them.
    Even Zimmerman himself who was recently shot at while he was armed decided not to stand his ground, maybe he just likes to threaten unarmed people who knows but the point is clear owning a gun does not always mean you are protected or that its needed for protection.

    • Self-defense advocates want to conceal carry to protect themselves from crime. Yet, it appears that the majority of people using guns are not committing any crime other than killing.

      I remember when postal employees who were fired and disgruntled went into post offices and shot up the place then killed themselves. It seems to be the solution for unemployment and depression. It’s the wrong solution.

      • I’m a self defense advocate, my oldest has a concealed carry …because she needs it. She works in a high crime area where there are literally thousands of unregistered/stolen guns in untrained hands. She was car-jacked, she was threatened in her employers parking area. Then she told her employer either pay for a driver & security or train me…they trained her. Her training saved the life of a kid someone left to die on the access road to her job. She called 911 then administered the gun shot triage/first aid she learned to use her scarf & something from her car as a tournequiet. To me that makes her prior car loss & fright well worth the weapon she is now known to carry.

        If she needed to add a mental health evaluation that too would have been worth knowing the first aid that kid needed to keep him from bleeding out before paramedics arrived. I just don’t see how adding mental health evals will stop or prevent the loss of life from unregistered/stolen guns in untrained hands.

        It scares me to wonder what someone in the kind of mental pain anguish torment this guy felt for years before he was let go two years ago would do if he didn’t have the gun he used to take three lives. He planned, rented a car weeks ago, wrote 23 pages ..lots of planning.

        I wish he’d learned self defense in the form of self-acceptance, loving himself despite the rejections he felt so keenly. This is considered ‘workplace’ violence but how is it really any different than the domestic violence and societal hate so many struggle & fail to cope with? Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances all turning a blind eye or making excuses/ justifying the escalating abuse, anger, isolation etc. they can’t deal with. Too much on their plates, not their business, not trained…who needs professional training to smile, nod say have a nice day? Sorry to run on just disgusted that this guy and his 23 pages equate to more gun control vs more simple respect and tolerance for our inherent faulty humanness.

        • Lurking,
          I am happy to know that your daughter survived the crime, received training, and helped another person.

          Here’s the thing about humans and guns, in my opinion. Even the most sane person who acts responsibly 99 percent of the time, can find themselves in a situation of anger, depression, or fear and use a gun to rid those they think are causing the problem.

          Back when the Columbine massacre occurred, a friend said to me that she bet that the killers were on anti-depressants. The “new” anti-depressants are suppose to help people think how to resolve situations that cause their depression. When people believe (or even when it’s factual), that their problems are caused by others, the way they resolve their problems is to rid themselves of those people. That the killers would take their own lives also indicates the seriousness of their mental state.

          There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for gun violence.

  2. Two sides to a story

    Obviously we need the strict gun control / gun purchase options that the far-right so disdains. Of course people can always attack one another with other weapons and methods regardless, but guns make it far too easy.

    We must be the laughingstock of the world by now with our lax gun policies and lack of control over them. I know people overseas who refuse to allow their kids to travel here – really!

    • scrodriguez

      isn’t going to work allot of these shootings come at the hands of those who are licensed and cleared to carry, and the ones who are not get their guns from those who are

      • One thing you have to remember is that shooters like Flannigan and Roof were not required to be licensed to own a gun…..Virginia is an open carry state and only requires a license for concealed carry, S. Carolina does not have open carry but does require a license only for concealed carry. Neither of these states require gun registrations or permits to buy a handgun.

        I am starting to lean toward a mental health eval prior to being able to purchase any type of firearm.

  3. Hat tip to Jueseppi.

  4. These are no longer isolated events. They are daily – DAILY!!! They were just doing their job. That means it could be you or me next. Why is MY right to be able to walk down the street, drive in my car, go to a movie, do ANYTHING less than the right of some oh crap, I don’t even have a word for it, but why is their right to have a gun MORE important that MY right to just effing breathe?!!!

    • Rachael,
      I hear ya!

    • scrodriguez

      The irony in what you posted is that those who believe in the right to carry also claim to be pro life not sure how that works in their twisted little minds but they somehow manage to claim both are of great importance to them.

      • AND those same people are fine with restrictions and regulations on voting when voting is also Constitutionally protected.

      • They claim they believe in the “Right to Life” out of one side of their mouth but they support the Death Penalty out of the other.

      • I’ve learned over the years that pro-lifers are NOT pro-life. They’re pro-BIRTH, Once you’re born, they don’t care if you have a roof over your hear, food in your belly, easy access to voting, etc. “Pro-life” sounds like an oxymoron to me.

        • That was supposed to be “roof over your head.”

        • Linda,
          I know what you mean, but talking with some people in 1999 who said they were voting for Bush because of his stance on abortion, I learned that their hearts are inclined to control the lives of other people. They are quick to call a young unmarried, pregnant woman or mother a “whore,” allege that the dad is a “deadbeat,” and curse her to hell, all the while saying they believe in the Bible. That always gave me opportunity to respond, “I’m happy you were not Jewish living at the time when Mary became pregnant with Jesus.”

  5. chuquestaquenumber1

    Yet certain sites and blogs will tell you reports on the rise of active shootings are false.

    • They’re all ‘false flags’ yet they don’t think so about the 19 mass shootings between 1991 and 2008.. except for 9/11…

  6. up to the date records, verified, of shooting incidents.


    • Mindy….thanks for that link but quit a bit of information is still missing from that site. I would also like to know who was an illegal gun owner who used it in a commission of a crime, who was a legal gun owner (like Roof and Flannigan) that used it in a crime, what are undetermined, what # is self-defense, etc.

  7. yahtzeebutterfly

    So horrific and painfully heartbreaking.

    “Using evil against evil only results in more evil. That eye for eye makes the entire population blind.”

    Yes, Xena.

    I send my thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of Alison and Adam.

  8. These are sad times that we live in and unfortunately the media helps to create the monsters that carry out these crimes. The minds and hearts of these offenders are so evil that they only think of themselves and they know that as soon as they perpetrate these crimes, their names and pictures are plastered across the headlines. That is exactly what they want. What if we start not mentioning their names. I think that in part would deter some of these nuts in the future.

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