Muslim Free Zone is Unconstitutional


Andy Hallinan, owner of the Florida Gun Supply

It started with the press announcing that George Zimmerman did a painting of the confederate flag because a Florida gun shop owner is being sued. Zimmerman wants to sell prints of the painting and split the money with the gun shop owner.

Twenty-eight year old Andy Halliman, owner of Florida Gun Supply in Inverness, Florida, is being sued by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, (CAIR).

Hallinan calls himself a “patriot” and thinks that his unlawful discrimination protects America.   Previously, Hallinan allowed American-Muslims customers to take his gun safety course and purchase from him if they told him they had served the country and didn’t believe in the caliphate or in killing non-believers. He made them take an oath.

Hassan Shibly, chief exective director of CAIR Florida, said,

“American Muslims have a right to browse and purchase guns, take classes on gun safety and shoot guns at a range without having to be profiled and discriminated.”

What Hallinan did not know is that a veteran of the Persian Gulf who is Muslim had signed up to take Hallinan’s gun safety class, and that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was following him to monitor the situation. Kevin Richardson, ATF spokesperson, said the gun store owner, and all other federal firearms licensees, are expected to comply with both federal and states laws. “That includes laws against discrimination,” Richardson said.

The ATF however, cannot tell a business when to open or close.  Therefore, by closing his store, Hallinan avoided any possible legal consequences by the ATF.

Hallinan initially posted a video on Facebook after five U.S military personnel were shot in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Hallinan stood in front of a confederate flag and declared his business a “Muslim-free zone.

Shibly said the video hurt him because he believes America is built on the idea of freedom of religion. He said he would be just as horrified to hear about a Jewish-free zone, a Catholic-free zone, a white-free zone or a black-free zone. Due to the controversy surrounding the video, Hallinan employed men with AK-47s to stand guard outside his store.

“What’s so scary about the anti-Muslim industry is that it has incited violence against those perceived to be Muslim. We have many of our brothers and sisters in the Indian community and the Sikh community that have all been targeted. That’s why Islamophobia really is so dangerous,” Shibly said.

Hallinan said he doesn’t want to see violence because he doesn’t believe that is the correct method for handling the issue.

“Unfortunately there’s a bit of a double standard,” Shibly said. “A white-American Christian male can commit a horrible act of terrorism like the mass shootings we fought in Charleston or more recently Lafayette, but people know that those criminals represent nobody but themselves. However, when someone who happens to be Muslim commits a similar act or act of terrorism, people tend to blame the entire Islamic community. That’s not what America is about. We cannot allow our enemies to divide us and turn us against each other using terrorism, fear and bigotry.”

Hallinan claims that he turns away others when their actions or demeanor make him uncomfortable and he claims that as a First Amendment right.   He does not understand that the First Amendment does not give him right to discriminate in business because of religion, race, color or national origin.

CAIR filed the lawsuit on the grounds that Florida Gun Supply may not discriminate or segregate against anyone based upon religion, according to the complaint.  It seeks enjoining Hallinan from discriminating.

11202810_10206416389345314_5667305494293843131_n1So, how did George Zimmerman become involved? According to Hallinan, Zimmerman contacted him after he saw his Muslim Free video and encouraged him to not back down. According to Zimmerman, his motivation to help Hallinan is because he doesn’t feel that those who support the confederate flag should be called “racist.” Of course, since Zimmerman says he is not a racist, and if he paints the confederate flag, that is suppose to remove or negate individual opinion that the flag represents a time in this country when race and slavery were the center of the Civil War. That logic is the same as someone supporting and painting the Nazi flag and claiming they do not hold Aryan race ideologies.

WUFT has the full story.

Some might find some of the language in the following videos offensive.


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  1. You know, every time I think it is not possible for me to hate this guy any more than I do, he shows up and proves me wrong.

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  2. Why is it so hard for some people to understand that even if you say you’re not racist, but all of your supporters ARE racist, and you never admonish their racist comments, you have taken the side of the racist.

    Same way with the Oath Keepers. They say they are not a racist organization but their supporters didn’t get that message..

    One is known by the company they keep..

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  3. cognitivefungus

    George Zimmerman will do anything to stay in the spotlight. He wears the murder of that poor kid Trayvon Martin like a badge with his gun strapped to his penis instead of his penis. Having said that I now forced to say that we forget easily about 911. I’ll never forget it because I lived it daily. The smells, I saw the planes go into the buildings. My partner saw them first hand. I saw them on TV but then I saw the aftermath. The smell of death was all around you when ever u walked in the greater NYC area. The trade center was demolished.

    Those terrorists learned in our flying schools how to fly those planes. They took classes with American fliers who taught them. If a Muslim came to me and said I want to learn now to play the guitar I would tell him I’m busy with other students. I do not help Muslims in any way shape or form. The gun dealer should have the right to say whom he wants to teach. We’re not talking about baked goods and wedding cakes although I am gay and if a baker told me he was against me getting married – why would I want to force him to do business with me? I wouldn’t and I’d go elsewhere.

    Just my two cents. 1 more thing – The fact that Zimmerman poked his face into all of this makes it news. Otherwise, it’s not news. These muslims say this gun dealer is profiling – yeah more people should do it too – these Muslims are living here in America because of our lax immigration laws. When people are yelling about illegal aliens it’s not just MEXICANS – it’s Muslims who are here illegally too. Let’s just be clear about this.

    And it’s NOT racist to be informed. It’s also NOT RACIST to be afraid of Muslims who want to learn about shooting guns.


    • I am not in agreement with discrimination of any kind, against anyone. It is better to judge others by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, their religion, national origin, gender, nor gender preference. In the path I walk, I’ve met members of Islam who are hateful against other religions, and I’ve met members of Islam who are peaceful and tolerant and some who, born into that faith, do not practice any religion. Morals and treating others kindly have to do with the heart. Anyone can choose any label and put it on themselves but a tree is known by its fruit.

      By the way, I don’t totally blame 9/11 on those Muslims who followed Osama Bin Laden. Rather, I blame it on the bigotries within the Dept of Justice, distinctly remembering that a woman FBI agent had spotted those training to fly planes and her warnings to the DOJ were ignored. I also remember that New Year’s Eve the year before 9/11, that Canada stopped several Muslims at the border of the U.S. who said they were coming to America to crash planes. This does not relieve the murderers responsible for that horrible event; just that those in authority knew there was a plan and their own prejudices got in the way.

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      • cognitivefungus

        You are then fortunate. I have only met 3 Muslims in my life that I liked. One of them was my Music Theory teacher who was a black man, famous, who was a Muslim early on before it was popular to be one.(popular in America among black Americans is what I mean). I understand your point but just like before ww2 when no one wanted to go to war with Germany a Japanese missive was intercepted and word of Pearl Harbor was related to the US Government, who let it ride. After Pearl Harbor, 66% of USA enlisted and the war was on. Same thing happened in 911.

        We disagree. I will never like Muslims & I believe we should continue to profile them. They are a despicable lot and they need to be reigned in. They wanted to open up a Mosque right net to the WTC but a gay conglomerate threatened to open up a GAY strip club cross from them. The Muslims have yet to open any Mosque in NYC.


        • cognitivefungus, yes we disagree. You might want to go lend your support to Hallinan and Zimmerman and let them know it’s only because of your bigotry against Muslims, and not because of their support for the confederate flag???

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    • yahtzeebutterfly

      I would never, never judge a whole group of people by the negative actions of a few from that group, race, ethnicity or background.

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    • You’re right about one thing. No it’s not racist to be informed, so you should really try to get informed. if you were you wouldn’t be ‘scared’ of Muslims just because they’d want to learn about shooting, you’d be scared of muslims who wanted to shoot up innocent ppl, kinda like i’m afraid of christians who kill abortion doctors or want to kill jews, not because they’re ‘christian’ but because they’re wanting to kill ppl who aren’t even bothering them.

      And if you’ve only met 3 muslims that you ‘like’ its probably because you have a problem getting along with others, either that or because you don’t get out much. you’re too isolated. and/or you don’t/haven’t traveled much.

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  4. yahtzeebutterfly

    “One is known by the company they keep..”

    Exactly, Mindy.

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    • I’ve asked dozens of times, is it me misinterpreting ‘who’ they are or is it their supporters who don’t understand, IF they aren’t really racist organizations. Of course no answer….

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      • Mindyme, I hear ya. We have people who come here and express opinions that are not in line with us, but they are their opinions. I agree that in that case, we need to speak up and let them know our position.

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        • “We have people who come here and express opinions that are not in line ……”

          Gee…….didn’t the Mayflower and all those ships back in the days of yore bring people who were “…not in line…” with the government of (insert home country here) ?

          Yes they were, and that’s why I judge everyone on an individual basis.

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  5. “Jews not welcome!” “Jew Free!” sounds so Germany 1938 to me… Now we have a Presidential candidate saying, “Deport them and their babies!” What’s next, “we need living space!”

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  6. Yes! Sounds like Nazi Germany and have we not been here before in this country……segregation? since these folks want to live in a people of color only Christian zone why don’t we segregate them. We can build a big wall around “their land” and then they can hate all they want and we won’t have to be bothered!

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  7. GZ and his new business partner say they want to change America.

    Both would be wise to change themselves.

    I believe GZ has a hero complex.

    He knows he failed miserably at his attempts to “protect” the neighborhood where he once lived.

    His careless actions led to the death of a young man who had every right to be there.

    I have no doubt GZ will try again to be a hero. I think he is itching for a chance to prove himself worthy.

    No matter what it takes.

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    • yahtzeebutterfly


      I am not sure why you describe gz’s actions as “careless.” Would you expound on your thinking?

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    • no he wasn’t careless. he stalked, chased & then accosted Trayvon, then he restrained a crying screaming kid knowing the n’bors were all around & police were pulling in, but he grabbed Trayvon’s arm, carefully aimed so he didn’t shoot his own hand & fired point blank into Trayvon’s heart.
      So he’s a child murderer, he’s a coward who picked on a defenseless kid & not another grown armed man.

      but i agree with you that zimmerman wanted ppl to think he was a hero & it would’ve worked had Trayvon’s parents not made sure the whole world found out that Trayvon was a totally innocent victim, literally a regular kid walking home with candy and a drink. and Trayvon was the one who needed to be protected from the murderer who didn’t belong in his father’s n’borhood.

      zimmerman thought after the trial ppl would just believe his lies &think he was a hero instead of the murderer he is just like OJ and Casey Anthony are.

      Bummer huh zimmerman?

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  8. Two sides to a story

    Fools rush in . . .

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  9. Mr. Militant Negro

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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  10. cognitivefungus

    Lastly we don’t have the time to figure out which Muslims are good and which are the bad. (Administrator’s edit and comment)

    Why should we need to figure it out? What gives anyone the right to interrogate others about their religion, sexual preferences, race, or anything before treating them how we want to be treated?

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    • I feel kinda sorry for you.

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      • Cognitivefungus,
        Personal attacks are not allowed on this blog. You made it personal by referring to Rachael as “ignoramus.” Neither do we promote hating people because of their religion, race, gender, or gender preference. Your comments are now going into moderation for my decision on whether to approve them or not.

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        • One thing I learned a long time ago…….”Never piss off your engine builder…..or the blog host” Hey………lessons learned.

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          • I would think that anyone who comes here can tell that we stand for the proposition that all men are created equal. A violation of constitutional rights is just that, and we cannot be hypocritical about it.

            If George Zimmerman was on the street begging for water because of thirst, I would give him water with a sneer on my face then go about my business. It’s because he is a human being.

            That gun shop owner should have considered his own bigotries before opening shop. He cannot say he is protecting America while violating constitutional rights.

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          • 1) Yep

            2) eehhhhhh, maybe a few ounces…..sorry……he killed somebody for no reason.

            3) Exactly. This “protecting America” crap is just that.

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          • Yeah X, that’s because you’re a really good person. and i’m glad you and those like you in this world,

            but i would actually laugh in his face while pouring the water on the sidewalk, then i would run get lunch really quick so i can come right back & stay awhile & watch him while he died a slow painful miserable death.
            and probably be joined w/a few other ppl just like me too LMAO

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          • So that’s a no for sending Zimmerman an invite to your next party 😉

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          • Shannon,
            So tell us, what do you do for fun? LOL!

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          • yahtzeebutterfly

            LOL @ Xena and researcher 🙂

            (p.s. to Xena: I would give gz water, too…he is a human being.)

            I do think all of us will see gz end up in jail at some point. I don’t think gz will always be able to lie his way out of future aftermaths of his violent rage.

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          • Good to know, unless one is trying to hone skills in humility, eating crow, or prayed …for patience?

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        • Funny, but his prose sound awfully familiar. As in from around oh………mid 2012 or so.

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      • Wow……

        I always say beat them with their own words.

        “Lastly we don’t have the time to figure out which Muslims are good and which are the bad. ”

        Let me see here………does “Innocent until proven guilty”n sound familiar ?? Maybe something like “probable cause”

        “They as people are hypocritical.”

        Really ???? as if they are the only ones that are.

        Then he states “They are just as bad if not worse than Christian right GOP asshole.”
        So as of right now, Christians (there are more than one GOP Christians) are worse……hey…..he said it.

        “I am not holy – except for the holes in my socks which are all gone now – got new socks.”

        That’s a brilliant line…..kind of a Fogenism “….I haven’t had time to reflect, but obviously I was in solitary and I had a lot of time to reflect…..”

        “There is not place on earth they can lay their heads.”

        That’s a terroristic threat, plain and simple.

        “I sincerely hope that Hallinan wins this case”

        ………..says the one who probably thinks Hitler was just misunderstood. Clearly fungus does not have a clue as to what the Constitution says, nor The Bill of Rights, yet tells others what to do.


        Then tags with this………

        “I feel sorry for you, oh ignoramus.”

        As we all learn………..Don’t feed the trolls. I got yer back Rachael…..

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    • I feel ya, a lot of people feel that way every time a young white male enters an elementary school or movie theater.

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    When I allow people into my internet home I anticipate that they will be respectful, even if they disagree. If not, I show them the door and lock it behind them.

    Based on Cognitivefungus’ spamming this blog with her/his last 5 comments that I have not approved, and the content of same, I have banned that person. Please do not comment about him/her no respond to any of its comments that were approved earlier because they won’t have opportunity to respond.

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    • Linda Andersen

      Good for you, Xena! You’re my hero!

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    • too late. i didn’t make it down here until now. 😦

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    • Open houses remain open only as long as it suits the homeowner offering the hospitality.

      It takes a special kind of ignorance to step muddy shoes over a welcome mat, track mud through someone’s home and declare the homeowners shouldn’t have shown their ruffled feathers cuz it’s wrong to wad up muddy shoe wearer’s knickers.

      In my house when that happens walking to the door opening it a bit wider and saying…you’re not gone yet with a cheesy smile is a wonderful feather smother. Kudos to Xena for her tactful hosting.

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      • Hey Lurker and welcome to Blackbutterfly7. Thanks for understanding. I think I’ll practice a cheesy smile. LOL! Well, it’s only the second person I’ve banned in 3 years, notwithstanding those who knocked on the door while yelling vile language and were never allowed inside. 🙂

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        • just cuz you can doesn’t mean you should, only happened once. Still get teased for the cheesy smile not sure if it pasted smile hiding the quaking was that impressive or mother in laws’s sister likes it a lead up to mimick “you’re not gone yet” as some sort of sibling rivalry paybacks 😉

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  12. yahtzeebutterfly

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  13. Zimmerskin is commenting on their FB page. Florida Gun Supply.

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  14. he’s commenting on FGS FB page… Zippy

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    • link?? pls, if you get a moment cuz i don’t use FB & would never know how to find it. thank!!

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        • Thanks Mindy. Zimmerman’s latest little buddy over there& his “fans” are total buffoons.
          but i’m glad there’s not a huge rally of support for having zimmerman around. and the guy has apparently deleted & blocked tons of comments critical of him.
          but my god, zimmerman is such a pathetic slug. like a snail, zimmerman leaves a slimy trail wherever he goes. he curses whatever he touches.
          But i can’t think of a more deserving victim than a guy who’s pushing guns on the same ppl he’s telling that muslims are the enemy. he’s inciting hate & gun violence.

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  15. yahtzeebutterfly

    I am not surprised that gz would paint a flag that historically has represented hate, oppression, atrocities, racism and intolerance towards the Black community. I will always believe that gz said “f….ing c…ns” in the NEN call.

    Let’s listen again to LLMPapa’s video with the audio of that:

    (By the way, if the whole playlist comes up, you can click in the top left corner and then scroll down to select this video. It is entitled “Dear Mr. Holder, #2”)

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